5 Safety Tips When You’re Driving in Heavy Rain

Your life is precious, and so are the lives of your passengers and random pedestrians crossing the road, not to mention the animals.

Lately, car accidents have become so common that it has become a regular occurrence; we often hear stories or watch about them on the news.

There are numerous factors that contribute to car accidents, such as driving while drunk, texting while driving, or careless driving during harsh circumstances. By difficult circumstances, we mean stormy weather, heavy snow, or pouring rain.

That’s why knowing how to drive cautiously during heavy rain is essential not only for your safety but for everyone involved. Here are a few helpful tips you should know about when driving in the rain.

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1.  Get Ready For The Road

You don’t want to blink for a second and then find yourself soaring in the air inside your vehicle, do you? To avoid such blunders, you ought to actually get prepared for the rainy road.

You have to leave all distracting thoughts behind you and focus on the road, even if your partner has recently dumped you. Trust me; the issue is not worth dying for. A clear head is essential for rides like this.

More importantly, never forget to check that your tires are properly inflated before driving on slippery roads. Such circumstances require good wheel traction and tread.

Oh, and if your winter tires are installed for the snow, it’s best to replace them with the regular ones once the snow is over since summer tires have better traction on rainy roads.

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2.  Keep a Safe Distance Between Cars

This one is pretty obvious, yet we shall remind you of its importance since it’s the cause of many accidents. Maintaining a safe distance between cars is crucial in normal circumstances, and it’s even more critical during rainy days.

Keeping a safe distance between your car and the one before you is essential as it prevents you from bumping into it in case it suddenly braked or your car slipped. It might save your life in addition to the hefty repair costs.

3.  Make Sure You Can Be Seen and Vice Versa

Playing hide and seek when driving in heavy downpours is a bad idea, especially at night. You can play that game with your kids later, but not with other vehicles in the street.

If you don’t want other drivers crashing into your vehicle, being visible is essential to avoid such accidents. That’s why turning on your headlights is crucial at all times since it reduces the risk of other drivers crashing into you.

Driving amid a rainstorm, especially at night, really limits visibility. You can make it easier and overcome such obstacles with a simple trick- activating your windshield wipers.

It’s best to test them first and check if they can wipe the water with one swipe; if that’s not the case, then you can easily replace them with better-performing ones. You can replace them yourself or stop at a repair shop and let them do all the work.

4.  Avoid Water and Other Fluids

While driving through a rainstorm, water puddles shouldn’t be the only thing you should be looking out for; you have to look out for other fluids that may ruin your drive, such as oils, antifreeze, gas, ATF, diesel..etc.

All these fluids make the road slippier, increasing the chance of your car slipping and crashing. That’s why you should always check out for sketchy puddles and slippery substances while driving.

5.  Slow Down

Whether you’re late for work or another significant event, it’s never an excuse to drive hastily, especially while it’s raining.

Driving fast makes it harder to control your car on slippery roads, as your tires can lose contact with a wet road at just a few miles per hour. Reducing speed increases the safety of you and your vehicle.

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