How to make stock video for sale

Introduction: Why stock video is a great way to make money

As a result of the explosion in online video distribution, the amount of video footage being used by businesses is growing exponentially. This means that organisations need to find a way to monetize it or risk losing valuable usage. This post explains how you can use stock footage and other digital assets to make money when you sell on the marketplaces we mentioned above.

What is stock video and what do you need to make it?

Stock video is any type of video that is not the real thing (video shot with a professional camera). It is one of the most common methods for producing content but it has its own problems and pitfalls.

Stock video needs to be considered as a special case of digital short, a short that can be seen and enjoyed on the web. It’s very tempting to think of stock video as being just another form of photo; it doesn’t owe anything to the idea of creating content or being “real.” But this is not the case.

Stock video can be used as a way to create original, engaging content, and if done well, it can even generate revenue from advertising in unexpected ways. For example, a company might use stock footage from their satellite imagery or drone photography images — either through their website or through an online application — and use the footage for their own marketing efforts, rather than pay for someone else to do it for them.

But before we get into some strategies for making stock videos for sale, let’s go over what stock footage actually does:

What exactly is stock footage?

Stock footage is any type of video which isn’t the real thing (i.e., not something shot with a professional camera). The term applies to still photos and videos taken with DSLR cameras; non-professional cameras are generally referred to as point-and-shoot cameras, though they too can produce decent quality results if they are well taken care of. 

The strict definition is that such footage appears in advertisement or other promotional materials without compensation (unless specifically stated otherwise), but must also be received by the user via an internet connection/email/etc..

How to shoot stock video that people will actually want to buy

I think stock video is a great way for businesses to promote their products, especially before they have a large community of customers. It’s also good for online marketing: not only does it give you a more visually appealing product, but it also can help you build brand awareness.

One of the best places to start looking for stock videos is on YouTube (of course!), but there are countless other sources too. You can find enough footage and images on your own site or through your friends and family. The beauty of stock footage is that it works with pretty much any theme or subject, because it’s still photography right in front of you, but with special effects and animation added in!

There are tons of sites available on the internet that specialise in making videos like this. All you need to do is find one that offers both high-quality stock footage and free videos that go along with it (you can even use screen capture software to make video from your photos). If you use voiceovers, make sure you decide between US or International English first.

Go through the same process as when you shoot content for your website or app — do some research, go to different sites and check out their selection — and then choose the one that has what you need.

Tips for making your stock video stand out from the rest

Stock footage is definitely a popular way to make money online. Productivity apps are notorious for using stock footage as a way to make themselves look good, and with good reason. It’s easy to use, it’s cheap, and it’s very effective.

We recently read an article about the top 100 stock photographers in the world that could make you an extra $1,000 per year just by making one video or two (he points out that they mostly do this on three different platforms). The idea is that if you want to make some money on your stock photography business, you can easily triple your income just by releasing a couple videos every few months.

The bottom line is that most people who try this fail because they don’t have the background knowledge necessary to know what they should and shouldn’t show, what works best for what type of content, etc. So we strongly encourage everyone who wants to start this business — whether as a hobby or full-time — to spend some time learning about it before diving headfirst into the market. 


I know what you’re thinking: “Why go to all this trouble of learning how to make stock videos? It’s a waste of time! Why don’t you just use some professional photographers and get paid for it?”

The answer is that this is a huge waste of time. You could not possibly make any money from the process. However, if you want to create something that appeals to people, invest a little time in learning how to do it right, share your results with other people who may learn from them, and then use those results as seed money for building an audience you can actually make money off of — then investing in learning how to do it right is worth doing.

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