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How to Find a Seattle Wedding Photographer With a Particular Style

A wedding photographer can make your wedding memories last a lifetime. Every bride has their own particular lifestyle and your wedding photographer should be able to capture that with their own style. How do you find a wedding photographer with your particular style in mind? Here are some tips on finding Seattle wedding photographers: 


When choosing a wedding photographer, look for past and present reviews. You should be able to find reviews on their website or by doing a Google search. It is also a good idea to hear through word of mouth whether a photographer is a good fit for you. Listening to what people have said or are saying is a top way to find a photographer.


Quality wedding photographers know that hiring a photographer for your wedding can be nerve-wracking and confusing. Find a photographer that states very clearly what they can and cannot do for you. If you are looking for a particular style, their website should explain what techniques they are capable of shooting. Look for a solid FAQ page to get a better idea of how transparent they are about pricing, travel, and more. 


A good wedding photographer will have a portfolio with a wide range. They should have a portfolio full of wedding photos, engagement photos, videography, and more. When you are browsing through their portfolio, you should be able to see the kind of style you want on your wedding day. A great photographer may also be a great videographer. It can be helpful to hire from a place that does both of these things to make sure your vision is in line in both areas.


Your wedding day may not go as planned so it is key to have a flexible photographer. If your wedding goes on a bit longer, some photographers will have the flexibility to add more hours so they do not miss any photo opportunities. They should be willing to go along with any reasonable photo requests the day of. It is your wedding and a quality photographer should do what they can to make the memories you want to have. 


A traveling photographer is terrific. A photographer who knows the area can be helpful if you are getting married or engaged in a place you are not familiar with. When searching for a photographer, find out what locations they are able to work in. This way they are able to provide their services to you wherever they may be.


The photographer you choose for your wedding should have a portfolio full of your preferred style. They should have a range of styles to choose from like classic wedding styles or rustic. Get in touch with the photographer and see what photography style they can bring to your wedding. 

Seattle Wedding Photographers

There are many Seattle wedding photographers to choose from. Take these tips to find the right photographer for your wedding, elopement, or engagement. It takes time to find the perfect style for your wedding. A quality wedding photographer can help you see your perfect wedding vision.

By Michael Caine

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