Airdrop 2022 for Antarctic tokens generates a great deal of interest

ALO Global’s project, the Antarctic Token (AAL) aims to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to accelerate the creation of green initiatives. And programs through the Antarctic (AAL) Foundation (environmental protection, development of renewable energy and adoption of carbon-neutral devices, financing and support for eco-sustainable start-ups, etc.).

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts or by accepting pre-startup projects from third parties, The Antarctic (AAL) Foundation plans to achieve its objectives.

Those initiatives that develop novel business models and improve quality of life while reducing environmental impact will be considered.

On September 15, the Antarctic token airdrop will take place, a highly anticipated event in the cryptocurrency market

Investors will be able to purchase the Antarctic token (AAL) at a discount during the airdrop as well as later in the pre-sale and the two sale stages. The Antarctic token (AAL) will have a price of 0.1 USDT.

The Antarctic token is run by the Global Project of the Antarctic Lands Organization (ALO). The six principalities that petitioned the UN in 2007 with claims relating to the Antarctic Lands form this group. The Antarctic Foundation was established by the law firm Caporaso & Partners on behalf of ALO and is formally registered there. The Foundation will have control over the introduction of the AAL token.

The mission of the Antarctic Foundation is to support environmental initiatives that safeguard the Antarctic ecosystem. Additionally, it will fund business owners who propose environmentally responsible plans that can be carried out in Antarctica.

By using blockchain technology, the ALO has decided to secure a contemporary, decentralized, transparent, open, global currency resistant to censorship and manipulation by centralized financial institutions and promote the ANTARCTIC token (AAL), a non-inflationary token.

Free Antarctic Tokens 

AAL tokens, which use the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain and are BEP20-type tokens, will be produced in an aggregate amount of 250 million. The decentralized marketplace Pancakeswap will be used for buying and selling AAL tokens in USDT. 1% of the initial offering, or 100 AAL, will be distributed as a free allocation to each airdrop participant.

After that, there will be a four-month pre-sale period for the AAL token. Investors must make a minimum investment of 5,000 USDT during this phase. The significant benefit for interested parties is that they can purchase these tokens for 0.05 USDT, or 50% off the initial price.

Following the conclusion of this phase, the first sales stage—during which there is no set minimum investment requirement—will start. AAL tokens will be 30% cheaper for investors to buy (at 0.07 USDT). One month will pass during this phase.

Investors will then be able to purchase tokens at a preferential price in the second stage with a 15% discount (0.085 USDT), with a maximum term of one month.

The Antarctic AAL token is a cryptocurrency designed to connect startups in the energy, environmental, and fintech sectors. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to acquire a percentage of AAL in the next airdrop. Be the first to know about the first issuance at an advantageous price by following the Antarctic token (AAL).

By Michael Caine

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