How to choose the prom dress according to your body shape.

Watch out for these tricks!

Spring is one of the favorite seasons for the couple to say ‘yes I accept’. The temperatures are becoming more pleasant and, therefore, you can wear prom dresses a little lighter. When you receive the invitation to a marriage, you are sure to be overwhelmed with joy at the good news, although the dreaded question also comes: what should I wear? On this occasion, we are going to give you the infallible tricks so that you can choose the party dress that best fits the shape of your body. And it is not enough to select a beautiful dress, but it must suit your figure perfectly.

Surely you have ever heard that there are five types of female body : triangular, inverted triangle, rectangular, oval and hourglass). Well, you should know that each of them has specific characteristics. Knowing these peculiarities in detail will help you choose the dress that best suits you. Ready?

1. Triangular body

This is the conventional Latin body , sometimes called “pear.” Since in this type of body the shoulders are smaller than the hips, the idea is to highlight the upper part so that it is balanced with the lower part. Then, a dress that enhances this area will be the most convenient. If you choose one that carries sleeves, decántate one that has ornaments, flight and other accessories such as rhinestones or lace readily apparent. Another option is the off-shoulder neckline , indicated to highlight the shoulders. Follow these tips:

• If your neck is short, avoid necklines that are too high or rounded. Go for a better V-neckline .

• If you have wide legs, go for an A-line dress , as it will hide its thickness.

• If your arms are also wide, choose a dress with an off-the-shoulder neckline that has flare.

• If you don’t have much chest, a dress with a halter neck will be the best ally.

2. Inverted triangle shaped body

This body type is the opposite of the previous one. In this case, then, the shoulders stand out against narrow hips. The purpose is the opposite of that of a triangular body. This time, select dresses that flatter the hips to create the effect of more curves . The best are simple, dark dresses on the top and a lighter color in the area of ​​the hips. Follow these tips:

• A dress with a peplum cut is ideal for creating the feel of a curvy silhouette.

• If you have a lot of chest, always define your waist so that the bottom does not seem too thick.

• A great option is a short dress with a fitted top and a flared skirt.

• If you have an athletic build or are very slim, opt for a tight dress with pleats in the hip area or a belt to mark it.

3. Rectangular body

A rectangular type body assumes that the shoulders, waist and hips have very similar measurements. The objective is, therefore, to mark the waist to enhance the curves . The great allies will be the belts, the cut A, the flight and the pleats. Follow these tips:

• Opt for short, flared dresses for a curvy silhouette.

• If you are slim, stay away from dark tones and choose bright colors and pretty prints. To create a rounded silhouette, fabrics with drape and movement will help you in your purpose.

4. Hourglass body

It is that body with shoulders and hips of similar dimensions and a narrow waist. If this is your case, feel lucky because almost any style will favor you . Of course, we recommend that you go one step further and open yourself to new proposals to differentiate yourself. Follow these tips:

• If you have a prominent chest and want to hide it, opt for a V-neckline . Avoid the turtleneck.

• If you are thin, stay away from loose dresses, since the key is to define the waist . A mermaid cut dress will look great on you.

5. Oval body

This type of body corresponds to a rounded silhouette. The idea is to highlight those areas that you like about your body and hide those that you dislike the most. If you opt for a dress with a fall and a V-neckline , you will undoubtedly have hit the mark. For its part, the empire cut is ideal to hide a wide abdomen. Regarding colors, it is best that you choose a one-piece dress, since your body will look much more stylized. If you prefer patterns, it is recommended that they be small motifs and always dark tones. 

You already know that knowing what your body is like is the first step in choosing the perfect party dress. By knowing which colors, styles, and textures are most flattering, you can get right to the point !

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