The Finest Real Estate Podcasts for New Investors in 2021

Acquiring rental homes, REITs, investment buildings, and flipping houses for a return are just a few ways to invest in property. Each specialization seems to have its combination of benefits and drawbacks, and they all own a common trait: you’ll always be as successful as your knowledge allows you to be. As a smart property investor, you’ve probably listened to several podcasts and identified a few of the finest in the business. They’re completely free, and investing 30-60 minutes on these will make you wiser.

The Remote Real Estate Investor

This Roofstock-produced podcast illustrates how remote real estate investors can analyze deals and develop a rental real estate business by spreading their money around the country. The hosts, Michael Albaum, Tom Schneider, and Emil Shour, discuss how to identify the best rental sites, deal with your property operator, and avoid frequent mistakes. For example, is it better to sell rather than buy real estate right now? Current versions include How Long Does It Take to Get to $100K in Passive Income and 3 Reasons Why You Should Walk Away from a Deal.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

On perhaps one of the most successful programs on the broadcast, new and seasoned property investors will find something to listen to. Brandon Turner & David Greene have impromptu chats with investors over a variety of topics. Two fresh episodes are 10 Powerful Teachings Academic Building a +$50 Million Rental Portfolio & Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do When Long-Distance Investing.

One Rental at a Time

The book’s author and operator of the same-named Youtube channel, Michael Zuber, documents his journey to financial freedom through property speculation while maintaining a hard W2 job. Michael’s practical financial advice, gathered from more than two decades of expertise, may help both new and seasoned investors. Broadcasting companies, wholesaling, and house hacking are among the topics discussed on this program by multiple guests.

Real Estate Today Radio

The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) produced this property investing podcast and contains fast-paced and fact-filled discussions, call-ins, and field coverage. To gain vital and dependable property market data, check in to shows like New Normal, Winning Buyer Strategies, and Mortgages 2021.

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing

Do you want to discover how estate investors, managers, and syndicators profit from their investments? Rod Khleif, the host, has bought and maintained over 2,000 residences and knows more about the ups and downs of property investment than almost anyone. Multifamily Beginner Buy 950 Units As During Epidemic, the most popular episode, has been listened to over 8 million times and includes topics perhaps from College Dropout, featuring Over 300 Gates.

Apartment Building Investing

To become independently wealthy in 3-5 years, learn how to participate in homebuilding activities. The show’s presenter, Michael Blank, is a correspondent to Bigger Pockets & REI Classroom, and his company oversees $65 million in performing multifamily buildings. To become a wise investor, learn about today’s hottest themes, such as repurposing hotels as private properties and seismic shifts.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

Joe Fairless’ podcast promises no fluff, simply the best real estate advice you’ll ever get, which he delivers in spades! Fairless is the host of the world’s longest-running regular private investment podcast and has approximately $900 million in property speculation under his command. He has also acquired over $1 million in personal financing for his debut home project.

Rental Rookie

The Rental Rookie program, hosted by Emily Du Plessis, a former 8th-grade teacher, instructs first-time landlords on how to get started with rental property and start living life on their terms. How We Replaced Our Rental Income My Teacher Salary & Sale and Purchase Assets with Renters in Location are two of the most famous episodes.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

This real estate investment podcast has been on the air for longer than most vendors have been in business. Consequently, the radio show’s podcast version, which launched in 1997, is one of iTunes’ greatest investment podcasts. These no-hype real estate investing podcasts include topics like Market Manipulation: How to Profit Now with Real Estate & the Risks and Possibilities of Rising Real Estate Prices, to name a few.

Think Realty Radio

This podcast, developed for property investors seeking the most up-to-date information and advancements, continually presents hard-hitting estate investing ideas and tactics to sophisticated viewers in a straight-talking style. The Debt vs. Equity Debate, Thinking Multifamily, Build It, and Renters Will Come are popular programs.


People are listening to podcasts in increasing quantities than before for inspiration and support. While caught in traffic, exercising, or just relaxing at home, listening to real estate investing podcasts can help you enhance your real estate investment abilities. While numerous podcasts focused on real estate investors, the two we’ve selected are among the best.

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