3 Real-Life Examples of Exceptional Customer Service in the Retail Industry

Customer service must be a top priority in all industries. These days where buyers have practically limitless options for how to spend their money, companies must look for ways to differentiate themselves. And the greatest way to do so is to satisfy your consumers with the assistance and experiences you provide.

Several studies have found that organizations that provide excellent customer service enjoy greater retention rates, larger revenues, and enjoy greater overall success.

Retail Customer Service

Offering excellent customer service will benefit your company. To begin with, you will earn more money. According to an American Express survey, customers are prepared to spend an extra 17% to do business with firms that provide great service.

Shoppers also prefer to buy more frequently when they are satisfied with the service they receive from a firm. According to a study by HubSpot, 93 percent of customers are inclined to make additional purchases from businesses that deliver exceptional customer care.

On the other hand, customers are ready to abandon ship when they experience a terrible encounter with a merchant. According to American Express, over 50 percent of Americans canceled a purchase due to poor customer service. One-third stated they would consider switching to a rival after only one negative encounter.

All of this is to suggest that if you wish to satisfy customers, you must maintain a high level of customer service.

To assist you in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of examples of exceptional retail customer service. Check out the techniques and approaches listed below to see if you can implement them into your customer care plan.

The Employee Who Spoke With a Customer for an Extended Period

While many firms encourage contact center operators to handle as many calls as possible as soon as possible, online store Zappos does the exact opposite.

Zappos is more concerned with keeping consumers satisfied, even if it means spending a bit extra time on the phone with them. In other circumstances, “a little extra time” might equate to hours spent on the phone.

That’s exactly what happened to Steven Weinstein, a Zappos employee, who spent 10 hours and 43 minutes on the phone with a customer.

To be clear, just a minor portion of the call was devoted to commercial matters. But Steven and the customer hit it off so well that they ended up conversing for hours about random non-business topics.

Takeaway: It is critical to respond to customer complaints as swiftly as possible, but you also don’t want the consumer to feel hurried. Provide comprehensive solutions to their problems, and if they want to talk more, let them. Use your encounters with customers to learn more about them and build deeper relationships.

A Retailer’s Quick Reaction to a Health Emergency

When the coronavirus was designated a pandemic in early 2020, the top retailers reacted quickly to inform and reassure customers about what they were doing to keep people safe in their outlets.

Sephora is one example of a firm that did just that. The cosmetics business wrote an email to its customers outlining their policies and the additional actions they were doing to ensure the safety of its in-store employees and consumers.

Among these steps were the suspension of free and paid in-store services like cosmetics application and training workshops, as well as an increase in weekly deep cleanings of its stores and distribution sites.

Takeaway: When confronted with a crisis, especially one involving the public’s health, respond fast and take the necessary precautions to keep your employees and customers safe. Then, interact with your consumers. Inform them of the precautions you’re taking and emphasize that their health and safety are your priorities.

A Retailer That Offers Hefty Store Credits in Exchange for a Bad Customer Experience

Not everything goes as planned. When you begin a campaign, you may experience technical challenges. Miscommunication between you and your clients may also occur at times.

In any event, if your customers have a negative encounter with your brand, you must make amends as soon as possible.

One strategy is to provide some form of incentive or remuneration. Consider Tony Robbins, who, in addition to being an author and speaker, maintains an eCommerce business that sells a range of things. Tony was meant to host a live webinar for his company’s coaching clients in December. However, many of those who enrolled were unable to view the webinar owing to technical issues.

To compensate for the negative experience, the Tony Robbins team provided registrants with a generous $50 discount voucher that could be applied to any purchase at the Tony Robbins online store.

Takeaway: No store wants to disappoint their consumers, but in the (hopefully) rare event that this occurs, consider offering a discount or gift to show them that you’re sorry for any inconvenience. Taking this step might be precisely what you need to transform a bad brand perception into a favorable one.

Summing Up

Whether you have a 3.5-star or 5-star customer service rating, there is always an opportunity for improvement. Your customers and the retail scene are continuously changing, and you should be as well. HughesNet also strives to prioritize the needs of its customers. Dial HughesNet Customer Service Phone Number to learn more about its exceptional satellite internet and customer service.

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