Festivals and Astrology

Festivals are occasions when folks enjoy and spend a great time with their close ones. It is also an occasion for introspection of an individual’s life, its purpose, and so on. A majority of festivals mentioned on the calendar are associated with regional religions but for National festivals.

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Festivals and religions are interrelated and festivals have a connection with stars and planets. As per the placement of the stars, the moon, and the sun in a majority of religions, festivals are given a date, says an expert astrologer.

Popular Religions and their Festivals


For those who follow the Bahai religion, making world peace and harmony is the most vital thing for them. Due to this, they have huge respect for other religions and those who have faith in them. A section of what Baha’is faith is that Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster, and Moses are every messenger of God.


1.      Nawa Ruz

2.      Bahai Fast

3.      Ayyam-I-Ha

4.      Ridvan Festival


Among all the 3 monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) this is the youngest religion. It is followed by almost 1/5th of the general population. Islam in Arabic denotes “submission of one’s will” to the sole true god worthy of worship “Allah” and anybody who does this is a Muslim. Submission to Allah is inevitably with soul, heart, and death. Islam too means peace which is the natural significance of Allah.


1.      Ramadan

2.      Eid ul Fitr

3.      Eid ul Adha

4.      Milad ul Nabi

5.      Muharram


There are festivals in various religions having their foundation in popular legends whereas others have true events behind their commemoration. The same goes for Buddhism, too.

The festivals in Buddhism seek to commemorate the important days in Buddha’s life and present to the newer generation his ideas and teachings. Some Buddhism festivals are commemorated all over the world, whereas others are constrained to certain countries.  


1.      Buddha Purnima

2.      Buddhist New Year

3.      Ploughing Festival

4.      Elephant Festival

5.      Makha Bucha Festival

6.      Ullambana Festival

7.      Festival of Floating Bowls


This religion was discovered by the followers of Jesus in the 1st century of Palestine. As per the followers, Jesus is the “chosen one” (God) who created this world and has control over everything. Moreover, Jesus is too deemed as an all-powerful, all-knowing being who was there on this planet nearly 2000 years ago.

The life and teachings of Jesus are significantly highlighted through historical and fictional pieces of evidence.


1.      Good Friday

2.      Holy Week

3.      Christmas

4.      Lent

5.      Easter


Yearly, many festivals with various customs are commemorated in Hinduism for an aesthetic and divine enthusiasm. The customs followed in the festivals of Hinduism make an important part of Hindu culture in India.

The Hindu culture will carry on to be followed with the same passion and excitement for years.


1.      Holi

2.      Diwali

3.      Pongal

4.      Makar Sankranti

5.      Maha Shivratri

6.      Navratri

7.      Ram Navami

8.      Dussehra


Out of all the world’s 4 monotheistic religions, this is the youngest. Sikhism was discovered by Guru Nanak in the 15th century. “Sikh” is a Punjabi term that denotes “disciple.” At present, there are more than 20 million Sikhs across the globe, mainly in Punjab, India.


1.      Jyototsava

2.      Lohri

3.      Baisakhi

4.      Martyrdom anniversary

5.      Diwali/Bandi Chhor Divas


Sindhis are a Sindhi speaking community that originated from Sindh (presently a province of Pakistan). The Sindhi people who are in Pakistan are mainly Muslim. But, there are smaller minorities of Christians and Hindus, too. Following the partition of India, many Indian Muslims came to Pakistan and settled in the thriving Sindh area. Also, a large number of Sindhi Hindus moved to India, whereas a lot of those who stayed adopted Islam.


1.      Rakhri

2.      Chaliho Sahib

3.      Teejri

4.      Cheti Chand

5.      Thadri

6.      Janmashtmi Ram Navami and Shivratri


This religion is deemed the first universal and monotheist religion.           There are just about 140,000 followers of Zoroastrianism, still, its significance to mankind is much bigger than its prevailing numbers. Parsism, Zarathustrism, and Mazdaism are other names of Zoroastrianism.


1.      Khordad Sal

2.      Jamshed Navroz

3.      Gahambars

4.      Zarthost No Deeso


The followers of Jainism are called Jains. This is a syncretistic religion having lots of elements akin to Buddhism and Hinduism. Jains are every time in search of love and pleasure, hate and agony, and so freeing their sins from the Karmas concealing truth, knowledge, love, capability, and perception.


1.      Kartik Purnima

2.      Diwali

3.      Akshya Tritiya

4.      Pratyushan Parva

5.      Mahavir Jayanti

Final Words

We expect that you have got to know a lot about the popular religions that exist in the world. For more details about various religions and their festivals, you can download the best astrologer app.

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