Top 7 Evening Desserts To Try With Your Tea/Coffee

Desserts are the carriers of love and peace! The moment you taste a dainty dessert, you feel that sense of relief instantly. Such a happy feeling must be felt regularly, not just with your friend’s or kids birthday cake!

Every evening, there is one thing we all do, take a break and enjoy our tea or coffee in peace. This provides for a much-needed breather in a hectic day and helps you get over the midday laziness completely. Today, however, we are here with a suggestion that will change your evening routine forever, for the better! 

Add some much-needed sweetness to your evenings with some delicious evening desserts. These creamy delicacies will not only make your day better but will surely improve your mood on a regular basis. Wanna know a little more about them? Then keep on reading our detailed list of amazing evening desserts that are best suited for your relaxation beverages! 

Orange Souffle

Add a dash of tanginess to your coffee break with a delicious orange souffle. The delicious dessert is made with savoury grated orange and, to increase the taste, a little bit of orange-flavoured liquor. The souffle is everything an evening snack should be, light, tasty and airy. So, we would suggest you add this to your next coffee outing. 

Chocolate Fondue

We are yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a great chocolate fondue! This delicious delicacy can be paired with your coffee perfectly! We are not sure about tea, though, but your hot or cold coffee will surely taste like heaven with this easy-to-make chocolate dessert. 

Raspberry S’mores

Have you really lived your childhood completely if you haven’t had s’mores? These chocolaty pockets are the perfect snack for every time, but when paired with refreshing Raspberries, the taste changes completely. You get to taste a whole new level of deliciousness with your coffee, and this nutritious fruit is great for your health as well. 

French Toast Souffle

Some would argue that toast is the best companion for every break time or breakfast beverage. For those picky eaters, here we present a french toast souffle, a perfect dessert for toast lovers who love to have a light yet delicious snack with their tea or coffee. The tasty dessert may not be easy to find, but with a simple ingredient list and easy-to-follow recipe, you can whip it up yourself in no time!

Sweet Potato Cheesecake 

Need a cake that is healthy with tons of taste and frost for cake delivery in Chennai for your next tea/coffee party? Then this is the dessert for you! Made with beneficial sweet potatoes, these cheesecakes will fulfil your sweet cravings while providing lots of good nutrients. The cake is made just like a traditional cheesecake with a crunchy base and soft centre; however, the filling and garnishing are done with sweet potatoes, so you get everything you need with your daily dose of caffeine. 

Espresso truffle

If strong coffee shorts are your thing, then you are surely an espresso lover! Double the amount of coffee and enjoy your bitter-sweet break with a dainty espresso truffle. As a pure coffee cake, this treat is not overly sweet, but as a dessert, it is not completely bitter as well. Hence, you will get a perfect blend of caffeinated bitterness and sugary taste, just the perfect blend that every coffee lover wants; trust us, we know!

Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnuts are literally one of the most loved nuts ever! Full of awesome health benefits and amazing taste, hazelnut is the first preference of flavoured coffee lovers. Now, because Hazelnuts have been added to coffee for years now, so we already know how delicious it tastes. However, when you take a bite of this dessert with your regular tea, you will know how awesome the combination is. Hazelnut cake is often combined with chocolate, which we can never complain about. So, this time add the crunchy goodness of hazelnuts to your daily break with a uniquely tasty dessert. 

Desserts are loved by everyone, irrespective of age. We hope that our suggestions were able to help in making your regular breaks a little better. 

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