4 PC Gaming Myths Most People Believe Are True

PC gaming can be very intimidating from the outside looking in, and a lot of it has to do with some of the myths that have been propagated about it. Many people think that PC gaming is overly complicated, for instance, or that you shouldn’t bother playing if you’re not elite. But a lot of the things that are being said about gaming are either wrong, outdated, or just partially true. Let’s take a look at some of the most pervasive myths about online gaming.

You Absolutely Need an NVIDIA or AMD Card to Play Games

One of the things that frustrate a lot of people when they start looking for gaming PCs is the price, and this price is mainly driven by the graphics card. Most people who buy gaming PCs are also often told that the only option for gaming is an AMD or NVIDIA card,  but you now have people like Intel entering the game with a line of discrete GPUs, the Intel Arc, which cost much less to produce and some of these GPUs can run most AAA games with no problem.

If you’re interested in this and want to learn more about the Intel Arc project, you should check out the linked article from Lenovo.

Playing with a Mouse and Keyboard is Boring and Strange

This is something a lot of gaming players believe about PC gaming, and this is one of the main reasons why many of them choose to not play on a PC. If they only knew all the possibilities a keyboard and mouse setup offers when it comes to gaming, they wouldn’t think that way. And there’s nothing that forces you to play with a mouse and keyboard either. There are tons of games that can be played on a controller and plenty of controllers for PCs out there. 

If you’re skeptical about playing with a mouse and keyboard, try it at least once. If you’re a fan of FPS games, you’ll automatically notice how fast and precise shooting with a mouse is and you won’t be able to play with a controller again after a while. Adventure games can also be enhanced by a keyboard and mouse combination as it allows for way more actions and options.

PC Gaming is Anti-Social

Some people prefer playing on consoles because they like to get together with friends. Competing directly with one another can be fun, but online gaming on a PC with a headset can be very immersive and make you forget that you’re alone. You can also organize LAN parties with people you know if you want to get some of that social feel.

You Have to Make All Sorts of Tweaks Before You Can Play

This might’ve been true a long while ago but playing PC games these days is pretty much plug-and-play. You don’t need to do much these days as most games have benchmark tests that will automatically give you the optimal settings at the beginning and allow you to make changes if you want to. 

If you hear any of these myths in the future, you’ll at least know that they’re not true. And you won’t let them stop you from enjoying PC gaming as you should.

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