Things To Consider Before Deciding on What to Wear

An important tip to keep in mind before you wear an outfit is to dress for yourself. It is important to dress well especially for a professional occasion however, you should make sure the clothes you are wearing make you feel comfortable and good as that in turn will you boost your confidence. 

Your style 

Everyone has a different style; one person’s style may not necessarily be your style. When you are looking for tops for women, shop at stores which provide a wide range of styles as this will increase your chances of finding something that you like. It is also important to understand that your style may change over the years and this is something that you should embrace. Trying to force yourself to dress how you use to even if it does not make you comfortable is not a good idea. There is no use in wearing something which you think looks good if it does not make you feel good. 

There may even be occasions where you do not know what your style is. If this happens, try out a few different looks until you settle on something which makes you feel good about yourself. Especially when you are young you may feel pressurized to dress according to the trend but keep in mind that you can always start your own trend. You do not have to wear what others are wearing in order to look good. You can both look and feel good by setting your own trend instead of following one you do not like.

The occasion 

Keep in mind the occasion before you decide on what you are wearing. The outfit you wear for breakfasts with your friends on a Sunday morning will not be the same thing you wear for a business meeting. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the occasion.  For example, when attending a funeral, it is not the best idea to wear bright, vibrant colours. As a funeral is a sombre occasion wearing light or neutral colours will be more appropriate. 

First impressions 

Especially when going for an interview, people may form an impression of you from the clothes you wear. Try and dress professionally as this will increase your chances of getting the job. For example, wearing rubber slippers to an interview is not a good idea as this may give out the impression that you are a sloppy dresser who does not really want the job. However, wearing shoes or a pair of heels makes you appear more professional. 


It is important to dress well not for others but for yourself. Dressing well and according to your style will aid in enhancing your self-confidence. It is also important that you dress comfortably because being uncomfortable can shake your confidence levels, make you uneasy, uncomfortable and irritable. This will not only affect your mood but it could also shake your confidence levels. However, if you are comfortable in what you are wearing it will make you more at ease.

By Michael Caine

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