Train Your Kitty to Comfortably Sit in a Stroller in 3 Steps

Are you thinking about taking your cat outside? If yes, then consider using a stroller.

Although walking on a leash provides your cat with physical and mental stimulation to some extent, a stroller ride can offer it a better experience when hanging out. The benefits are many – your furry baby will get its daily dose of sunshine, an opportunity to inhale the fresh air, observe people, animals, and watch the world on the move without you having to worry about it escaping.

Also, a cat stroller allows your furball to visit places without straining its legs. Note that older cats may already be struggling with medical conditions like being overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart, bone, and joint issues, so their owners should seek simpler, safer, and more convenient solutions. A stroller can be extremely helpful for taking a senior cat outside who might desperately need a change of air.

At the same time, consider being prepared with cat insurance in NZ, as there are plenty of risks associated with outdoor ventures. Cheap cat insurance helps you support your feline friend with top-notch medical care during accidents, injuries, and medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing a policy. In the meantime, learn how to train your kitty cat to get comfortable with the stroller.

Your frisky cat may not be willing to stay put in the stroller in the beginning, at least. With time, patience, and consistent effort, your munchkin will eventually learn to sit inside the stroller with little inhibitions.

Step 1: Practice inside the house.

Soon after you buy a pet stroller, don’t hit the road with your cat in it. Instead, set up the stroller and allow your cat time to inspect it thoroughly. It is important not to force your cat to spend time sitting in it right away. Let your furball take its time to assess the object from all angles and sit inside only if it wants to.

You can use delectable treats, catnip, toys, or your cat’s favorite blanket as bait so it sits there for some time. Stay by your kitty’s side while it checks how it feels to be in the stroller with all the spoils. Offer food, verbal praise, and affectionate gestures to encourage the behavior. Make your furry baby see the stroller as a safe and happy place to be in.

Step 2: Prepare to go outside.

Get your feline accustomed to wearing the harness gradually, especially if your pet is a first-timer. Also, condition your cat to stay seated in the stroller without panicking when the top is closed. Close the top for a few seconds initially and slowly increase the duration to avoid overwhelming your pet.

Practice this a couple of times until your cat comfortably sits in the closed stroller. After that, steadily move the stroller around the house. The first few times, your kitty may find the movement jarring, but over time it will learn that there is little to fear about.

Step 3: Shift to a safe outside location.

Your cat may need some days to a few weeks to feel completely at ease in the enclosed moving stroller. Once you accomplish this, it is time to shift to a safe outside location like your backyard or garden. Consider taking the help of treats, pheromone sprays, catnip toys, and plenty of reassurance to keep your cat calm during the ride.

Keep the rides brief until your munchkin learns to tolerate being seated in the stroller. Pay attention to your cat’s reaction all the while; once it seems that your furry baby has given you the go-ahead, consider taking it to the next level. Short neighborhood trips and parks are ideal places to get your furry pet used to the ride.

However safe your cat appears to be in the stroller, it is still exposed to many outside dangers. Consider having a medical financial backup in terms of cheap cat insurance so dealing with unanticipated health situations is much easier. Cat insurance NZ makes providing quality health care financially less challenging, which is why you must contemplate buying a policy.

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