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Why Should We Use Washi Tapes Over A Normal Tape

The trends of the world keep on changing. Every new thing replaces the old one. From beds to cars, all old is replaced with their better version. For ages, people have been chasing a better life. So they keep making better whatever is around them.

When it comes to art enthusiasts, you can see how they are upgrading their paper, pencils, and even tapes. Talking of which we see how mundane boring tapes are devoured by the acrylic charm of washi tapes. If you want to know how these washi tapes are lucrative and more beneficial than normal tapes, keep reading the article!

What Are Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are art supplies to make your work more attractive and aesthetic but they have various uses as well. These tapes generally originate from japan. These super thin and beautiful washi tapes can make your dream work become reality.

Reasons To Why Should We Use Washi Tapes Over Normal Tapes

Following are some reasons to stop using those boring tapes and freshen up your drawers with washi tapes

  1. Paint bleeding, Not A Problem Anymore

Washi tapes are durable and waterproof. They give better working experience to artists. Not only are they beautiful, but you can also rely on them to prevent paint bleeding. So now you can paint however you want to without any worries of ruining your artwork!

  1. Clean Finishing

As washi tapes are waterproof, they give a razor-sharp finishing touch to your painting. Water can not percolate through washi tapes so draw your paintings with sharp edges and top-notch borders.

Only such a clean finish can do justice to your drawings.

  1. Less Harsh To Paper

Washi tapes are somehow less adhesive and gentle to paper than any other tape found on the market. They leave the paper without any marks and cause any damage to it. Less adhesion means less damage to papers and easy removal.

This is why one should pick washi tapes over a normal adhesive tape that can leave your paper crinkly and crumpled. 

And That’s A Wrap

If you want to have a refreshing experience with your paints then use washi tapes. No matter how many times you use them you will never get over them.

So next time when you do a drawing or create an art piece make sure to grab a washi tape for a better experience!

By Michael Caine

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