Types of Abuse 

3 Different Types of Abuse 

It is a sad fact that a wide range of abuses can and do take place around the world. The definition of abuse is often described as a deliberate act by one or more people that is directed at others and results in harm being sustained. However, abuse is not limited to humankind and can also affect animals. Harm itself can take a range of forms and is not just limited to physical forms of harm or injury such as those that take place during a physical assault. Acts of abuse can also damage a persons psychological well being or have dire financial implications. In this article, three distinct types of abuse are explored in detail. In addition, there is a brief discussion of how victims of various forms of abuse can seek justice and ensure that the perpetrators of abuse can be held accountable for their actions.

Domestic Abuse

It is a shocking fact that in America, nearly twenty people are abused by their partners every minute. Sadly, women are far more likely to be the victims of domestic abuse than men and it is estimated that 1 in 9 men have experienced severe physical abuse from their partner whilst 1 in 4 women report the same. Domestic abuse commonly takes the form of physical violence against the affected partner. Pushing, slapping, punching, and strangling are all forms of domestic abuse that can occur in the home environment. For some women, this can create a fearful existence where they are afraid to seek help from the police or social services for fear of further and more sustained violence against them. It is of paramount importance that victims of domestic violence report these crimes to the relevant authorities so that the perpetrator can be brought to justice. Click here for a list of various helplines that victims of domestic abuse can use in the UK.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is another common form of abuse in society. It takes place when a person uses their influence over someone else to take money or possessions of value from them without their prior consent and occasionally even without their knowledge. Financial abuse can have a devastating effect on the victim. It can result in a loss of assets and money but it can also cause psychological harm and can lead to a growing lack of trust in other people. Victims of financial abuse should contact the police, who will be able to investigate the matter. If financial abuse can be proven to have taken place the perpetrator will be prosecuted in a court of law. 

Clergy Abuse

In recent years, the subject of clergy abuse has received increased prominence in the media. In part, this has been due to many abuse allegations involving the catholic church. Clergy abuse takes place when a member of the clergy uses their power to sexually abuse or sexually exploit a member of their congregation. Today, many people have a full understanding of what is clergy abuse and how justice can be sought by victims of this. As with other forms of abuse, it is important to involve the police who can investigate the matter fully. If clergy abuse has been found to have taken place the member of the church will face prosecution and possible imprisonment, depending on the crimes that have been committed.

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