King Von – Rapper Shot to Death Outside of an Atlanta Nightclub

King von was one of a select group of young Chicago artists providing much-needed relief and vivid storytelling in communities affected by war. A member of Lil Durk’s Only the Family collective, his latest album reached #1 on Billboard’s Drill charts.

He was shot to death during an altercation outside an Atlanta nightclub, according to reports by TMZ. What started off as a minor confrontation quickly escalated into gunfire.

Born Dayvon Daquan Bennett

Dayvon Daquan Bennett was an American rapper best known for his gang-related music. Raised mostly by his mother after his father was killed in a gang-related shooting at eleven, Dayvon had an unstable childhood which culminated in him leaving home and becoming homeless for nearly a decade before finding refuge with family in Chicago.

Grandson Vol. 1 debuted at 75 on the Billboard 200 chart, while Levon James followed suit and continued its fast-paced brag-rap style in March 2020.

Died November 6, 2020

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, more commonly known as King Von, died following an incident outside a club in Atlanta on Friday, November 6. It began with two groups of men fighting and quickly escalated into gunfire when an off-duty APD officer working security at Monaco Hookah Lounge confronted the group and shot were fired; three people died as a result and another three received gunshot injuries and were transported to local hospitals for treatment. According to Rolling Stone’s reporting of events surrounding the shooting incident.

Rising rapper was an accomplished storyteller on the cusp of superstardom. His debut album Welcome to O-Block featured guest appearances by Lil Durk, Polo G, Moneybagg Yo and Fivio Foreign and debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard 200 chart. Figures across hip hop paid their respects to both him and his family at his funeral; his death marked a tragic loss for hip-hop culture.

Net Worth: $2 million

King von autopsy was an up-and-coming rapper whose promising career was abruptly cut short due to an untimely death. At 26 years old, he excelled at rapping about life on Chicago’s Southside and collaborated with numerous artists before his tragic passing.

The rapper made a healthy living through the release of mixtapes and albums. Furthermore, he generated significant income through merchandise sales as well as concert ticket sales.

On November 6th 2020, King Von was gunned down outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta after engaging in an altercation with Quando Rondo and his gang resulting in a gun battle outside.

At the time of his death, this late rap artist was worth approximately $2 Million. Most of his earnings came from music royalties through Only the Family Entertainment and Empire Distribution; additionally he invested in business ventures such as an apparel line and food vending machines as well as being known as an outspoken social activist who supported other creatives.

Albums: Memories From Da Hood and Our Story

King Von rose to prominence within Chicago’s drill scene before being discovered by Lil Durk and poised to become its new King before he was tragically shot and killed outside an Atlanta nightclub just one week after releasing his debut album “Welcome to O’Block”.

Grandson is Durk’s first posthumous full-length album and sounds cohesive despite being created after his death. Featuring collaborations with Durk, Polo G, G Herbo, Moneybagg Yo, 42 Dugg and more; its production ranges from bass-heavy to melodic while simultaneously offering introspective as well as threatful experiences.

Grandson is an engaging listen from beginning to end, without any noticeable flaws that detract from its compelling content. Von displays his charisma and distinctive flows that make him such a memorable presence on the mic.

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