Beautiful Waterton Park Attractions For Tourists

Waterton National Park has so much to offer, and it leaves the visitors mesmerized. It has a rugged landscape, and the beauty there is undisturbed. It gives visitors endless opportunities to discover and explore this majestic place. As the prairies roll into the Candian Rocky Mountains outside the Park, many other adventures await for the visitors. No matter whatever form of experience you like, you will not be disappointed by the kinds of attractions Waterton has to offer.

Attractions In Waterton National Park

Waterton is truly a world treasure. It has the honor of twin distinction of being the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the first International Peace Park. Waterton has a fascinating story that is historically, culturally, and ecologically rich. It is undoubtedly one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world. It charms the visitors and takes away their breath. There are endless ways to explore the beauty there and almost infinite ways to do it.

Some attractions in Waterton Park include:

  • Parks Canada Interpretive Center
  • Waterton Lakes Gold Club
  • Alpine Stables Horseback Riding
  • Waterton Shoreline Cruises
  • Hiking and Tours
  • Cycling
  • Blackiston & Co.Adventure Rentals
  • Cameron Lake Boat Rentals
  • Dark Sky Guides

Staying at Waterton

Choosing suitable accommodation in Waterton is very important when you are planning a trip. Waterton National Park Hotels are serving their visitors really well. Rest assured that the available options will be more than sufficient for you.

If you want a luxury stay, then the Prince of Wales Hotel has got you covered. If you are looking for mid-rangers, then Waterton Glacier Suites are well-furnished to make your trip memorable. Rocky Ridge Country Lodge offers a comfortable yet affordable alternative, and it is a 15-minute drive from Waterton.


Waterton has to offer one of the most panoramic views in Canada. At the mountain’s summit, hikers have a scenic view that extends to Saskatchewan as the grassland rolls away to the east. Towards the west, the summit gives a majestic view of a rugged mountain. The view at the summit is out of the world. The hike towards the summit also has its distinct features. It has beautiful lakes that are cradled in hanging valleys, waterfalls that are vertigo-induced. The trip up the summit is just maybe the best part about this hike.

Some of the significant hiking attractions include:

  • Crypt Lake Hike
  • Red Rock Canyon Trail
  • Upper Bertha Falls and Bertha Lake Trail
  • Carthew-Alderson Trail
  • Bear’s Hump

Water Attractions in Waterton

As much as its mountains, Waterton is also very famous for its water lakes, one of Alberta’s gorgeous lakes. The jewels of the parks are the string of lakes, which extend into the U.S along the border. The nearby Cameron Lake is worth the drive.

The view from the lakeshore competes with the view from the top of the mountains. So, bringing your canoe or paddleboard is highly recommended.

If you are one of those, who don’t prefer to pack these things on the trek, rest assured as Blakiston & Co have your back. They offer various aquatic vehicles that are self-propelled.


Due to the infamous chinooks down the slope of the Rockies, Waterton Lakes is a great place to put in a sailboat. However, the winds can change up at any moment, and the water in the lake is frigid, so you must come prepared. Have a thick wetsuit or drysuit on for a tumble in the water.

Scuba Diving

Despite the icy and freezing water, Waterton Lakes is a popular spot for scuba divings. You can see many things down there, but the main attraction is still the old Emerald Bay Shipwreck. The shipwreck is 100 years old.


You can also paddle around at your steam while at Waterton, but you should also consider using an e-bike. Using an e-bike gives you the chance to see more of the Waterton without getting tired. You can get e-bikes at Blakiston & Co and Pat’s Waterton, where you can rent them out.

Although the first few destinations won’t require e-bikes, cruising calmly in the open air will allow you to take in more gorgeous sights.

Cycling destinations include:

  • Red Rock Canyon via Red Rock Parkway-This popular 36km return trip from the townsite is a stunning ride. You can begin at the Waterton townsite.
  • Cameron Lake via Akamania Parkway- A 32km round trip from the Waterton townsite will give you a workout and reward those cyclists with fantastic views back of Waterton
  • Kootenai Brown Trail- The scenic multi-use path connects from the entrance of Waterton Park to the Waterton townsite.


The mountains will envelop you while you are golfing at the Waterton Lakes Golf Course. It is designed by the same architect who designed Banff Spring Hotels and Jasper Park Lodge golf courses. It is also one of the best golf courses in Alberta.

Eat at Waterton

Eat at the best restaurants in Waterton. You will be left completely surprised by the variety and the taste at Waterton. Some of the options are:

Fast Food

  • Waffleton
  • Wieners of Waterton
  • Windflower Corner Cafe

Pubs and Casual Dine

  • Thirsty Bear Kitchen & Bar
  • Zum’s

Fine Dine

  • Lakeside Chophouse
  • Windsor Lounge & Royal Stewart Dining Room

There is also afternoon tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel, do consider it if you are craving British culture.  


If you haven’t been to Waterton National Park, it is strongly recommended that you should go there. The Waterton park is very scenic and lovely, and for the hikers, it must be at heir top of the list. There are several trails for every skill level of hiker. The lake is gorgeous, but the winds can sometimes be choppy and extreme. There is an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing. The views are majestic, and the hike towards the views is equally scenic. You can also find great accommodations in Waterton. Restaurants in Waterton can help you with your hunger emergencies.


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