Master Key System Installation For Businesses

Master key systems provide tailored security solutions tailored to each property’s individual requirements, offering increased control while decreasing key replacement costs. They incorporate a logical key plan and numbering system, providing increased control with lower replacement costs.

Master key systems reduce rekeys due to employee turnover or lost keys. Our locksmith professionals can assist in designing a tailored master key system for your business.

Enhanced Security

Establishing a system of keys with different levels of access can help businesses ensure security while decreasing the number of keys used and making access management simpler. A master key system provides one key for every lock while each employee receives their own individual key which only opens certain doors or provides entry to specific rooms; making this an excellent option for offices with many departments, each with different roles and responsibilities.

There are various options for master key systems available today, such as pin-tumbler and magnetic systems, offering different levels of security with their implementation requiring unique hardware. Pin-tumbler systems tend to be stronger and more durable while magnetic ones tend to be cheaper but may be vulnerable to tampering.

One reason businesses might opt for such systems is that it obviates the need to carry multiple sets of keys for every area in their building, making it easier to keep track of who accessed which areas and decreasing risk of losing or stolen keys. Furthermore, when there is high employee turnover this system doesn’t necessitate rekeying all locks or complete installation which saves both money and time in the long run.


Master key systems provide a way for one key to unlock several predetermined doors, lockers, cabinet locks and padlocks at once, thus reducing key misplacement or theft and overall security costs. These types of systems also reduce key inventory needs per person while decreasing risks related to loss, theft or duplication – ultimately lowering overall costs of security management.

Master key systems provide businesses with a simple way to control access to their facilities by giving employees and contractors exactly the access that you want them to have without needing expensive electronic hardware or software. They can also be used to filter access for visitors, vendors, or service providers – this feature is especially important in large buildings with multiple tenants.

Residential master key systems are an ideal solution for rental properties or those needing to grant access to friends, family members or home cleaners without giving them full access. Simply give people a key that only works in certain rooms so they don’t gain access to all your valuables – this works especially well when used for house cleaning services or Airbnb rentals. Our team can design a customized key system tailored specifically to meet your requirements – call us now for more information on how we can protect the security of your business or residence!


Spokane Guard Locksmith‘s master key systems are carefully designed and constructed for optimal operation, to prevent keys opening doors they shouldn’t, or failing to unlock ones they should. They feature quality components designed to last through years of usage.

At our locksmithing firm, we take great care in making sure each door cylinder in a master key system is coded accordingly. This prevents one key from opening multiple lock cylinders at the same time while restricting each one to its designated area of the building. Furthermore, to facilitate future growth and changes to your security needs we develop keying schematics which act like blueprints of how we will secure your building’s security system.

An efficient master key system makes life simpler for property managers and their employees alike, helping to reduce stress levels on both sides. When an employee leaves, for example, we can rekey all locks without changing all keys – saving both money and time while decreasing risks related to lost or stolen keys. Furthermore, we can create change keys which only work with certain doors — eliminating access issues altogether!


If your large facility requires access control, a master key system offers a secure yet convenient solution. By controlling who has access to various areas of the building, this allows for improved security while simultaneously helping employees work more effectively and efficiently.

An added benefit of having a master key system installed at your facility is not having to carry around all your keys at once, thus decreasing your risk of losing one or more. Furthermore, switching out keys if an employee leaves or is dismissed makes for better security overall.

Master key systems are an ideal choice for larger facilities like office buildings, apartment complexes and school campuses. This type of key system enables one grand master key to open all locks while assigning sub-master keys with limited access privileges for specific employees within your building.

Beginning a master key system is simple. Yale’s Master Key System Design Studio makes customizing your key system quick and painless; from plan design through product ordering and final processing – saving both time and money over time.

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