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Situated in the western piece of Queens, Astoria is a genuine blend, with a rich blend of Greek, Italian, Asian, and different societies.

A few well known nearby attractions incorporate Bohemian Hall, the most seasoned lager garden in the US, and Socrates Sculpture Park.

The area is fundamentally working class and private with a solid feeling of local area – and a long history of extraordinary food.

Pizza has stayed a well known nearby #1 for a really long time, and the region offers up a tremendous determination of fantastic choices.

I’ve invested bunches of energy investigating the eateries of Astoria, and eating each cut of pizza I tracked down en route.

Regardless assuming that you’re in the temperament for Neapolitan, Margherita, customary NY style, or more, you’ll think that it is here.

Look at my rundown of the best pizza in Astoria underneath!


Milkflower is helmed by the Aggelato siblings, who gained the craft of pizza cooking from their uncle in New Jersey prior to opening their own place in Queens.

You’ll find them only a couple of blocks north of the Broadway Branch of the Queen Library, on 31st Avenue between 34th Street and 35th Street.

It’s a comfortable spot ideal for a date or feasting with a little gathering of companions.

They’re home to a portion of the local’s best wood-terminated pizzas.

While you can’t construct your own, they really do offer a wide choice of specialty pies.

A portion of my top picks are the Marky Marc, with Agriniou olives and Fresno bean stew, and the Wu-Tang Clam, with cherrystone shellfishes, garlic and Fresno stew.

Basil Brick Oven Pizza

Basil Brick Oven Pizza is a couple of blocks southeast of Astoria Park close to the crossing point of Astoria Boulevard and 27th Street.

It’s a hip, yet inviting, pizza shop and Italian café with a wood-terminated broiler.

They value making all their food new anywhere nearby.

Their pizzas are individual 12″ pies cooked nearby in the eatery’s wood-consuming broiler.

They offer an extensive variety of Margherita, marinara, and specialty pizzas that make ideal snacks before an evening to remember.

Assuming you’re searching for something you’ve probably never had, I suggest the Pizzucca, made with herbed pumpkin pecan sauce rather than the customary tomato type.

Rizzo’s Pizza

Rizzo’s Pizza is in excess of a pizza eatery; it’s a local foundation here in Astoria.

Siblings Joseph and Salvatore Rizzo previously opened the entryways way back in 1959, and they’ve stayed a neighborhood most loved from that point onward.

You’ll track down them close to William C. Bryant High School at the edge of 30th Avenue and Steinway Street.

The eatery is comfortable with a couple of tables, cordial staff, and neighborhood sports on the TV.

They’re renowned for their flimsy covering pizzas prepared in a square shape. You can construct your own or pick one of their custom manifestations.

On the off chance that you don’t need one of their particular square pizzas, they additionally make exemplary round pies.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Patsy’s is a little, genuine pizza shop on first Avenue and East 118th Street, right nearby to P.S. 155. It’s a family-accommodating eatery with an outdated Italian style.

They’re inside strolling distance of Central Park. You can’t miss the exemplary green canopy that stretches along the length of the structure.

Television legend Regis Philbin used to go wild about this spot, and seeing why is simple.

They have a full menu of exemplary Italian dishes alongside conventional NY pizza with your selection of fixings.

They’re additionally one of my top proposals on the off chance that you’re searching for veggie lover choices.

Sac’s Place

Head on over to Sac’s Place for the best pizza in Astoria motivated by the Abruzzo style of Italian cooking.

They’re directly across the road from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts on 35th Avenue between 36th Street and 37th Street. Siblings Anthony and Domenico Sacramone have made a warm, family-accommodating environment.

The café is open for both lunch and supper.

Abruzzo cooking, named after a locale in Italy, is known for its striking, new flavors.

Their pizzas include hand crafted batter, garden veggies, and pureed tomatoes made new every day. Each is cooked flawlessly in the coal-block stove.

Tufino Pizzeria

While you’ll find no deficiency of Neapolitan pizzas in Astoria, the Tufino Pizzeria gets my decision in favor of the most real around.

Their Stefano Ferrara wood-consuming broiler was made in Naples with volcanic debris from Mount Vesuvius, and their hand crafted batter is raised for three days.

You’ll track down these legitimate pies at the side of Ditmars Boulevard and 37th Street, on a similar block as Alba’s Pizza.

They have twelve specialty Neapolitan pizzas, including top picks, for example, the Italian-motivated San Gennaro or the Nonna with meatballs and ricotta.

For just $3, you can transform any pizza into either a vegetarian or without gluten dish.


Across the road from the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, on 24th Avenue and 29th Street, you’ll track down Macoletta.

It’s a relaxed, family-accommodating eatery with Italian-style pizza and natively constructed pasta.

Chief Chef Ettore Tosches makes open, real dishes while Cocktail Creator Enzo Cangemi presents different imaginative blends.

They have a vigorous choice of Neapolitan pizzas including vegan and fiery choices.

My most loved is the Diablo, made with fiery salami, ‘nduja, new mozz, Calabrian stew, and honey.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a vegan choice, I suggest the Bianca, with basil, pine nuts, ocean salt, and cooked garlic.

Stupendous Avenue Pizza

Stupendous Avenue Pizza is situated at the side of 30th Avenue and 35th Street, one traffic light away from the Ocean Fish Market.

They’re an easygoing eating café known for NY-style pizza alongside other family-accommodating toll like burgers and calzones.

The pizza choice is one of the greatest in Astoria, with a strong determination of Specialty and Sicilian choices.

I totally love the Grand Ave Special, their unmistakable pizza with three meats and different veggies.

You can arrange every one of their pizzas either in general pie or by the cut.

Besides, assuming you live in the area, they offer free conveyance when you request on the web.

Rosa’s Pizza

Rosa’s Pizza is an easygoing pizza place where the flavors help me to remember exemplary Brooklyn pies.

They’re east of the Socrates Sculpture Garden at the convergence of 24th Street and 31st Avenue.

It’s a serene, well disposed place where you’ll find everyday specials composed on a blackboard as you step inside.

They have both round and Sicilian pies, made with outsides that aren’t excessively thick, and a hand crafted sauce with a perfect proportion of pleasantness.

At the point when I go here, I generally request a side of their garlic hitches, which are a portion of my top picks in the city.

Antika Pizzeria

Incredible pizza begins with new fixings, a way of thinking the Antika Pizzeria is entirely dedicated to.

You’ll find their family-accommodating resto on 30th Avenue between 36th Street and 37th Street.

It’s a comfortable spot with loads of wood framing and outdated curves, causing it some place I to suggest for dates and family suppers.

They have a wide range of customary pizzas, including their unique contribution, the Old-Fashioned Grandma-Style Square Pizza.

Assuming that you’re like me, you’ll cherish the liberal segments of cheddar and garnishes, as well as those fresh corners that are just tracked down in square pizzas.

Astoria Pizzeria

Comfortable and inviting, Astoria Pizzeria does its namesake glad with new, tasty pizza accessible overall pie and by the cut.

They’re on 30th Avenue not long before the 30th crossing point, one block sound of the 30th Avenue metro stop.

You can make custom pies or request one of their unmistakable manifestations.

As far as unadulterated imagination, their pizzas are difficult to beat. I love their Holy Nacho Pizza, which has ground meat, jalapenos, and nacho cheddar sauce.

Obviously, you additionally can’t turn out badly with their particular pizza, the Vodka Margherita Pie, made with new mozz and vodka sauce.

Last Thoughts

Individuals get some information about where to get pizza in Astoria, and there are such countless extraordinary spots that I’m practically not certain where to begin!

From little places where you can get a fast cut to upscale eateries that present true Neapolitan pizzas, you’re certain to see as some place ideal for family night, night out, or some other event.

By Michael Caine

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