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You’re doing something. That’s what I kept telling myself while watching Midnight Special. Jeff Nichols kept me in suspense, wondering what would happen next in this mystery film. I was becoming more and more curious about being Alice walking through this moviesrush wonderland.

Decent movies saved ending

At the same time, my intuition told me that I would not like where this “wonderland” would take me. Sometimes when I argued with my wife, I didn’t like being right. There are movies that are saved by the ending, but not the other way around. Call it “What have you done for me lately? Audiences who witness bad endings to their favorite moviesrush shows leave the same bitter taste in their mouths that I had after leaving “Midnight Special.” I don’t like ambiguity or open loops, especially when it comes to big endings.

Gripe of the movie

I’ll stop there so as not to spoil your enjoyment. My only complaint about the movie is the ending. And what was the purpose of the calendar for the day? The pace throughout the film moviesrush is almost perfect. It has the ability to start slowly and then reaches a huge climax. Jeff Nichols wants you to see something that you can never watch too much or too soon.

The mixture of recognizable faces

At the risk of sounding overly enthusiastic, I can say that this is more suspense than anything else, but enough is enough, and I think that’s the best way to put it. There’s enough mystery to keep the audience in suspense and enough special effects to create a sci-fi atmosphere without being overwhelmed by them.

The cast includes familiar faces (Kirsten Dunst, Adam Driver) and a few unfamiliar names (Paul Sparks, Jaden Lieberher). It’s easy to find weak characters in a movie like this, but the cast is excellent from head to toe. It has the ability to start slowly and then reaches a huge climax. Jeff Nichols wants you to see something that you can never watch too much or too soon. Michael Shannon is my favorite character as Roy, Alton’s father.

Man of steel

I loved him as General Zod in Man of Steel, but that role was nothing compared to being a father who is willing to go to the ends of the earth to save his son. The movie ends with the line, “I will always take care of Alton.” Here’s the thing. You don’t have to be a father to feel the power and meaning of that phrase. katmoviehd story is not exactly original, but its unique elements are commendable. 

Thought-provoking film

A father tries to save his son, who has special abilities, from the government and the Quakers. Although the boy is in danger because of his abilities, no one seems to realize the effect his specialness has on him. Each side tries to use him to their advantage, and there’s a moment or two where you wonder who the bad guys are. Barring a bad ending, this is a thought-provoking home movie.

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