Horseback Riding: Knowing What You Need for It

If you’re one who is into riding horses, it’s important to ensure you have done ample amount of research and test rides in order find the perfect and most suitable horse for you. Once bought the horse, it’s also equally necessary to make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need in order to ride safe and sound. 

Getting good quality items can make for a worthy investment and provide you with the best outcome. Starting from clothes to safety gears, here are some of the things you should consider having before taking up horse riding. 


When it comes to horseback riding, you don’t purchase just any boots. Also known as paddock boots, leather boots are the most suitable and comfortable choice. These are often ankle boots with good tread and a one-inch heel. Leather boots are a well-advised option if you’re a beginner in horseback riding. 


Also known as riding pants, breeches are pants that are absent of seams alongside the inside of your leg and also have patches of materials on the inside of our knee. These pants provide you ultimate comfort and security while riding. Breeches help save the saddle. 


Although you may think riding gloves to be not so important, they truly are compulsory to own. Alongside providing your hands warmth during the cold seasons, gloves also protect your hands while gripping on the rains. Keep in mind that wearing gloves also provides you with a stronger grip which ultimately leads to a safe ride. 

Safety Vest 

While safety vests aren’t often considered to be compulsory, it is encouraged to be worn. Using a safety vest, especially if you’re a beginner in horseback riding can help protect your organs during a harsh fall. This is due to the fact that the vest absorbs some of the shock during time of impact. 


It is no doubt that a helmet is a critical piece amongst all your wearing gear. Not wearing a helmet can risk brain injuries due to accidents and falls. It is important to make sure you choose a suitable helmet to wear during your horseback riding session that is specifically made and catered to the sport. 

Saddle Bag

A saddle bag or a saddle pad not just looks fantastic on your horse, but it makes space for a proper distribution of weight when you sit on the horse. When using saddle bags horse find a sense of comfort. However, the rider also feels and equal sense of comfort due to it. They also ensure proper safety. 

Bridles andReins

Having reins in your hand allows you to guide and direct the horse without much difficulty or challenge. When it comes to bridle, ensure you have the right size that provides your horse a sense of comfort rather than pain. It is advised to make this purchase using professional help. 

Alongside the many mentioned equipment above, certain other one such as girth, grooming tools, etc. are also equally important. 

By Michael Caine

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