Best Pizza In Bay Area

If you’re hungry for a few first-rate pizza pies, we’ve were given you included with the entirety from neapolitan-style to chicago deep dish. San francisco’s food scene is the gift that maintains on giving, and you could’t name your self a local till you’ve tried every of these precise spots.

1. Tony’s pizza napoletana

this san francisco staple is one of the town’s maximum famous pizza places, helmed with the aid of 13-time international pizza champion tony gemignani. Tony’s pizza napoletana capabilities dozens of diverse pizzas in distinct styles, ranging from sicilian to traditional american to coal-fired.

 2. Flour + water pizzeria

this mouthwatering neapolitan-fashion pizza has a delicious, ethereal dough with a charred crust. Experience particular new toppings every season, consisting of sungold tomatoes and sweet ricotta.

3. Del popolo

del popolo offers fantastic neapolitan-style pizza from jon darsky of flour + water. The pizzas are scrumptious straight out of the oven of their restaurant, however they may be ordered out of a roving food truck with its own wood-fired oven on board.

4. Capo’s

deep dish lovers, have a good time! Capo’s has the first-class deep dish pizza in sf, coming from tony gemignani of tony’s pizza napoletana. Strive the house-made calabrese sausage and clean pasta mostaccioli and ravioli.

5. Square pie men

square pie men is your property for delicious detroit-fashion pizza that’s ideal for take-out or delivery. Those pizza professionals have mastered the artwork of tacky, crispy edges and exciting taste combos.

6. Zante pizza & indian delicacies

you study that proper: this indian-fashion pizza will carry dozens of thrilling new flavors for your conventional pizza palette. Their spiced dough is scrumptious with toppings together with masala sauce, cauliflower, spinach, garlic, ginger, eggplant, lamb, tandoori fowl, and lots extra.

 7. Pizzetta 211

that is a beautiful at ease date spot with equally beautiful pizzas. These 12-inch pies are topped with constantly rotating seasonal components, so that you’ll revel in a brand new chunk on every occasion you stop via. Be sure to attempt their scrumptious baked goods at the same time as you’re at it!

 8. Fiorella

fiorella focuses on thin-crusted wood-fired neapolitan pizza, in addition to other traditional italian dishes. You’ll love their classic flavors from real substances such as angelo and franco burrata, calabrian chilis, and plenty greater.

9. Golden boy

golden boy is your crucial late-night pizza. However even at some stage in waking hours, it nonetheless hits the spot with its fluffy, doughy squares to be had with the aid of the sheet or via the slice.

 10. All proper pizza

in case you’re partial to a cracker-thin slice, appearance no similarly than all properly pizza. Those brick-oven pizzas are made from domestically-sourced elements and enjoyed al fresco in a 7,000 square foot beer lawn. Come here for properly meals and properly vibes.

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