How to Improve Concentration While Preparing for Defence Exams?

Preparing for the exams is a mental engaging activity. Note that mental activity can be as pressurizing as physical activity. Exams become very stressful especially when your future depends on it. If you are preparing for defence exams, then let us tell you that the journey is not going to be easy for you. To enter the defence forces, you need to be mentally and physically adept. You need to qualify the onerous written exams as well as the SSB interview. To ensure your success in the exam, it is important to study for the exam with full concentration. If you find it hard to maintain focus while studying for the exam, then read this article scrupulously. 

Every year lakhs of candidates break their back while preparing for defence exams. For which defence exam are you preparing? Is it the NDA exam? If yes, then start preparing for the exam under the guidance of a nonpareil source that provides best NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Note that a coaching institute can help you only when you are studying with complete concentration. Therefore, you need to strengthen your concentration ability to ace defence exam preparation.

Adhere to the following points religiously, if you want to improve your concentration while preparing for the defence exams:

Do you want to know some of the scientific ways to improve concentration? If yes, then read the following points. 

  1. Plump for an ideal environment

Your environment plays a key role while studying for the exam. So, try to study at a place where you can study with a calm mind. Choose a room in your home where you can feel least disturbed. Also, make sure that room is properly ventilated. It is advisable to keep all the digital devices away from your study room. These devices can falter your focus.

Due to some reasons, candidates don’t get an ideal environment at their home to prepare for the exam. So, they can choose to study for the exam in a library. In the library, you will find minimal distractions. Also, seeing everyone studying around you can encourage you to prepare for the exam effectively. 

  1. Give yourself short breaks

Studying for long hours at stretch can make you feel bored and tired. Also, the retention capacity of the brain reduces after studying for 2 hours. So, make sure you are having short breaks after every 2 hours. Take a short break of maximum 20 minutes after studying continuously for 2 hours. Here are some of the activities you can do in your short break to rejuvenate your mind:

  • Take a nap.
  • Go for a short walk.
  • Listen to soothing music. 
  • Talk with a close friend. 

It is advisable to never exceed the timing of your short breaks. If you fritter your time by stretching a short break, you won’t be able to achieve your daily targets easily. 

  1. Follow your study regime 

Every defence aspirant designs a suitable study plan for exam preparation. But, making a study plan and implementing it are two different things. Stick to your timetable staunchly. When your mind is clear about what to do and when to do, it becomes easy to focus during study hours. This way you can easily complete your exam syllabus on time. Also, you will get adequate time for revising concepts of the exam. 

There are three major diversifications of Indian defence forces: The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air forces. Do you want to join the Indian Air forces? If yes, then start preparing for the AFCAT exam. For better exam preparation, you can approach an illustrious institute that can provide AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

  1. Relish a good night’s sleep

A sleep deprived person cannot focus on anything. Therefore, it is essential to relish a sound sleep before doing anything important. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 hours every day. You can improve the quality of your sleep by following the given suggestions:

  • Turn off every digital device at least an hour before going to sleep. 
  • Keep the temperature of your room normal. Make sure it is not too cold or too hot. 
  • Take a bath before going to bed.
  • Stretch your muscles before sleeping. It can make you feel light physically and mentally.
  • Practice gratitude before going to sleep. It can calm your mind and improve the quality of your sleep. 
  1. Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can keep you grounded while preparing for the exam. It will take only 15-120 minutes everyday to practice mindfulness. For sure, it can aid in calming your nerves. Also, it will fortify the efficiency of your brain making it easy for you to focus while studying for the exam. You can follow these simple steps to practice mindfulness: 

  • Find a quiet place in your home.
  • Sit on a mat or chair. Never give support to your back, sit with your back straight. 
  • Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths. 
  • Let your thoughts come and go. Never try to control your thoughts. 

Make mindfulness a part of your daily routine. It can help you improve your concentration.  

  1. Abide by healthy routine

When you are healthy, it is easy to focus during your study hours. So, make sure you are following a healthy routine while preparing for the exam. You can follow the given steps to maintain good health:

  • Wake up early in the morning. 
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday. 
  • Eat protein rich breakfast. It can keep you active for a whole day. 
  • Try to eat seasonal fruits during the day. 
  • For dinner, eat something light. 

Apart from AFCAT and NDA, many youngsters appear for the CDS exam. Are you also preparing for the CDS exam? If yes, then join a brilliant institute that can offer perfect CDS coaching in Chandigarh


Is it tough for you to maintain focus while preparing for the defence exam? If yes, then follow the above-said tips to improve your concentration. It can help you understand concepts faster. Also, it can increase your chances of cracking the defence exam in a single go.

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