How Much Do Movers Cost To Move in Rhode Island?

We discuss how much a moving company in Rhode Island charge. It considers the volume of stuff, moving season & type of services.

While you think about moving home, many questions may pop up in mind and the most important one will be –how much does it cost to move? Since this time your question has an extension – in Rhode Island, it would appear – how much does a moving company in Rhode Island charge?

To be true, this is a highly tricky question as the moving company quote is determined by multiple factors. However, you need not worry as we can help you know more about preparing a moving cost estimate.

Hope this will work for you while calling up a mover in Rhode Island to pack and load your household stuff.

What is the average moving cost?

On average, it would cost you $1,250 to relocate locally. If the move is interstate, a mover in Rhode Island may charge approximately $4,890 (a distance of 1,000 miles). You need to remember that we are discussing estimates that are based on a 2 – 3 bedroom house, where the household belongings will come approximately 7,500 pounds.

 What are the factors that affect the moving cost?

Let us see the common factors that may impact the moving cost estimate while you are moving long-distance.

  • Travel fees are a factor that decides the moving cost

Travel fees add up quickly when you relocate long distances. The fuel costs, as well as labor costs for the time it will take for the movers to get from house 1 to house 2 are considered while calculating the travel fees.

  • The volume of your belongings

The total weight of your household stuff is important in deciding the moving company quote. The more household stuff you have, you would need to spend more.

  • The type of packing 

The moving company will bring in material based on your demand. If you are particular about the quality, the moving cost may go up. However, you should not compromise on the safety of your items just to trim the moving cost.

  • The need for a storage unit

Moving to a new home, you might not get the time to rearrange the entire stuff. Or maybe the new home is smaller in size and you need extra space to stock your belongings for a specific period. A storage unit is the best here. And you can ask your moving company in Rhode Island whether they could rent one for a specific period. The storage unit rental will be added to the total moving cost.

  • The moving date is important

Summer is the most preferred moving season but it is also highly expensive at that time. Because the daytime is more and the climate is warm, moving companies will be flooded with moving offers, and your chance to get a cheap moving company quote is too dim. However, plan to move in winter and you can comfortably negotiate for a cheaper quote.

Are moving costs deductible?

If you are donating household items to a charity before or after the move, itemize all belongings and record their current cash value on the donation receipt. This can help you claim a tax deduction and show the receipt as proof.

When you are moving to Rhode Island for a job purpose, your company may refund the moving cost. However, that completely depends upon the HR policy. You need to discuss with the HR department the same.

Are our moving trucks included in the quote?

This depends upon your contract with the mover in Rhode Island. If as per the deal, you have not requested a truck, instead have hired one separately, the cost will be added separately to the quote. Make this part clear before you sign the contract.

While you make a moving cost estimate, consider all these parts. When you do proper homework, you will realize it is possible to relocate without robbing a bank.

The moving company you hire needs to be professionally capable to deliver the quality of services you want. Read the customer reviews and you will identify the service quality. The moving company must have strong customer feedback. There is no better review than an experienced customer’s feedback.

When you have an affordable moving company at your side, the moving process would be easy. Do proper homework and, surely, you will find a genuine affordable moving company.

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