Top-Notch Security Logos For Your Inspiration 

A professional logo design can ensure trust and reliability factors regarding the business. No matter what the business niche is, the right logo design can be an efficient approach to inspire your customers. Security services industries are one of the growing sectors that have some of the most creative logo designs. 

A security logo can connect well with the audience if it possesses a combination of reliable text and symbols. The result may look pretty decent with the elements like padlocks, shields, keys, etc. It can offer a long-lasting impression for the brand among the targeted niche. Investing time and money in your security guard logo design can offer more space and a growth chance for business. The users are going to notice it easily and remember it for a longer time. 

In this article, we are sharing some of the top security logo design examples to serve you with inspiration. These can be a surefire way to get ideas to get started with your security brand logo design. 

#1. Encryptus

This logo is an example of a refined and simple logo with the best use. Encryptus is an internet security firm that deals with data encryption. The security logo represents the data encryption code that restricts data reading by the anonymous public. The key symbol added at the beginning of the letter converts it into a sleek and creative business logo. 

#2. Lock

It is one other impeccable example of a security guard logo that gives you an idea. The lock symbol is very common to represent the security sector. But, not all of them can use it in the right manner. However, the lock logo comes with the unique design of replacing the o letter with a keyhole. It looks quite elegant and subtle as compared to various others in the market. The creative sans serif font in the logo speaks about what business is all about. This logo example simply denotes how a simple element can serve value in the logo design process and is used effectively. 

#3. Fox Shield

This cybersecurity logo has taken a shield icon with a resemblance to a fox head. It is a more practical form of logo and looks great on diverse platforms. The pictorial mark can be a great inspiration for selecting your design without any hassle. You should note that keeping it simple but creative is the key to a perfect logo design. Some might think animal symbols can have a negative impact, but that’s not the case here. 

#4. Securtle

This professional logo design is a great source of inspiration while using the environment and natural elements. Turtle remains in the protection shield and that is suitable for representing an internet security company. 

#5. Dorton

Dorton logo is an antivirus tool designed with the abstract graphic symbol and professional text. The design has a jellyfish that signifies the use of a sting in dealing with potential threats. In a way, the jellyfish in the cybersecurity logo symbolizes safety measures in a system. It even has an umbrella that presents some sort of protective field. Every way, it works amazingly to justify the world of cybersecurity. Although it is tough to represent the mysterious world of cybersecurity with a small logo, the design seems to meet the expectations. 

#6. RRG

This security guard logo is signifying a security consultant with symbols for griffon and economy. The logo design and concept work amazing with the business cards and other professional stationery. 

#7. Secyour

This security logo comes with the creative and unique usage of the “secure” word with typography and pictographic design elements. The lettering comes with elegant and decent symbolization with a cool design. The red color fits right to the real estate industry and the gray one symbolizes the security standards. 

#8. Yonly

It is one of the cool logos with the short name “You Only”. It is one of the internet security apps that safeguard personal information while online browsing. The company has proficient security logos with creative design. Y letter has the gradient offering a great edge of brand value in most ways. It looks quite good as an app icon, social media logo, and on the website. Your security logo should have as many variants as possible along with responsive nature. 

#9. Difensore

The logo has a lion that signifies a sense of integrity and potential. You won’t find such an intricate logo design easily that looks better on all platforms. Even after having a cluttered design, the logo has a simple lion signifying the king of the forest. The additional symbols of key and circuit signify Cyberspace. It comes with a classic font Trajan Pro offering better appeal to the end-users. This logo can be an inspiration to make effective use of elements of an overly designed logo. 

#10. Get Secure

It is one of the cute and professional logo designs that happen to be great for the cybersecurity world. The app “Get Secure” has the most creative look and feel design. The design doesn’t include any security symbol or images, but only the bird is enough to signify alertness. It is a clear logo example that we can include some out-of-the-box symbols to emit the actual meaning of the logo design. 

How To Create A Creative And Engaging Logo? 

Liked these above logo design inspirations? Well, you can have plenty of ideas and approaches, to begin with. All you need to bring out creativity to maintain the symbol and professional value of the logo. You can always hire a graphic/logo designer to take care of the work but can have high costs and limited revisions. 

Logo maker by Designhill is a handy tool to choose a logo template and customize it as per your will. Play around in the editor with the right font and color options. Try out as many designs and symbols as you want and finalize the one with satisfaction. It is one of the cheapest ways to create security logos. You only need to pay for downloading high-quality of your final logo design. 

By Michael Caine

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