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How to choose the prom dress according to your body shape.



prom dress

Watch out for these tricks!

Spring is one of the favorite seasons for the couple to say ‘yes I accept’. The temperatures are becoming more pleasant and, therefore, you can wear prom dresses a little lighter. When you receive the invitation to a marriage, you are sure to be overwhelmed with joy at the good news, although the dreaded question also comes: what should I wear? On this occasion, we are going to give you the infallible tricks so that you can choose the party dress that best fits the shape of your body. And it is not enough to select a beautiful dress, but it must suit your figure perfectly.

Surely you have ever heard that there are five types of female body : triangular, inverted triangle, rectangular, oval and hourglass). Well, you should know that each of them has specific characteristics. Knowing these peculiarities in detail will help you choose the dress that best suits you. Ready?

1. Triangular body

This is the conventional Latin body , sometimes called “pear.” Since in this type of body the shoulders are smaller than the hips, the idea is to highlight the upper part so that it is balanced with the lower part. Then, a dress that enhances this area will be the most convenient. If you choose one that carries sleeves, decántate one that has ornaments, flight and other accessories such as rhinestones or lace readily apparent. Another option is the off-shoulder neckline , indicated to highlight the shoulders. Follow these tips:

• If your neck is short, avoid necklines that are too high or rounded. Go for a better V-neckline .

• If you have wide legs, go for an A-line dress , as it will hide its thickness.

• If your arms are also wide, choose a dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline that has flare.

• If you don’t have much chest, a dress with a halter neck will be the best ally.

2. Inverted triangle shaped body

This body type is the opposite of the previous one. In this case, then, the shoulders stand out against narrow hips. The purpose is the opposite of that of a triangular body. This time, select dresses that flatter the hips to create the effect of more curves . The best are simple, dark dresses on the top and a lighter color in the area of ​​the hips. Follow these tips:

• A dress with a peplum cut is ideal for creating the feel of a curvy silhouette.

• If you have a lot of chest, always define your waist so that the bottom does not seem too thick.

• A great option is a short dress with a fitted top and a flared skirt.

• If you have an athletic build or are very slim, opt for a tight dress with pleats in the hip area or a belt to mark it.

3. Rectangular body

A rectangular type body assumes that the shoulders, waist and hips have very similar measurements. The objective is, therefore, to mark the waist to enhance the curves . The great allies will be the belts, the cut A, the flight and the pleats. Follow these tips:

• Opt for short, flared dresses for a curvy silhouette.

• If you are slim, stay away from dark tones and choose bright colors and pretty prints. To create a rounded silhouette, fabrics with drape and movement will help you in your purpose.

4. Hourglass body

It is that body with shoulders and hips of similar dimensions and a narrow waist. If this is your case, feel lucky because almost any style will favor you . Of course, we recommend that you go one step further and open yourself to new proposals to differentiate yourself. Follow these tips:

• If you have a prominent chest and want to hide it, opt for a V-neckline . Avoid the turtleneck.

• If you are thin, stay away from loose dresses, since the key is to define the waist . A mermaid cut dress will look great on you.

5. Oval body

This type of body corresponds to a rounded silhouette. The idea is to highlight those areas that you like about your body and hide those that you dislike the most. If you opt for a dress with a fall and a V-neckline , you will undoubtedly have hit the mark. For its part, the empire cut is ideal to hide a wide abdomen. Regarding colors, it is best that you choose a one-piece dress, since your body will look much more stylized. If you prefer patterns, it is recommended that they be small motifs and always dark tones. 

You already know that knowing what your body is like is the first step in choosing the perfect party dress. By knowing which colors, styles, and textures are most flattering, you can get right to the point !

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Fashion Trends

Top Unitard Dance Costume Trends 2022



Top Unitard Dance Costume Trends

Creating the perfect dance routine takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity. Besides the choreography and music selection, the cast and costume are all components built up to make the perfect setting for an upcoming performance.

Your dancers will have been practicing for weeks or months, and they finally know their steps. They are ready for the big day. It’s time for the dance costume selection.  

What your dancers wear will determine how swiftly they move during the performance. It will also inspire their confidence if they turn up to the competition with the most trendy and memorable look.

Here are the best tips from Unitard to help you get the right wear for your dancers on the most important day.

Consider the Theme of Your Performance

In most cases, the song title determines the theme. But you are not an ordinary choreographer, and you don’t have an ordinary routine. Your dancers are also exceptional, and your dance apparel should highlight all these aspects.

Look deeper than the song title and flow with the lyrics. Matching the costume to the song is the first step of the performance.  

It’s okay not to know everything. If you are looking for inspiration, you can always find it at Tiger Friday Unitard and find your dancewear from the selections available. Besides looking for what is already trending, you should consider futuristic dance apparel to become the trendsetter.

The current dance costume trends include strappy backs, Trifecta Unitard, and Wings Unitard collections.    

Costume Features and Colors

Dress your performers to your surroundings. When picking up the dance apparel, consider the stage setup and background. Liaise with organizers to know the stage floor and patterns beforehand so your dance costumes don’t disappear or camouflage into the scenery.

The Tiger Friday Dancewear presents you with many colorful options suitable for all dance routines. Step into the limelight with the perfect blend of colors, whatever the time of day. You might fancy solid colors or break the monotony with an array of colors for every dancer.

No matter your preference, always consider the background and let the dance costumes be part of the centerpiece for your masterpiece choreography.

Test the Costume with the Dance

Dancing involves constant movement and body gyrations. Depending on the routine, your costumes can be a hindrance if not carefully selected. You want to be able to kick, flail your arms, lap in the air, and, most importantly, land safely.

The outfits should be streamlined with the choreography. You don’t expect to roll around or jump from one safe hand to another with overbearing clothes? It’s not safe.

Most choreographers and dance instructors get it wrong when they let dancers perform on stage for the first time with dancewear, they’ve never trained in.  

Body Type and Age of Dancers

Dance apparel can be the same color, but the dancers have different body shapes and sizes. If you are performing with children, you also have to consider age-appropriate costumes. Let the dancers feel comfortable in their costumes by fitting them properly.

Children are more flexible than adults, and their costumes should be non-restrictive. Some might be comfortable in long tights, while others prefer short tights. Let the dancers choose what works for them as long as the colors match.

Make Costume Picking a Painless Process

Costume picking is a challenging process and usually painful if dancers feel their opinions are shunned. Fitting one dancer is hard already. Now imagine fitting multiple dancers, and everyone wants to have an opinion?

To make it simple, have only limited alternatives (two would be better). Let the dancers vote on the one they prefer. If the performers decide to rule out a particular costume unanimously, go with their opinion.

But remember, as the choreographer, you can have the final say in costumes. You determine the budget and the audience you are performing for, and these issues should help form your decision on the perfect dance apparel for the eventful day.

Accessories to Complement Your Costume

You can transform your dance costume by picking accessories like hats, tights, hairpieces, gloves, or ribbons. Accessories help when you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to change costumes for every dance scene.

The dancewear you choose should allow easy transformation when changing themes without affecting your dancers’ looks.

While shoes are also an accessory, some dance routines or dancers prefer to hit the stage barefoot. If shoes are part of your dance apparel, be sure to select the ones that match your costumes and are comfortable enough throughout the performance.

Avoid accessories that can lead to injuries while performing. Even though jewelry makes you look glam, save it for after the performance.

The Audience

Remember why you are performing and who you are doing it for. Dance instructors always tell their dancers to dance for the love of it. But it should be for the applause, the glory, the limelight. Everything towards the performance should remind you of the tireless days and nights you have endured to reach the stage.

The costume should appeal to the audience. The moves should leave them speechless, and the routine should be executed to perfection.


Costumes breathe life and help with the vision you have trained your dancers to create. There is no right costume, but there is a wrong costume. When picking, consider what will accentuate your audience’s moves to a dreamy state.

Evoke your audience’s emotions with colors, fireworks, lighting, and charm. Choosing costumes is the final part of the act, but it’s the most important. Tiger Friday Unitard is all about inspiring dance costume trends for all ages. There is an understanding that the future of dance is changing, and we should all change with it.

It isn’t merely enough to come up with the best dance routine. If you want to go for glory, the best dance apparel can introduce you better to the crowd before moving a muscle. 

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Fashion Trends

Things To Consider Before Deciding on What to Wear



What to Wear

An important tip to keep in mind before you wear an outfit is to dress for yourself. It is important to dress well especially for a professional occasion however, you should make sure the clothes you are wearing make you feel comfortable and good as that in turn will you boost your confidence. 

Your style 

Everyone has a different style; one person’s style may not necessarily be your style. When you are looking for tops for women, shop at stores which provide a wide range of styles as this will increase your chances of finding something that you like. It is also important to understand that your style may change over the years and this is something that you should embrace. Trying to force yourself to dress how you use to even if it does not make you comfortable is not a good idea. There is no use in wearing something which you think looks good if it does not make you feel good. 

There may even be occasions where you do not know what your style is. If this happens, try out a few different looks until you settle on something which makes you feel good about yourself. Especially when you are young you may feel pressurized to dress according to the trend but keep in mind that you can always start your own trend. You do not have to wear what others are wearing in order to look good. You can both look and feel good by setting your own trend instead of following one you do not like.

The occasion 

Keep in mind the occasion before you decide on what you are wearing. The outfit you wear for breakfasts with your friends on a Sunday morning will not be the same thing you wear for a business meeting. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the occasion.  For example, when attending a funeral, it is not the best idea to wear bright, vibrant colours. As a funeral is a sombre occasion wearing light or neutral colours will be more appropriate. 

First impressions 

Especially when going for an interview, people may form an impression of you from the clothes you wear. Try and dress professionally as this will increase your chances of getting the job. For example, wearing rubber slippers to an interview is not a good idea as this may give out the impression that you are a sloppy dresser who does not really want the job. However, wearing shoes or a pair of heels makes you appear more professional. 


It is important to dress well not for others but for yourself. Dressing well and according to your style will aid in enhancing your self-confidence. It is also important that you dress comfortably because being uncomfortable can shake your confidence levels, make you uneasy, uncomfortable and irritable. This will not only affect your mood but it could also shake your confidence levels. However, if you are comfortable in what you are wearing it will make you more at ease.

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Fashion Trends

Style Guide for Pregnant Women



Style Guide for Pregnant Women

Back in the days when your grandmothers were shopping for maternity wear, there wasn’t a wide range of choices available for them. The products were very limited in terms of styles and designs. Thus, they were getting used to cut-dresses, long lengthy gowns, and even plain cloth baggy wears.

However, in today’s time, the expecting mother has a far better situation. The designers are trying newer ways to evolve the concept of maternity dresses and are coming up with great ideas to embrace and flaunt the look of pregnant women. 

Suppose say; you are one of those expecting mothers who are expecting their first child- Congratulation on that note! Indeed, this is an exciting phase, as well as an overwhelming emotion. Pretty certain, your mind is filled with 101 questions, each question leading to another 100 more. 

Here we are to discuss one of those questions- that is regarding the maternity clothes! Do you really need them? Is it necessary to spend a budget on it? Will it look good? Keep reading below to find answers to your question.

Are our maternity clothes necessary?

Most first-time moms are able to fit on their regular clothing for almost three-quarters of their pregnancy period, and the remaining they settle to maxi dresses. However, there are some women who must switch to maternity clothes after the 6th month, as nothing else makes them feel comfortable.

Ultimately, it is a personal choice. If you, as a pregnant lady find comfort in your loose and baggy clothes, then; there is no need to invest in maternity clothing. Though, maternity clothing has many benefits for pregnant women. They are comfortable, loose, flexible, and keeps you free from suffocation. 

If you are looking out for pregnancy clothes Australia is one of the leading markets in producing quality products. Most baby shops in Australia operate online, meaning they deliver it to your doorstep locally or internationally. Besides that, they also have a wide range of maternity clothing, from various styles to colours. 

Perhaps, one should not hesitate in getting down maternity clothes if the regular clothing is a tight-fit. Besides that, tight clothing is strictly not recommended. It causes the mother to feel suffocated. But that is not it all! It can lead to other problems as well. Such as, cause various body pains, reduction in the circulation of blood, and could also result in even yeast infection.

Having adequate maternity clothing without a toll on the bank balance

Begin with your own closet

Prior you have a wardrobe full of new maternity clothes, look into what you got. Sometimes, you may almost have half the items already existing in your wardrobe; such as long loose dresses, loose maxi dresses, oversized t-shirts, elastic loose balloon pants, etc. You could also get your partner’s shirts or your mother’s loose tops. Doing this will cut half the items on your list.

Do seasonal shopping

It is always better to do a little research before making a purchase. Look if any local stores are hosting a sale or have exciting deals? Search for online stores and their deals. Compare the prices and opt-in for what suits your budget the best.

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