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There are numerous popular spots that case to have the best pizzas in the US, yet did you had any idea that Beaverton, OR is likewise a great spot to get a few significant level cuts?

13 Best Pizza Places in Beaverton, OR pin

From exemplary Italian to Greek style and in the middle between, Beaverton can satisfy everyone’s taste and wants.

We know that occasionally it is difficult to pick and, surprisingly, more assuming you are ravenous for some delectable pizza! So right away, here is a rundown of the best 13 pizza places in Beaverton, OR!

1. Society Pie

In the event that you are searching for a recognizable hand-made like flavor, Society Pie is the ideal spot for you. They join their old fashioned somewhat prepared sauce with the best 100 percent Mozzarella Cheese to make progress!

Visiting Society Pie and not having an attempt of their 18″ entire Cheese Pie isn’t a choice. You can pick from among a tremendous assortment of fixings, including meat and veggie ones, so everyone in the family is blissful.

In the event that you are not a major hull sweetheart, you can request their extraordinary more slender covering. They even have a without gluten mixture choice for the people who need it!

What’s more, Society offers some delightful house-made sides, for example, their well known Garlic Knots or their Sweet Cinnamon Knots… Believe me, you can’t miss them!

2. Maiale Rosa Wood Fired Pizzeria

Maiale Rosa pizza shop is known for joining quality food with the conventional pizza we as a whole care about. An incredible choice for those need to fulfill a desire without saying “OK” to undesirable calories.

They put a major exertion in cautiously picking the freshest natural items to guarantee you a pizza you won’t lament. Also, as though that was adequately not, they add that exceptional wood-terminated flavor that each pizza sweetheart needs.

They have conventional styles like Margherita, or on the other hand on the off chance that you are into hot food, their Salsiccia Piccante Italiana is most certainly an unquestionable requirement. They additionally have some without gluten and vegetarian choices!

On the off chance that you are arranging a major supper with your work partners or you simply need to set up a major pizza birthday celebration, Maiale Rosa offers you its popular “Pizza Palooza” for up to 150 visitors. Simply ensure you book a reservation ahead of time!

3. MOD Pizza

MOD pizza trademark is essentially “quick and great”. They guarantee to be pioneers in making a super-quick encounter where you can pick and make your pizza at your own longing. Greatest aspect? You can browse 30 distinct garnishes and the cost remains something similar!

This spots satisfies everyone’s preferences, in the event that you are hesitant you can browse one of their 10 Classic Pizzas and customize it, or you can get imaginative and begin from a clear page to make your own pie.

MOD additionally offers you different restricted time cook propelled manifestations consistently, on the off chance that you want to have a go at a novel, new thing.

There is no question MOD Pizza is a protected decision to get a decent feast on the off chance that you are in a rush; or regardless of whether you!

4. Giovanni’s Restaurant

Giovanni’s Restaurant is a neighborhood superstar; has been family worked beginning around 1975, and stays to be a foundation till now. You can’t discuss Beaverton pizzas without referencing Giovanni’s.

There could be no more excellent method for having a unique Italian-style pizza than going to a past school Italian eatery. You will cherish the recognizable climate, it is an extraordinary spot to make some pleasant memories with loved ones!

Giovanni’s Restaurant isn’t just known for its popular thick outside layer pizza, yet it is likewise very much explored for having a liberal measure of fixing in every pizza!

In the event that you end up picking this eatery, ensure you attempt their Giovanni’s Special, with salami, pepperoni, mushrooms and Italian hotdog, don’t even think about missing it!

5. Bombay Pizza and Curry

I know Indian food and pizza combination appears to be a piece hard to envision yet let me let you know that it’s an ideal blend between two universes. This spot consolidates both Indian and Italian flavors to think of an extraordinary firm pizza.

For those needing a shivering of their taste buds this is an inconceivable spot. Furthermore, in the event that you are not that much into fiery things, you can constantly go for their exemplary slim outside pizza.

Bombay offers you different pizza sizes for all longings, you can go from a little 12″ one to a 18″ extra-huge one.

I propose that you attempt their strength “Margarine Chicken” pizza. It accompanies their natively constructed curry sauce, red onion, diced tomatoes and cheddar and margarine chicken. It is totally superb!

6. Hart Road Pizza and Sports Bar

Searching for a spot to spend time with your companions, have a lager and eat marvelous pizza without your wallet getting broken? Here is the response! Hart Road Pizza and Sports Bar has everything from there, the sky is the limit.

This spot is wonderful to get a decent pizza while you watch your number one game. They have five screens and there is generally a live occasion appearing! They even have karaoke evenings on Thursday and Saturdays.

Our idea for this spot is to attempt their Hawaiian pizza, yet in the event that you feel courageous enough you ought to go for their phantom pepper stew chicken wings; it is supposed to be a profound encounter in the event that you are prepared to deal with them.

7. Decarli Restaurant

Laid out in 2007, Decarli is an aggressive café made by Jana and Paul Decarli, a couple group who alongside their expert staff, are committed to food, wine, and giving a magnificent eating experience.

For the people who have a fine sense of taste, need to partake in a rich encounter and want to attempt a significant level Italian pizza, Decarli is quite possibly of the most ideal decision around. With pizza this great you truly don’t have to overcomplicate the garnishes. Slight and fresh, keeping it basic however great.

Our idea here is to evaluate their Oven Roasted Tomato pizza, which is earnestly incredible. You can likewise attempt their less expensive wine to match your food. Basically heavenly.

8. Pietro’s Pizza

Pietro’s pizza at Beaverton brings significantly more to the table than only their extraordinary flimsy outside layer pizza. Enjoy some time off and get away from in this family-accommodating café; which includes a privateer transport for a thrilling feel.

Notwithstanding their wonderful cuts, Pietro’s Pizza party bundles can incorporate laser tag, arcade games, and little golf. Your children will clearly adore it!

Pietro’s has been around beginning around 1957, and they have found opportunity to realize what pizza sweethearts like most: quality food, sensible costs, and youngster well disposed choices.

For this situation, we propose you attempt their “Barkeep” pizza with Canadian-style bacon, meat and tomatoes. You can pick in the event that you need slim or thick outside!

9. Pizzicato Pizza

What might any rundown of the must-eat pizzas in Beaverton be without this exemplary pizza shop that presents gurgling cheddar pies?

Pizzicato Pizza has been a go-to recognize for probably the best pizza in Beaverton for north of 30 years. Pizzicato prefers to pause for a minute and let their pizza communicate everything. They cautiously pick new fixings and utilize old-school recipes to make their pies, which as of now have a few faithful fans.

Furthermore, in the event that you don’t have any idea what to attempt, you can continuously pick to go with the Chef’s choice. Appreciate with one of their spring-commendable sides, and let this delightful season dive you away to your cheerful spot.

10. Ex Novo Brewing Company

Try not to allow the name to befuddle you, albeit Ex Novo is primarily fast approaching organization, they have one of the most amazing Detroit-style pizzas in Beaverton, OR.

In the event that you are a pizza darling and you think each great pizza should be joined by a decent mix, this spot will knock your socks off.

Pizza here is known for being exceptionally thick and with heaps of hull. They have a ton of garnish choices to look over. Their “Querque Derk” is one of the most outstanding Detroit-style pizza I at any point had in my life, trust me.

Need to realize something fascinating? Ex Novo gives 100 percent of his benefits to good cause; so is a pleasant method for getting delightful pizza and make the world a superior spot!

11. Mingo

This well known café in Beaverton is the spot to go to when you need an exemplary Italian pie. It is legitimate outdated cooking zeroing in on quality fixings and conventional strategies.

All pizzas are wood-terminated and you should rest assured you will not need to request a subsequent plate, they are tremendous. Garnishes are generous and cheddar is foaming.

As Mingo’s isn’t just a pizza place however a truly decent eatery, you can partake in the basic wine to go with your pies. I guarantee you that is a triumphant blend!

12. Pizza Forte

Since moving from Brooklyn NY in 1989, the Forte family has been making pizza for loved ones on the west coast for north of 30 years.

Utilizing an Italian wood-terminated stove, they produce 10″ individual measured pies with the ideal flavor. Furthermore, the entirety of their mixture and sauces, as well as their frankfurter, are house-made involving family recipes for a true Italian taste.

They join every one of their fixings in an outdated formed manner to make a pizza you will long for long after the last cut is no more.

On the off chance that you are into meat fixings, “California” pizza is a high priority here. It has a hand crafted grill, red onion, seared chicken and a smoked Gouda cheddar on top to be the sovereign of the spot.

13. Schmizza Pub and Grub

It hits you the second you see it. This isn’t simply one more pizza place. There is an energy, a vibe, an inclination that you can’t exactly make sense of.

Schmizza doesn’t just make a solid effort to have a fantastic pie, yet they are likewise focused on the client partaking in a significant encounter. Most surveys about this pizza place discuss how great their staff is. In this way, you should rest assured that you will make some decent memories assuming you pick them.

This spot joins the exemplary pizzas we as a whole know and furthermore attempts to develop by blending various fixings. You have in excess of 40 distinct choices to look over! They additionally have sans gluten choices and veggie pies for the individuals who are not meat sweethearts.

Featuring their menu, you will see their claim to fame “Crocodile Pie”. Croc frankfurter, red peppers, onions and tomatoes on a bed of noodles with cilantro, feta cheddar and squashed red peppers. So assuming you are into having a go at a novel, new thing, you can’t botch that open door.


To summarize, Beaverton is brimming with incredible pizza shops where you can proceed to have a decent pie, however we are here to present to you the ones with the best surveys! You can pick either an overall quite quick serving place, an expounded eatery for a wonderful night or even a comfortable spot to go with your children and have a good time, regardless of what you pick, we are certain you will taste a few incredible cuts!

So feel free to evaluate one of these spots, and if it’s not too much trouble, let us in on your thought process! We couldn’t want anything more than to get your point of view however much we love pizza.

By Michael Caine

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