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Top Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the new fashion and newer style of preferred eyewear that the new generation is constantly buzzing for. Earlier, students and even elders used to only wear spectacles if they had some numeric power in their eyes. But with the newer technologies emerging, contact lenses have gradually and highly replaced spectacles. This way, everyone is off to purchase contact lenses if they have any essential functions or festivals. 

However, the essential thing to note here is that not all who buy contact lenses are fully aware of how contact lenses are to be specially taken care of and about the top-notch makeup tips required for people who wear contact lenses. 

Contact lenses are very delicate and require a lot of care to be in a good position. There is a wide range of tips that help you to easily take care of such lenses. Digging deep, there are different types of contact lenses. These primarily include soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses, and toric contact lenses.

Top Makeup Tips for People Who Wear Contact Lenses

However, many people may think that when you are wearing contact lenses, you cannot do makeup. However, the story is quite the other way round. There are dedicated makeup tips for people who wear contact lenses to help them look absolute beauty when they indulge in some lenses in their eyes. Here’s a sought-after list containing top makeup tips for people who wear contacts. Let’s explore them right away!

  • Wash Your Hands Before Starting

The rise of Covid-19 has definitely taught everyone to keep their hands safe and clean by frequently washing them; the same goes for wearing air optix color lenses. Since germs can be on your hands even when you don’t know about it, it’s always preferred to take a step forward and wash your hands with soap always when you are dealing with contacts. 

  • Avoid Oily Products

Contact lenses are very delicate materials and have to be taken care of really nicely. So, when you are putting in contacts, avoid using any kind of oily products. Applying creams to your skin that penetrate through your veins can enter your eyes and cause a high side effect when you put a contact lens in your eyes. Moreover, avoiding any kind of products that exhibit strong fragrances can cause irritation to your eyes when you are dealing with lenses since they can cause high irritation and lead to further damage. 

Some people even suggest that contacts should be put into your eyes once you have done your makeup. But that’s too risky since you have already got some makeup particles in your hands, and you are then putting lenses in your eyes. This can lead to certain discomfort and infections. Contacts are one of the most sensitive eyewear, so you always have to be extra careful when you get your hands on contact lenses. 

  • Proximity is Not Needed 

When you are dealing with contact lenses, you can’t be so lenient that you start using cosmetic eye products freely. Once you put contact lenses on, you must be mindful of what you apply to your face further. This indicates that you’ll have to resist the urge to apply classic black kajal into your waterline. 

Additionally, it’s also suggested that you avoid using any kind of clumpy mascara for better safety purposes. Since mascara is put on your eyelashes that constantly touch your eyes when blinked, there’s always the risk of particles entering your eyes and causing problems since lenses are there already. 

  • Don’t Miss Out on Throwing Expired Cosmetics

One of the most important makeup tips regarding contact lenses is to always throw away all expired makeup products and stick to fresh ones. Expired cosmetics serve their own dedicated risks and high infections when they can damage your skin extensively. So, it’s always better to go in the right direction and throw out all the expired makeup products. 

Usually, mascara can be used for up to two to three months, while eyeliner has a shelf life of around three months. However, eye shadow can stay in use for a long time, but it’s always better not to go beyond five months for any cosmetic product. Also, avoid sharing makeup so as to stay secure from all aspects. 

  • Switch to Daily Disposable Glasses 

It’s always preferred to choose daily disposable contact lenses as they are for use and throw purposes. So if you have to go to one of your functions immediately, then you can seamlessly choose daily disposable lenses. This makes you remain free of any kind of pressure to keep the lenses safe and clean. The daily disposable contact lenses also remain fresh for a very long time as they can only be used once. 

Also, when you constantly apply heavy makeup products with standard contact lenses that can be used for three months – your eyes can get irritated and lead to certain infections. This way, you can work things out by using a fresh and residue-free pair of lenses on a daily basis. 

  • Remove Lenses Before Makeup

One of the most important tips when it’s to lenses, is that you have to take good care even when it’s time to remove all your makeup. You can’t just be extremely carefree and start removing applied makeup products randomly. It’s always preferred to remove lenses before you start removing your entire makeup. Since makeup products are deeply filled with particles, it’s essential that your hand doesn’t contain any when you are removing the lenses from your eyes. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the sought-after makeup tips extensively for people who are into wearing contact lenses. Make sure to keep these in mind while you decide to switch to contact lenses after getting tired from spectacles. You can visit Lenskart and explore their wide range of air optix color contact lenses which offer different designs, sizes, and materials. Visit their website and order an exotic pair of contact lenses today! 

By Michael Caine

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