Food Storage Hygiene Steps for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

There are a lot of aspects and duties you must consider if you run any food-related business. As a manager or owner, you will have many things to look for in your food business. You would be responsible for all the revenue, income, expenses, and restaurant reputation. One of the most crucial factors of a restaurant is none other than the food quality. Customers prefer the quality and taste of food whenever they go out dining. No one would visit your restaurant or buy products from you if the taste is not delicious or the hygiene is compromised. That is why you will need to consider the quality of the food and the environment of your place.

One of the most integral factors in food quality is hygiene. Placing your food inside the commercial fridges uk or any other country is not enough to ensure the quality of the food. If you do not consider hygiene, there will be more chances of food spoilage. When storage is not appropriate, the number of bacteria will grow speedily. Remember that hygiene is a legal requirement for the food business. You can try many ways to improve the hygiene routine in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Providing your food with a hygienic storage environment will increase its shelf life. It is a must to store your food in such ways that will minimize the growth of bacteria in your food. Below are some food storage hygiene steps for restaurant and commercial kitchens.

Clean the food for minimal bacteria:    

The first step of food storage hygiene is ensuring the food is clean. If you have any raw food, you must wash it under tap water. Raw meat, vegetables, and fruits are necessary to clean under water. Know that washing them will remove bacteria or germs on the food items. Make sure you do not wash raw potatoes or onions.

Have a hygienic appliance to store the food:    

We all know that an electric appliance is a must-have for food storage. You will need a refrigerator or freezer to store your food for days or months. Make sure that the storage equipment you choose is clean. It is essential to wash commercial appliances with warm soapy water every week.

Consider the cleanliness of equipment:    

Your food will come in contact with different equipment in the kitchen, including surfaces. Any surface that will come in contact with your food can affect its quality. You must clean every tool and surface inside your kitchen. You can clean trays, racks, shelves, cutlery, and countertops.

Personal hygiene matters a lot:    

Many people often overlook personal hygiene. It is a must for your employees to shower daily and cover their hands and hair. Your employees should wear a mask over their mouths to reduce the chances of germs. All these measures will keep your food safe.

Cross-contamination can happen:    

Overlooking cross-contamination will only make matters worse. Do not forget that there are many things you should not place next to each other. Make sure your staff knows which items can cause cross-contamination. Many food items can spoil due to flavor, chemicals, odor, and ingredients from other food items.

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