Best Litigation Attorneys in Anaheim

Blake and Ayaz

Blake and Ayaz is a regulation practice that serves the Anaheim metro region. Its training regions incorporate liquor refreshment permitting and consistence, land use and drafting, business regulation, brand name and copyright, case, maltreatment of casualty’s freedoms, and individual injury. It is prepared to deal with assertion and intervention matters, including business contract questions, corporate, organization, investor, joint endeavor debates, and common case.

Cero Debts

Cero Debts is an Anaheim-based law office that gives portrayal to purchasers who have endured as a result of unfortunate help or unlawful practice. These cases incorporate badgering by obligation gatherers, untrustworthy loaning, and infringement of HIPAA, Pure Food and Drug Act, and Consumer Product Safety Act. The firm has broad information on purchaser regulations and is talented in prosecution. Marlin Branstetter, the association’s organizer, functioned as a direction for a monetary organization prior to beginning Cero Debts in 1987.

Christopher Lee Law Firm

With north of a decade of involvement, Christopher Lee Law Firm assists occupants in Anaheim with getting equity for their wounds. The law office addresses casualties in private injury claims including mishaps that cause serious real injury and horrible mind wounds. Its lead legal counselor, Christopher Lee, looks to prosecute individual injury cases to a jury preliminary to assist clients with getting the most ideal outcomes and greatest remuneration they legitimately merit. Lee additionally helps with haggling with protection agents and clinical suppliers.

Cottle Keen Lopiccolo and Heyde Attorneys at Law

Cottle Keen Lopiccolo and Heyde Attorneys at Law is a shop law office that serves occupants in Anaheim. It offers legitimate administrations in business and common suit, which incorporate those including organization questions, break of agreement, land debates, and bequest and trust prosecution. Cottle Keen Lopiccolo and Heyde Attorneys at Law was initially established by Bertrand E. Cottle and Ronnie Keen. Cottle has been providing legal counsel beginning around 1977, dealt with common prosecution matters, probate, and family regulation cases for north of 37 years, and addressed more than 2,000 people and organizations.

Desai Camino

Desai Camino is a law office that offers legitimate exhortation to clients in the Anaheim region. It helps organizations with contesting issues like resource following and security, alongside business valuations and measurable bookkeeping. The firm additionally handles family regulation matters, for example, early and postmarital arrangements, kid snatching suits, and limiting requests for aggressive behavior at home cases. Lead directs Angel Camino and Swati Desai have many years of consolidated insight in taking care of family and money regulation.

Georges Meleka Law Office

Georges Meleka Law Office addresses people, organizations, and families in Anaheim. The confident handles common suit cases, including denied rental applications for biased reasons in view of mental and actual handicap, race, age, religion, and familial status. It likewise offers legitimate types of assistance to other practice regions, like individual injury, movement, business, and family regulation. Its group of lawyers takes care of unfamiliar clients and easily communicates in Spanish and Arabic. Organizer Georges Meleka is an individual from the Egypt Bar Association.

Hagan and Associates

Hagan and Associates serves the legitimate necessities of individuals all through the Anaheim metro. It addresses and prompts clients in common case matters including business, land, business, and family regulation. The firm disputes cases in both government and state courts. Cara J. Hagan, its pioneer, involves her experience in money to carry new viewpoints to legitimate preliminaries. She has been conceded master hac bad habit in different states, including New York, Texas, Missouri, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Katje Law Group

Starting around 2001, Katje Law Group has been dealing with the land and home arranging needs of clients in Anaheim and all through Southern California. Its lawyers have north of twenty years of consolidated experience taking care of land exchanges and case matters concerning limit and title questions, expulsions, and parcel activities. Establishing lawyer September Katje likewise involves her suit abilities and experience as an authorized land dealer to arrange settlements against significant moneylenders claiming TILA and RESPA infringement and different reasons for activity.

Klein and Wilson

Klein and Wilson is a law office addressing offended parties and respondents in Anaheim in business and business prosecution matters. It assists organizations with contesting cases including protected innovation issues, insurance questions, break of policy, extortion, and unjustifiable strategic approaches. This regulation office additionally manages lawful misbehavior and organization and investor questions and investigative practice. The association’s lawyers use industry-standard innovation during revelation and at preliminary. Gerald A. Klein, the association’s establishing accomplice, has assumed control north of 40 cases to decision in jury and seat preliminaries.

Regulation Offices of Ginger S. Marcos APC

The Law Offices of Ginger S. Marcos APC serves clients in Anaheim. The firm offers portrayal to people who need to safeguard their freedoms in court. It handles various areas of insolvency and individual injury regulation, from section 7 and part 13 chapter 11 to fender benders, clinical misbehavior, and unjust passing suits. Ginger Marcos, the training’s lawyer, strolls clients through each legitimate cycle. She assesses each case and makes an essential game-plan that helps her clients the most.

Ludwig Law Center, Inc.

Ludwig Law Center, Inc. addresses people and organizations looking for lawful help in common suit. Serving the Anaheim metro and its encompassing regions, it helps clients in different common prosecution matters including business case. This incorporates break of guardian obligation, break of agreement, and tricky practices. Also, it handles cases concerning families with legitimate debates and casualties of carelessness under private injury regulation. The group of Eric Ludwig and Michelle Patterson Ludwig has been directing preliminaries under common suit and family regulation for very nearly twenty years.

Orange County Business Attorney

Orange County Business Attorney gives legitimate portrayal to defendants dwelling in Anaheim. The firm addresses parties in break of agreement, protected innovation, misrepresentation, and establishment debates from settlement exchanges to preliminary. It likewise handles obligation assortment procedures. Valerie L. Kramer has 30 years of involvement filling in as guidance for workers for hire and business people. She is important for Business Network International’s Tustin Chapter. Moreover, she has a MBA in money and bookkeeping, which supports her business regulation practice.

Orange County Lemon Law

Orange County Lemon Law is the confidential act of Timothy F. Fatone. The firm addresses buyers who have bought imperfect vehicles, trucks, boats, trailers, bikes, and lemon SUVs. Serving Anaheim and Orange County, Fatone has zeroed in on this training region and has helped in excess of 1,000 clients in managing lemon prosecution throughout the course of recent years. His administrations cover any brand of lemon vehicle and mean to assist customers with recuperating installments on the faulty things they purchased.

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