Uses for Deer Fence using Polypropylene and Metal Fence

Deer fencing is most commonly made from black polypropylene plastic or black poly coated welded wire and installed on metal or wood posts at a height of 7-8 feet. Both polypropylene and a metal deer fence have many uses beyond simply keeping deer out of a homeowners property. Deer fencing comes in a variety of heights and strengths as well. It is one of the most economical and long-lasting fence materials available. Poly deer fence is extremely strong, light weight and UV stabilized. Learn about the many and some surprising uses of deer fence.

Dog Fence

A variety of our strongest deer fence materials make a perfect dog fence. Welded wire metal fence, polypropylene fence or a blend of the two fence can keep your dog safe and secure. Depending on the size and athleticism of your dog, fence heights range from 3-feet to 7-feet.

Cat Fence

Yes, deer fence works to keep most cats contained in an area. Much like dog fence, they can’t chew through it, they can’t climb it and they can’t go under it. In addition to these features, for highly energetic cats, an angled post extender can be installed at a 45-degree angle pointing inward to deter cats from climbing over the fence.

Garden Fence

An all metal fence or a blend of metal and polypropylene can be customized to fit any homeowners need. If you don’t have a deer problem, but need to protect against bunnies and ground hogs, a 3 ft.-4-ft. metal fence can keep pesky critters away. If you have deer present in your area, taller fence would be needed. An all metal fence or a poly fence with metal along the bottom will provides a chew-proof barrier.

Seasonal Protection from Deer Rub

In early fall, buck rub dried velvet off of their antlers using whatever means they can’t find. Often, they use trees and expose the inner bark of the tree. In rut season, deer also mark their territory and communicate by rubbing their scent onto trees which also causes damage. To protect your trees, wrap the base of individual trees with deer fence and secure with hog rings or cable ties.

Rodent Proof an Existing Fence

Metal deer fence comes in a variety of gauges and mesh sizes. Welded wire fence is chew proof and the small grid design is tight enough that most rodents can not fit through. Metal deer fence can be secured to existing split rail or other types of fence with large opening to keep rodents out of an area.

Are deer hopping over your existing fence? A deer fence extension may be the perfect solution for you. Extensions posts come in a variety of heights and attach to existing wood fencing to add needed height to a fence. A nylon tension cable and deer fence is then stretched across the post extenders.

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