Use A Ronin Wallet

How To Create And Use A Ronin Wallet?

If you have seen the Axie Infinity game and tried playing it, you probably would have seen the importance of a Ronin wallet. It is a must-have wallet for gamers who want to play the Axie Infinity game. However, it is not limited to the Axie Infinity game. It can also play other NFT games on the Ronin blockchain.

What Is a Ronin Wallet?

The Ronin wallet is the primary wallet used on the Ronin network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain. The wallet allows crypto holders to play fun games like Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn NFT game, and other Decentralised Applications (DApp) that operate in the Ronin Blockchain.

The wallet also allows users to log in directly to the Axie Infinity Marketplace to buy and sell NFTs and crypto assets with a reduced gas fee.

Players can use the Ronin wallet to save Wrapped Ether (wETH), Smooth Love Portion (SLP), USDC, and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). Gamers can gain AXS and SLP by completing tasks and playing with each other. AXS and SLP can also now be used to breed new Axies.

How To Create A Ronin Wallet

Ronin wallet is available for use on both smartphones and browser extensions. They are also available on Google and Apple Playstore. You can open your Ronin wallet by following these clear, practical steps:

  • Download and install the Ronin wallet browser extension 
  • Open the extension, click Get Started, and the wallet will navigate you to the settings page. Click on I’m new. Let’s get set up!
  • Create a strong password and click on Create Wallet. The password should be a combination of characters, letters, and symbols.
  • Click on Reveal Seed Phrase and save the phrase in a secured place. Click on continue; your wallet is set.
  • Select the Ronin browser extension whenever you want to open the account to open your interface wallet.

Your wallet name and address will show on the screen. The “Asset” column shows your NFT token balance, while the “Activity” column indicates your recent transactions. 

This wallet is non-custodial. Nobody else can access your funds, not the network developers.

Procedures for creating an Axie Infinity Account using a Ronin Account

To create an Axie Infinity account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Axie Marketplace and click on the Login icon
  • Search for Login With Ronin Account and select it
  • Select your username and save. Complete the settings by adding your email address and password to protect your account. Your account is ready for use. You can now play your NFT games.

How To Use A Ronin Account

Once your account setup is complete, you can use your Ronin wallet to receive supported tokens. These tokens are: AXS, SLP, wETH, Axies, Lunacian land plot, and any other tokens that will be launched in the Ronin blockchain in the near future.

It is also worth noting that buying tokens from Axie Infinity is only done with Wrapped Ethereum. Hence, you need to convert your Ethereum to Wrapped Ethereum on Metamask before using them.

To use your Ronin account;

  • Open your Ronin wallet and create an Axie Infinity dashboard using your wallet key.
  • Deposit to your Ronin account. When copying your wallet address for the deposit, ensure it starts with “ronin:”
  • Choose the token amount you want to transfer and press the Next icon. Choose your desired gas fee and proceed with the transaction. 

How To Make Transactions In A Ronin Account

  • Go to your Ronin wallet browser extension and log in
  • Click the Send icon, enter the wallet address where you want to send the token to
  • Choose the asset you want to send and the amount you wish to transfer out, then click Next 
  • Carefully recheck the details you have inputted and click Confirm when sure of them. 

Having understood Ronin’s wallet and how to open it and use it, you can now go ahead. You can also explore Axie Infinity and play games to collect NFTs.

By Michael Caine

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