6 Things You Should Know About Laminates Before Planning for Kitchen Interior

Today, there is no dearth of options when you’re looking for innovative elements in the interior design world. On the other hand, the diversity in raw materials, now easily accessible, are more advanced and durable than ever, particularly when it comes to kitchen laminates

Laminate is a multi-layered synthetic décor material that not only enhances the beauty of your home, but also offers protection to the furniture elements. Once considered superficial and untrustworthy is now a significant component of most modern home designs in contemporary times.   

Significance of laminates in interior decoration

The kitchen has always been a space of immense value, especially because it’s the place where our daily sources of nourishment are made. However, it is also the place that receives the most traffic and is more exposed to wear and tear. In which case, selecting the right material for finishing is pivotal. That is why laminate is considered as the ideal surfacing solution because it is durable plus it is the key to ensuring an elegant home design. Moreover, laminates accentuate space, thereby making it useful in both commercial and residential settings. 

In that case, when you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, the only question that comes to mind is which laminates are best to apply? Read on to know about the best kitchen laminates that will help you narrow down your choices.

Wooden laminate

Wooden textured laminate is quite popular these days when it comes to kitchen décor. The natural timber finish has a stunning visual appeal that you can install on your kitchen furniture elements at a much cheaper budget than authentic wood. If you’re seeking an excellent finish that perfectly suits a kitchen space, go for wooden textured decorative laminates

The stunning white

Often the desire for master bedrooms lead to a boxed-in kitchen in homes. In such scenarios, eye-catching white cabinetry is the ideal solution to small kitchen space. The shining and clean countertops not only make the space seem bigger than it is, but also increase the light in the area. White high gloss laminates are the most commonly sold surfacing material when the intent is to make a kitchen appear expansive. 

However, it is significant to bear in mind that white laminates need to be maintained more than other shades of laminate as dirt or stain stands out in them. So if you’re a cleanliness enthusiast, you need to clean it with a wet cloth and a mild soap solution regularly so that it stays pristine clean throughout the year. 

The Energising Solids

Installing one solid colour laminate adds character to the kitchen décor. Whether you’re going with millennial pink or sea green, it creates a sense of harmony in the design of the kitchen space. However, it is advisable to consider innovative tones for parts in kitchen areas that are exposed to adjacent spaces. 

You can also consider a light blossom shade that is accented with grey as it adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. Also, pink laminates are great for backsplash, shelving, and countertops. 

One of the biggest advantages of solid colour laminates is they can be used alone as well as integrated with other finishes simultaneously. 

The magic of decorative laminates

The fundamental objective of every kitchen décor is to create an elegant and sophisticated visual appeal. That being the case, decorative laminates are preferred for their patterns and motifs printed below its plastic coating. They exude a sense of artistic grace, making them ideal for countertops, worktops, doors, and even for walls and flooring. The universal applicability of decorative laminates is the main reason behind its high demand for home decoration. 

When the need is printed laminate, choose earth-based textures like granite laminates which have a sleek finish that complements the entire kitchen décor. Make sure to choose Royale Touche decorative laminates because they are the best laminate manufacturers in India.

Finishing layer

The final part of this home decor process is a bit challenging but it is the best part of ensuring the effectiveness of the laminate design. Similar to paint, the laminate sheets are coated with a satin sheen to enhance the visual appeal of the colours or the textures on the surface. Even though it offers a semi-matte coating, there are also ways to achieve a complete glossy or matte finish on the laminate surface. 

However, when it comes to cabinets, it is advisable to go for a glossy finish, while if sophistication is the objective, then choose a matte effect. 

In the end, it all depends on your décor theme about how you want the laminates to be installed so that they match your vision perfectly. If you want to pick your laminate designs from a wide variety of options, explore the Royale Touche laminate catalogue so that you find the right one that suits your home decor theme seamlessly. 

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