Bryson Lashun Potts, Better Known As NLE Choppa

Bryson Potts, better known by his stage name NLE Choppa, became popular after debuting his hit single “Shotta Flow.” Since then he has made various lifestyle adjustments that many believe will improve his wellbeing.

The rapper has adopted meditation and veganism in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, impacting his community by challenging kids to read 26 million words over 26 weeks.

He’s a rapper

Bryson Lashun Potts, better known by his stage name Nle Choppa, was born in 2002. Raised in Memphis’ Parkway Village neighborhood and attending Cordova High School until dropping out to pursue music full-time on YouTube – which quickly led to him amassing an extensive fan base – Nle choppa age quickly made waves in Memphis before leaving to pursue music full time on his own terms.

Shotta Flow was an immediate success and gained him wide recognition. Major label interest soon ensued, yet he decided against signing to any major label labels and instead retained ownership of his songs.

Memphis rapper Marissa Da’Nae recently gave birth, and he shared videos showing behind-the-scenes content from their labor process, including him throwing up into the toilet and creating his best disgruntled old man face filter. Additionally, Memphis runs his own record label and invests in wellness products.

He’s a singer

Bryson Lashun Potts, better known as NLE Choppa, was born November 1st 2002 in Parkway Village Memphis Tennessee and attended Cordova High School where he played basketball. Additionally he spent some time in juvenile detention which he credits as having been life-altering experience.

NLE Choppa quickly rose to fame after the release of his debut single “Shotta Flow.” The song amassed millions of views on YouTube, drawing in major record labels; yet NLE chose to remain independent by signing an independent distribution deal with UnitedMasters.

NLE Choppa has successfully diversified his income streams by investing in real estate and opening an online store selling exclusive phone cases and clothing. Additionally, he has donated generously to charities like Food on Foot that assist homeless individuals.

He’s a songwriter

NLE Choppa is an accomplished songwriter, rapper, and businessman with an immense online following on social media. He maintains close ties with his mother – serving as his manager – while enjoying listening to reggae music, which has proven especially therapeutic during difficult times in his life.

He began freestyling at 14 and quickly took to his craft seriously, developing an expansive vocabulary and unique flow that set him apart from other rappers.

In 2021, Choppa released the single “Self Esteem,” featuring rapper Lambo4oe. This masterpiece seamlessly merges hip-hop and R&B genres. Lambo4oe’s velvet vocals complement Choppa’s energetic delivery while lush production highlights his versatility. In 2019, he signed a distribution deal with United Masters and established No Love Entertainment label.

He’s a producer

Nle Choppa (born Bryson Potts), rose to fame in 2019 through his viral hit song, “Shotta Flow.” The music video garnered millions of views on YouTube and resulted in record labels bidding wars over licensing rights for it.

NLE Choppa serves as an exemplary role model for young artists, setting an excellent example of hard work, dedication and respect for others. His success has inspired many to pursue their own dreams and make an impactful difference in this world.

NLE Choppa has expanded his business portfolio, including music and vegan food. His mother Angela Potts acts as his manager, reviewing contract for record deals. Additionally, she owns and operates a vegan food truck.

He’s a businessman

Bryson Lashun Potts, better known by his stage name NLE Choppa, has quickly gained worldwide renown as an American rapper. Beginning rapping at sixteen and since releasing several hit singles since, NLE Choppa also owns his own company and enjoys immense fame as a businessperson.

NLE Choppa has an extremely supportive family, particularly his mother who oversees him and helps get him noticed by media. Additionally, she assisted him when offers came in from record labels to review contracts before signing them.

NLE Choppa shares a daughter named Clover with Mariah, an influential and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. Mariah recently released a video to document her miscarriage experience, crediting NLE Choppa with being there during it and also donating funds to local Memphis charities during the coronavirus pandemic.

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