Best stocks to invest | Top 20 in the world

Stock trading can be a potentially lucrative way to find opportunities in moving markets. Traders buy and sell a stock with the hopes of potentially making a return on short-term price changes.

In this guide we will analyze which are the best stocks to invest today, illustrating the necessary steps for a profitable investment.

How to choose the best stocks to buy now? If we want to determine the value of a stock and understand its real potential, there are many factors to analyze:

The right time to enter the market

The stock’s valuation (overestimated or underestimated)

Dividends for shareholders 

Its long-term robustness

Why invest in the best stocks? The reasons to compose an investment portfolio with the best publicly traded companies are numerous, here are the main ones:

Profitable Asset – If we carefully choose the best performing stocks, the ROI of our portfolio will be high

Ease of Access: To date, just a few clicks and zero fixed costs are enough to buy stocks, just choose one of the best Brokers on the market to invest in this world.

Excellent diversification: only with equities can we create a diversified portfolio by sector, type and other useful criteria to balance risk

Where to trade the best stocks on the market? If you want to invest in stocks of large companies, you must understand which is the most suitable intermediary. Banks or other similar institutions have very high administration costs and commissions on the operations that they will help you carry out. 

A useful tip: before investing in the best performing stocks it is very important to choose a safe and reliable broker , to operate in complete safety and with advantageous conditions.

1. Apple

Technological colossus that ranks first in the world in terms of consumer satisfaction,  Apple continues to renew its products and services and provide very high-profile customer service.

No data suggests that this company will not continue its rise in the reference market in the coming years. It should be considered a safe and high-interest investment. Attention also to the possibility of greater investments in the Cloud sector , considered by many analysts as potentially very profitable in the coming years.

2. Amazon

Among the best stocks to invest, Amazon cannot be missing, for obvious reasons.

Shares of the most famous online sales company on the face of the earth are the most in demand and, for good reason, experts predict that profits will exceed 20% next year.

Amazon CEO Bezos himself said that the company expects steady growth for at least the entire next decade, there is no reason not to believe that the forecast is actually not correct.

3. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway , one of the most powerful holding companies in the world, is the company of one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes. 

Warren Buffet is also considered the best investor in life. Although he is now very advanced in age (he is almost 90 years old), it is believed that his famous method of determining investments will be bequeathed to his company and its shareholders, who will continue to predict the market by measuring record profits.

4. Google

Choosing to include Google stock is a great idea, as this company has been operating under a monopoly for years.

No one has the same algorithm as the Cupertino company and over the years it has made stellar earnings, profits and performance on the Nasdaq ! It is also necessary to consider the Partnerships that will make Google an increasingly active company in the world of Fintech , already proven successfully by GooglePay.

5. Novartis

The Swiss pharmaceutical company, Novartis , holds the second place in the world ranking of multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world . 

Leading company in the pharmaceutical and Biotech sector , participates in the creation of important vaccines used in hospitals around the planet.

In a context like the current one, where healthcare is more than ever the order of the day, these companies are experiencing a rapid and solid rise in the market. It is now considered one of the best dividend stocks , a significant advantage when choosing which company to bet our capital on.

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