Countertop for Your Kitchen

Tips to Choose the Perfect Countertop for Your Kitchen

In every home kitchen is the heart, it’s the place where the family comes together to cook meals. The most utilized element in any kitchen is its countertop. It’s the horizontal surface that sits right above the cabinets where most of the preparation is done, like chopping vegetables and even placing washed dishes. Countertops come in varied styles, colours, and materials these days. With so many options available in the market, it’s natural to feel confused. The design of the countertop you want to go with will depend on its functionality, materials’ aesthetic appeal, and longevity. We are here to help you with some pro tips so that you can pick the perfect counter table for your dream house.  These days industrial rolling ladders are becoming more popular and best-selling products in the market.

  • The Design and Layout Of The Kitchen – The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting the kitchen table top is the overall layout of the kitchen. You have to first understand if your kitchen is laid out in a U-shape, G-Shape, or even an L-Shape. Different layouts have different needs. If your kitchen space is small, adding a wide kitchen top will occupy a lot of space, making the room look even more cramped, and leaving no space to walk around. For such layouts, sleek, and modern countertops are good. If you have an open kitchen concept at home, then look at installing a broader, longer countertop to complement the openness of the space.
  • Consider the Usage: Are you someone who loves cooking for the family? Then your choice of kitchen table material should be either granite, quartz, stainless steel, or even glass because these materials don’t stain and scratch quickly. Materials like marble or even wood, are ideal if there is less cooking involved, and you wish to place more electric appliances like the microwave, grinder, or an electric rice cooker.
  • Traffic in the Kitchen: The kind of traffic the kitchen receives in your space also plays a role in picking out the best kitchen tabletop. If you are a party animal, who loves to host gatherings, then you are bound to see a lot of people in your kitchen. It’s best to opt for a sturdy yet stylish countertop made of granite. If granite doesn’t blend with your aesthetics, then concrete or laminated kitchen tops make a great alternative. Avoid kitchen tops made of materials like quartz, stainless steel, or resin if you have kids at home because these materials usually give a sharp-edge finish to the countertops.
  • Easy Maintenance: While you may fancy the luxurious-looking marble or granite countertops for your kitchen, remember these are high on maintenance. You will require to clean them every day and polish them regularly because these tend to discolour very easily. Countertops made of glass, quartz, and stainless steel require less effort to maintain and it’s great for a household where everyone works and has little time for these chores.
  • Costing: For obvious reasons the lifespan of a countertop directly affects its price. The kitchen top materials that last for years together are priced high. We firmly believe that getting a good kitchen top for your space is like making a long-term investment because it does have an impact on the resale value of your home.

We hope the above tips come in handy next time you are renovating your kitchen.

By Michael Caine

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