Underwear Problems

Most Common Underwear Problems of Men and How to Solve Them

Underwear is the first garment that you wear every day. There might be times that you felt uncomfortable with the underwear you’re wearing because of a variety of reasons. Underwear problems are caused by a variety of factors. 

It could be because of the material, the fit, or the underwear style itself. When you’re uncomfortable with a certain underwear, it is important to look for ways on how to solve the problem immediately to be able to move freely and confidently all day long. 

Here are some of the most common underwear problems experienced by men and how to solve them. 


Heating up down there is a common problem when you’re wearing underwear that is too tight. Tight-fitting underwear restricts the air flow below, making you feel hot and sweaty which could lead to more problems later on such as rashes and irritations. Always choose underwear that fits you perfectly or switch to different mens underwear type such as boxers if you prefer more ventilation below. 

Sticky Feeling

Another common problem with underwear is the sticky feeling you could experience. There are a variety of reasons for this, however, too much sweat or moisture is the main culprit of it. Whether it is from excessive sweating or just got wet on a rainy day, wet underwear feels sticky and uncomfortable to the skin. 

Match your underwear depending on the activity you’re planning to do. For instance, if you’re going to the gym, it is best to wear moisture-wicking underwear to keep you dry and comfortable even when you sweat a lot. For regular daily use, cotton underwear is the most comfortable material. 

Fit Problems

If you find yourself constantly adjusting your underwear or you notice that the waistband doesn’t fit that well anymore unlike before, it is a sure sign that you need to get a new batch of underwear and dispose the old ones. Properly fitting underwear are comfortable to use and you don’t need to suffer from painful waistband impressions or leg band fitting problems. 

Skin Irritations

Underwear are supposed to be changed at least once a day or more, depending on the need. Using an underwear longer than a day could lead to skin irritations and problems, making you feel uncomfortable down there. Be sure to practice proper hygiene and wash your underwear properly to prevent skin irritations from occurring. 

Doesn’t Fit Your Outfit

Different outfits have certain underwear that suits them perfectly. For instance, for daily wear or formal outfits, a brief would perfectly fit well. For exercising and working out, trunks are the best option. Boxers look great with loosely fit bottoms since they would form leg marks on tight clothing. Suit your underwear to the type of outfit you’ll wear for more comfort and to prevent your underwear from showing out on your pants. 

It’s a lot easier to solve those common underwear problems when you know what the best thing to do is. 

By Michael Caine

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