Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Program

At last Pakistan Government has sent off a major land task of 5 million houses. The primary period of task has begun in seven fundamental urban communities of Pakistan including ICT – Islamabad Capital Domain. Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Islamabad, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Faisalabad, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Smack, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Quetta, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Gilgit, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan Sukkur, Naya Pakistan Lodging Plan

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One of the critical elements for Naya Pakistan is to advance the lodging circumstance for Pakistanis.

There is a shortage of more than 10 million houses, and consistently we are adding to this overabundance.

This administration means to elevate admittance to lodging to individuals of Pakistan and kick off the lodging area.

The striking elements of this lodging is to make lodging reasonable to individuals are the accompanying

  • Increase buying power by providing loans of longer tenure fifteen to twenty years.
  • Reduce cost by standardizing design and specifications.
  • Reduce cost by significantly cutting down the approval time.
  • Develop new communities with access to infrastructure.
  • Reduce the upfront cost of builders by providing them land in installments and minimum time for approvals and infrastructure before start of construction.
  • Provide project loans to builders so that they can complete housing project in the shortest possible time thus improving their ROI and at the same time reduce the investment period thus reducing the overall cost for the end consumer the main objective of this scheme

It is envisaged that by the above measures the cost would be 15 to 20% lower than the current market price and by providing long term loans we would enhance the number of people who can afford housing by 100% in the first three years. The current situation is about half a million people can afford to buy homes and apartments every year.

This drive will likewise help us on conveying the commitment for 10 million positions as these house alone which is an extra 3 million houses over the course of the following five years with each house making 20 positions each year implies an extra 60 million occupation years which implies 12 million positions every year, in untalented, semi-gifted and talented class in addition to one more 1 to 1,5 million positions in related industry and administration industry.

This drive would mean multiplying the limit essentially of all development related industry. Like to learn about Blue world city.

This drive would likewise mean another to 300,000 positions in the help business that is banking, security, support, protection and so on.

This drive alone would likewise kick off the economy as it will be end up being the greatest development motor for the economy. The commitment to the country’s economy from the lodging area alone, partnered industry and administrations would be 15 trillion Rupees. (Assuming every unit is esteemed at 3 million rupees on a normal). This would mean an expansion of more than 8 to 9 trillion rupees north of 5 years over the current commitment.

  • Today we are officially sending off this plan with characterized targets and achievements, which will require the accompanying to be finished in the time span called out including a pilot enlistment plot in 3 locale.
  • Foreclosure law implementation and enactment of new laws.  Action: Ministry of law and Parliamentary affairs. Time period 3 months from today.
  • Creation of Provincial and Federal Naya Pakistan Housing Authority. Action: Ministry of Housing and works and Ministry of law and Parliamentary affairs. Time period: three months from today.
  • Arranging funds for Housing needs. Action: Ministry of finance.  Time Period: three months from today. (Commercial banks to be also brought on board and at least 5% of their loan portfolio will be fixed for lending to builders and housing mortgage financing).
  • At the same strengthening of the remortgage finance market to be established. Action: State Bank of Pakistan. Time period: Six months
  • Selecting locations from existing Federal and Private property owners; Responsibility task force Time Period : Ongoing first 100,000 units next 45 days.
  • Developing Designs for the units; Responsibility task force next 60 days.
  • Pricing for each unit as per location through builders 120 days.
  • Launching of the scheme for booking of units 180 days from today.
  • Completion of first project and handing over of keys or possession of plots within 2yrs. of this date. Responsibility Task Force, NAYA Pakistan Housing Authority and Private Sector Builders
  • Every year targets given to all the stake holders are as per the table below which are indicative in nature and will be modified on studying the demand data which is collected every year through actual demand surveys and income levels.

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