How to Supercharge Profits of Your Franchise?

Many entrepreneurs franchise their business to proliferate it in every nook and cranny of the world. What’s the main objective behind selling franchises? Obviously, to maximize profits. For this,  franchisors need to provide ongoing training to their franchisees. But, do you think training is enough? Savvy franchisors flex their mind every day to generate creative ideas and implement it. Also, they encourage franchisees to share their ideas for improving business operations. Franchises can easily earn high profits when there is proper coordination between franchisor and franchisee. In this article, we have shared some suggestions that can help you earn whopping profits out of your franchise business. 

To establish a thriving franchise business, franchisors need to link with individuals who have business acumen. Active participation of your franchisees can help your business grow in less time. For instance: To earn high profits from an education franchise in India, you need to associate with franchisees who know the nitty-gritty of running a business. Moreover, as a franchisor you need to be cognizant of some profit making ideas.

Franchisors can choose to implement the following things to supercharge profits of their franchise:

To offer you a helping hand, we have shared some of our ideas with you. 

  1. Stop discounting

Yes you read it right! You need to stop giving heavy discounts, if you want to earn high profits. No doubt, giving discounts is the best way to attract and retain customers. But, if you are discounting without a clear sales, then probably you are giving more than what you are earning. For sure, you don’t want your business to shut down in the coming years. So, make sure your franchises are earning enough profits to survive in the market. Therefore, you can stop giving discounts to your customers if it’s not in the favour of your business. 

  1. Increase your prices

The law of competition clearly states pricing for similar products and services should be around the same range. However, it is not mandatory to follow this rule. If the quality of your goods and services is higher than your competitors, then you can put high price tags. According to Mckinsey’s theory, just after raising 1% price your profits can increase by 8%. Many business entrepreneurs show  reluctance in implementing this model with the fear to lose their customers. We would suggest you to test this theory for once in your business. There are high chances you’ll be able to earn high profits. 

  1. Start selling online

After the havoc of coronavirus, customers are more comfortable with buying products online. So, if you have an online presence, it can widen your reach and help you attract customers from every corner of the world. More customers means more profit. To sell your products online, your business needs to have a well-designed website. Also, you need to create pages of your business on social media. It can help you earn a wide market share. This is how the online presence of your franchise can benefit you. 

  1. Know about the performance of your franchisees

It is important for a franchisor to know how their franchisees are doing business. They can ask for a sales report from their franchisee. This way they’ll get to know how much profit each franchise unit is making. Also, a franchisor can offer some suggestions to increase the sales and profits. Additionally, a franchisor needs to check the customer satisfaction rate of the franchisee’s unit. When you know how your franchisees are performing, you can easily make suitable business plans and communicate to them. 

  1. Replace under-performing franchisees

There are many franchisees who, despite your efforts to train and support them, perform at a lower level. You will have three options: replace them, give them a chance, do nothing. First, give them a chance to improve. If they are unable to meet your expectations, then it’s better to replace them with better ones. When you replace them, make sure you are not making the same mistake again. Check the potential of prospective franchisees. Also, judge if they can easily coordinate and cooperate with you. Note that you need to associate with individuals who can easily gel up with you. 

  1. Focus on effective marketing

To make your customers aware about your products and services, it is essential to do effective marketing. Help your franchisees for doing effective marketing of goods and services. Also, you can provide them material for marketing. This is the only way through which you can capture the attention of numerous customers. 

  1. Keep a close check on your customers

You need to check regularly whether your customers are happy with you or not. Make sure your every franchise unit is providing high quality services and products to your customers. Note that your best customers are those who generate you the most money. So, ask your best existing customers for referrals. It can aid in increasing the volume of customers for your franchise business. 

  1. Train and support your franchisees

If you want your franchise to operate well, train your franchisees regularly. You can share some strategic ideas with them for running a business smoothly. Also, it is your duty to offer them support when required. This thing can help in fostering cordial relations with the franchisees. Do you want your coaching franchise to grow? If yes, then provide regular training and support to your franchisees. 


These are some of the ways through which you can easily earn whacking profits from your franchise business. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to implement all the afore-mentioned suggestions. In this article, we have provided some ideas based on our research. If you think it can aid in increasing profits of your franchise, then follow any of the above suggestions.

By Michael Caine

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