How Do You Create A Tutorial Video? 

Tutorial videos are emerging day by day on many websites to make the users learn how to use the website. Many marketers use this strategy to increase the number of visitors to their website because tutorial videos make usage of the website easier. 

It has now become one of the best ways to be known in the industry since 86 % of people are using it. They settle for almost every niche either music, makeup, or website. 

How to make a Tutorial Video? 

Making a tutorial video for websites can be perfectly done by using screen recording however, the tutorial videos for makeup and other stuff will need cameras.  

Start with a Story Board: 

You can start the tutorial with a storyboard which will let you cover all the topics you want. This will refrain you from going on spontaneously so one must have a plan such as answering frequently asked questions. 

Script Out Your Content: 

The key must be to have the information precise and effective which will allow your viewers to learn the steps. In a world where everyone wants shortcuts, you must go for a precise script. As soon as you got your script you must practice it by reading it out loud. Your accent must be in a way that another person understands rather than a robotic one. Your tone must be according to your brand. You should add subtitles to make your viewers learn better. 

Plan when you’ll be shown on Camera: 

For official brand websites, the person doesn’t need to come out on camera. However, the person recording tutorial for their YouTube or Instagram page should come to the camera. Plan when to come out on camera. 

Set Up the Equipment and Record: 

Although you can edit your video afterward if it is made roughly nevertheless it is always better to do the initial steps right. Hence, the right types of equipment like lightning, microphone, and camera positioning matter a lot. 

Edit your Tutorial Video: 

Editing the tutorial video is the key and many people wonder which application they should use. One must go for CRFT Video – – which remains best when it comes to making video tutorials, explainer videos, 3D animated videos, whiteboard videos, and many more. Use CRFT Video to trim, combine videos, crop, add text, and whatever is the need for your video. This step stands important and one must invest the most time in this part. You can draw the attention of your viewers by 

  • Zoom-in animation 
  • Adding Text 
  • Sound Effects 

Publishing the Video: 

As soon as you have edited your video you can choose platforms like YouTube, social media, and paid video hosting to post it. 


Video tutorials make everything so easier and people find it very easy to use websites afterward. Despite being very helpful they are also very easy to make. One just has to follow six easy steps and boom! You are done making a video tutorial. This video tutorial will not only help your viewers but will manage to bring your business to high levels of success.

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