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Albuquerque brags about one the most lively pizza scenes in the United States. In actuality, the best wood-terminated craftsman pizza comes from the core of Albuquerque.

Today, we’re taking a visit through Albuquerque to figure out probably the best pizza spots to chill and have an incredible pizza chomp. You can likewise arrange and partake in the pie at the solace of your home.

15 Best Pizza Places in Albuquerque, NM pin

Note that a few areas have restricted active times and limit limitations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I propose reaching the area straightforwardly for the most cutting-edge data with respect to the active times.

In any case, here are the 15 best pizza places in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1. Richie B’s Pizza

In the event that you’re looking for a pizza place with a bit of sentiment, you can never turn out badly with Richie B’s Pizzeria in Albuquerque.

The spot is privately claimed and run by couples — Chuck and Leah. Furthermore, albeit the business is somewhat new (laid out in 2019), it is previously a ‘Mother and Pop Pizza’ shop. This implies they are capable enough as pizza specialists.

While Chuck handles everyday tasks, Leah handles the bookkeeping side of things. In any case, both every now and again spring up to show love to their clients. Each staff at Richie B’s Pizza is well disposed and obliging.

Regardless, their neighborliness isn’t the main potential gain; their pizza is delightful as well. The cheddar is luscious as the pizza is generally speaking New York-motivated. Thus, expect huge, foldable pizza cuts.

2. Giovanni’s Pizzeria

Whenever Albuquerque local people squabble about the best pizza, Giovanni’s Pizzeria generally comes up.

All things considered, it’s troublesome contending against its valid and finger-licking incredible pizzas. Anybody who has at any point visited Giovanni’s Pizzeria guarantees the spot is their number one pizza place.

Other than their scrumptiously cooked pizza stacked with garnishes, Giovanni’s has a laid-back sort of feel to it, and the waiters are cordial and exceptionally proficient.

I love the way they are New York-roused, and their Italian courses are great. You should attempted their Neapolitan pizza and calzones. The pizza is oily however doesn’t dribble down your elbows.

3. Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza — Nob Hill

This fantastic pizza place has three branches — Albuquerque Heights, West Side, and Nob Hill. I generally lean toward the last option.

The II Vicino Pizza place in Nob Hill has fabulous pizza with a fresh outside and less sticky in general. I love the delightful way their sauce is somewhat hot — not to an extreme.

I suggest requesting the pizza close by their chilled tea. You will love it. Their conveyances are in every case quick, and the pizza shows up while still hot. Concerning pick-ups, you’ll find the pizza previously finished, and you don’t need to stand by. 

The II Vicino Wood Oven in Nob Hill is an unlikely treasure. Furthermore, the pizza is of excellent, presented at a fair cost.

4. Farina Pizza

This is a magnificent spot for people who love lager. It’s likewise a brilliant spot to get a game with the young men.

The Farina Pizza in Albuquerque is known for its distinctive pizzas and its in-house pasta and new plates of mixed greens.

For Dine-ins, the Farina Pizza has a laid-back air, in this manner overwhelming a neighborhood Albuquerque vibe.

The pizza is heated utilizing the most refined natural flour, and the outside layers are high quality. The cooks at the Farina Pizza top the pizza with new fixings like nearby natural chile and craftsman relieved meat.

Aside from their astounding pizzas, Farina additionally offers incredible servings of mixed greens, all made of new fixings, very much like the pizzas.

They are known for messing with their specials, the greater part of which are exceptionally inventive, hence bringing out incredibly delectable and delightful pizzas.

5. Love Neapolitan Pizzeria — Green Jeans Farmery

Extravagant a pizza cut with a cool 16 ounces of brew? If indeed, the Amore (Green Jeans Farmery) is your go-to pizza shop.

You not just partake in a tasty pizza made of new fixings, yet the pizza shop likewise shares space with the brewer (Santa Fey Brewing). Consequently, a cool lager is consistently reachable.

These folks favor the good old school approach to cooking pizza, ensuring the pizza is all around cooked and has amazing fresh.

The Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria utilizes neighborhood fixings, and the pizza is stacked with delightful garnishes.

The pizza tastes really adjusted to it, and it’s light across the tongue. You’ll feel full however not weighty.

For a beginner, I suggest attempting their Zia and Imperatore pizzas, which you ought to supplement with a root brew.

Aside from the Green Jeans Farmery, they additionally have one more branch at the Tin Can Alley.

6. Fox’s Pizza Den

This is one of the privately possessed organizations the Albuquerque inhabitants love supporting. When you have a sample of one of the pizzas at Fox’s Pizza Den in Albuquerque, you’ll comprehend the reason why the pizza shop has such a dependable client base.

They get their motivation from customary Italian recipes. What’s more, to finish that off, the fixings are of top notch.

I especially love their All-Meat Pizza. The outside layer was very much cooked, which made it fresh and delicious. The garnishes are stacked and brimming with flavor.

For Dine-in meetings, I’m certain you’ll be dazzled by their air, which is so easygoing, as the amicable staff ensures you’re impeccably treated.

I suggest the Fox’s Pizza Den as an extraordinary spot for a heartfelt date. You’ll both love it.

7. JC’s New York Pizza

The pizza shop sells itself as an incredible spot for a family to eat out. Also, they certainly don’t frustrate. It’s their objective to furnish you with a total and remarkable feasting experience.

I love the wonderful way JC’s servers are so quiet with uproarious children. Something one of a kind about them is that they inquire as to whether any relative has food sensitivities. That is so smart.

They’ll make sense of each and every fixing utilized on their pizzas — to ensure you experience no sensitivity occurrences.

Even better, their get administrations are quick, and when you settle on a decision request, you’ll find the pizza prepared.

Concerning the conveyances, the pizza comes while sizzling hot. Furthermore, it’s flavorful as well. The outside layer is thick and enlivened by New York pizza, so anticipate credible, all around cooked cuts.

8. Old Town Pizza Parlor

On the off chance that you love a Mexican setting as a spot for a family eat-out, then, at that point, this is your lucky day. The Old Town Pizza Parlor is set in an old hacienda situated along the renowned Route 66.

Thus, in the event that you’re on an excursion with your family, don’t pass up this astounding pizza shop. You won’t be disheartened, particularly by their flavorful pizzas.

The pizza is made utilizing new fixings highlighting nearby flavors like simmered green bean stew — all of this cooked with a New Mexican contort. You’ll adore their red stew olive oil, which is excellent.

The Old Town Pizza Parlor offers private party porches. Subsequently, it is the ideal spot to have corporate occasions, dispatches, and festivities.

9. Chicago Pizza Kitchen

As the name proposes, the spot is enlivened by Chicago’s renowned pizza, which is generally tasty and unequaled.

The sauce is awesome — exceptionally stout. Also, the cheddar is very much dissolved at this point not overcooked. The assistance at Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Albuquerque is well disposed, and conveyances are quick.

I love that this pizza spot is possessed and shown to two conflict veterans, both crippled! They have a blend of 25 years in military help.

In this way, in the event that you truly love supporting the soldiers, the Chicago Pizza Kitchen will cause you to feel sufficiently energetic.

The best part is that the spot offers a rebate to veterans, harmony officials, specialists on call, and even teachers. It’s their approach to showing local area support.

That is not all that matters. Chicago Pizza Kitchen additionally offers occasion specials. Thus, on the off chance that you have a festival or some likeness thereof (birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, and so on), these folks are eager to offer help.

10. Saggios

I love its straightforward name — Saggios! However, that is by all accounts not the only remarkable thing incredible about this pizza spot. Their pizza is heavenly and extremely delicious.

The outside layer is very much cooked, and the pureed tomatoes has a touch of sharpness to it, which is great since it adjusts off the fats in the mozzarella.

Goodness indeed, the garnishes are impeccably divided as well. This makes the Saggios pizza proper for all ages — old and youthful. Assuming you love Canola, fortune has smiled on you in light of the fact that Saggios is truly outstanding nearby.

You’ll likely cherish how Saggios is situated close to UNM (University of Mexico), with the walls planned utilizing astounding paintings to give it a hippy feel.

Your main concern is their pizza specials, which are so famous, and you might pass up a major opportunity on the off chance that you don’t structure sufficiently early.

11. Directly Up Pizza

Do you favor privately possessed pizza places or well known mainstream stores? Indeed, I think we as a whole love family-claimed pizza spots for their quality hand tailored pizzas.

With regards to cooking great pizza in Albuquerque, you won’t ever turn out badly with Straight Up Pizza.

True to form, each pizza is carefully assembled, and the fixings are new. Nothing’s reused here. Both the marinara sauces and the mixture at Straight Up Pizza are produced using scratch consistently!

I suggest attempting their Lean Dream Pizza, which is my undisputed top choice. Yet, Straight Up Pizza in Albuquerque has a few other calzones, the vast majority of which are rarely disheartening.

I love the way Straight Up Pizza handles its conveyances. Their conveyances are quick, and the pizza shows up while hot.

12. Pizza Castle In Albuquerque

Goodness definitely, I love their awesome parking area! Simply get your calzone and go to the part and appreciate.

They likewise have an eat in, which is likewise incredibly planned, and the servers are well disposed. An eat-out at the Pizza Castle in Albuquerque is an encounter you will always remember.

Their pizza is delectable as well. The mixture is great — neither too bready nor an over the top wafer. You can taste its crunchiness at the base while still chewy on the top and around the edges.

You’ll cherish the pureed tomatoes presented at Pizza Castle, as the pizza accompanies a sensible measure of cheddar, which is appropriately cooked. The assistance is great, and the valuing is fair.

13. Reclamation Pizza

This is the best spot on the off chance that you love pizza and lager. Truly, Restoration Pizza in Albuquerque offers itself as a spot to share lager and pizza, particularly as a local area.

The pizza is delicious as well. The mozzarella isn’t excessively or excessively little. It doesn’t cover the whole pizza, however its pieces are sufficient to give it a remarkable taste.

The pizza at Restoration Pizza in Albuquerque is oily enough that it doesn’t trickle onto your shirt. Additionally, the fixings are new, and the cheddar is normal and very much cooked.

I suggest attempting their Caprese pizza of the month, which is ridiculously great!

14. Burst Pizza

Presently, on the off chance that you’re searching for a pizza place inside Albuquerque that offers specials for those with dietary necessities, the Blaze Pizza is the spot to be.

The pizza spot comprehends the necessities of veggie lover and vegans and those determined to have Celiac illness.

Blast Pizza cooks its pizza with new fixings as the mixture is produced using scratch and created by eminent Executive Chef Brad Kent.

The mixture requires over 24 hours of maturation to create a fresh, light-as-air covering. I love that Blaze Pizza Albuquerque allows you to assemble your own pizza, which they cook for you in practically no time.

15. Goodfellas Pizza

The pizza has a fresh outside layer that is chewy yet not excessively raw. The sauce is exceptionally tasty, and the garnishes are marinated with olives.

A portion of their fixings range from works of art like pepperoni and hotdog to fiery veggie lover chorizos and artichokes.

They have such a unimaginable and inviting deck where you can unwind with your companions and partners following a difficult day at work.

At long last, the staff is so useful and charming to everybody. They are so quiet with kids as well.
By Michael Caine

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