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Have you ever been denied access to something? Maybe you couldn’t get in that film you wanted to see with your friends when you were a child because you were that bit younger than them. Maybe you couldn’t get tickets to that concert or show you have been waiting to see for so long. It is frustrating when we know something is possible, and yet because of the circumstances we find ourselves in, we are unable to have it, to access it or enjoy it like others do. Now imagine living with that frustration on a daily basis. That is the case for many who are living with a disability. The fact they have a disability means they are already having to work harder to achieve things. Surely, we should be doing whatever is in our power to remove any stumbling blocks we can out of their way. Thankfully, some, like accessiBe, are working on exactly that. How?

As I am sure you are aware, the world is largely online now. There is so much we can do online. Yes, with just a few clicks of a button, we can be touring a foreign city, or even better, booking a holiday there. We can do our weekly shop online and get it delivered straight to our door. We can keep up with the latest news and events going on anywhere in the world. We can type in any question and get an answer in seconds. All this advancement and information and ability at our fingertips is fantastic and I am sure you wonder, like me, what we ever did without the internet. But, while we have such quick and easy access to so many things, it is not that simple for others. For many living with a disability, a lot of the internet remains a source of frustration for them and a reminder that they are being denied things that others access freely.

As mentioned above, this is something that is being challenged. Governments around the world are bringing laws in to effect to protect those living with disabilities. It is now a legal requirement in most places to make sure your website is accessible to disabled ones. This can seem like an epic task and unfortunately, that puts people off doing what they should. But there is a very easy option that these ones are not considering. There is software available that, when added to your website, will tackle any and all of your accessibility issues for you, saving you money and protecting you from any potential lawsuits, fines or damaged reputations.

By Michael Caine

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