Strategies to Improve Speed and Accuracy for Government Exams

Are you preparing for the upcoming government exams? Do you want to crack the exam in a single go? If yes, then you need to improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. It can decide your fate in government exams. Keep on reading this article to know some smart tips that can aid in improving your speed and accuracy in the exam. For sure, you start exam preparation by learning concepts and theories of all subjects. However, sheer learning can not help you crack the exam. It is imperative to work on your speed and accuracy. Do you know why? Because, you need to solve maximum questions in a limited time. 

Government of India conducts umpteen exams to sieve potential candidates for different designations. For which exam are you preparing? If it’s SSC CGL 2021, then make sure you have the ability to solve maximum questions with time constraints. It can help you crack a government exam with flying colours.  

Here are some helpful tips that can beef up your speed and accuracy for government exams:

To help candidates, we have compiled some strategies here that can improve speed and accuracy for government exams.

  1. Clear your basic concepts

When your basic concepts are clear, you can quickly solve the question. So, focus on clearing your basic concepts. Having in-depth knowledge of a subject can help you solve different types of questions. Some candidates have the potential to clear their concepts on their own. However, there are some candidates who need proper guidance. Do you need help to clear your basic concepts? If yes, then join a leading coaching institute that can help you prepare for the exam perfectly. Always remember, you won’t be able to improve your speed and accuracy until or unless your basics are clear.

  1. Learn short tricks

To increase your speed and accuracy in the quants and reasoning section, you can learn some short tricks, tables and formulas. Learn some short tricks and make notes on it. Also, remember you can’t apply short tricks to every type of question. Short tricks don’t give accurate answers every time. Sometimes you need to solve a question completely. You can learn this thing by practicing a variety of questions. So, solve every type of question to know where you can apply short tricks and where you can’t. 

  1. Implant habit of reading questions carefully

Before answering the question, you need to read the question carefully. You need to read every detail mentioned in the question and answer accordingly. If you answer a question blindly, then you’ll fall prey to negative marking in the exam. So, do you want to lose marks unnecessarily? If not, then implant the habit of reading questions carefully. Try to keep yourself calm while reading a question paper. It can help you mark accurate answers in the government exam. For sure, you’ll be able to improve your overall score in the exam. 

  1. Solve mock tests

Mock tests are the golden key for improving your speed and accuracy for solving questions. There are many websites that provide mock tests for free. You can download mock tests from there or you can purchase them from a book store. It is advisable to attempt online mock tests. You’ll be able to simulate the experience of the actual exam. As a result, you’ll gather enough confidence to appear for the actual exam. Additionally, solving mock tests aid in improving speed and accuracy for solving questions. So, try to solve mock tests after completing exam syllabus. 

  1. Improve your weaker areas

There will be some topics in the exam that are difficult for you. So, make sure you excel in those topics as well. If you are unable to improve your weaker areas, then seek help from a reliable source. There are many exam preparation apps that can help you improve your weaker areas. You’ll get ample video courses in those apps for exam preparation. Additionally, you will get various test series and mock tests for practice. Apart from preparatory apps, you can subscribe to some useful youtube channels that provide video lectures on many topics.

  1. Solve questions with a clear mind

When you read a question with a clear mind, you can answer it quickly. Avoid feeling anxious or nervous before answering the question. Sometimes candidates mark a wrong answer under pressure and anxiety. So, try to keep your mind calm while attempting the exam. For sure, it can aid in improving overall scores in the exam. 

  1. Never mark answers blindly

In the haste to solve maximum questions, some candidates mark answers blindly in the exam. Never ever do this! Mark an answer in the exam only if you are confident that it’s accurate. Blind guess can never help in increasing your scores in the exam. Instead, you’ll lose marks because of negative marking in the exam. 

  1. Don’t memorize practical questions

You can’t memorize practical questions of quants and reasoning. Memorize short tricks and formulas to solve the question. Also, have a deeper understanding regarding how to solve a tricky question.  You won’t be able to mark accurate answers, if you cram the questions of quants and reasoning. So, make a habit of solving questions instead of cramming them. For sure, it can help you crack the exam in one fell swoop. 

  1. Look at options carefully

Don’t forget, questions in the government exam are tricky. So, before marking any option in the exam, see every option carefully. Note that you can’t change your answer after marking it. So, choose your option wisely. 

Here we have a strategy for you. First, read the question carefully then see every option. Sometimes you can easily find the correct answer by putting back the value of an option into the question. This way you can save yourself from solving a full-fledged question. 

Do you want to ace SSC exam preparation? If yes, then join a leading institute that is proficient in providing SSC CGL coaching in Chandigarh.


Speed and accuracy plays a crucial role if you want to crack the government exam. We hope the above-written tips can help aspirants in improving their speed and accuracy.


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