Rae Lil Black Parents Murdered by the Yakuza

Rae Lil Black witnessed her parents being brutally killed by members of the Yakuza, a Japanese criminal gang. At just eight years old she saw their bodies crumpled beneath a car before being raised by unknown foster parents until eventually being adopted into another family by unknown individuals who remain nameless and anonymous.

After moving to the United States and studying at Pepperdine University, she became popular on YouTube and Twitch streaming platforms – soon becoming a YouTuber and Twitcher with over 43,000 subscribers – as well as acting for adult websites and photoshoots.


Rae Lil Black is an internet celebrity and model with a huge following on YouTube, as well as doing frequent live streaming events and selling her own merchandise. She enjoys heavy metal music as well as wrestling – something she shows through with tattoos on her body as well as holding a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University.

At eight years old, : Rae Lil black parents murdered by members of Japan’s criminal organization known as Yakuza. Witnessing their deaths traumatized her. After this event she was adopted by an American couple and brought up in Las Vegas.

Now residing in California, she makes her living as a social media personality and model with an estimated net worth of $300,000. She enjoys playing video games, having her own Twitch account where videos feature both gaming and lifestyle in different locations; additionally she maintains an Instagram page where she regularly shares posts of both photos and videos of herself playing video games.

Adoptive parents

Rae Lil Black witnessed her parents being brutally murdered by members of Japan’s Yakuza criminal organization and was deeply traumatized. Though initially she remained mute for some time after witnessing their deaths, eventually she moved forward by attending school hard and eventually being adopted by an American couple in Las Vegas, Nevada who provided her with great care and education – she is now well known social media personality with a huge following on Instagram.

She is also a talented YouTuber, posting gaming and daily life videos to her channel. Her curvier figure and natural hourglass shape attract many followers to her online content.

Her most recent projects include pornography and photoshoots. She is best known for appearing on Fine Brothers Entertainment series Teens Rect. In her free time, she enjoys video gaming and modeling; her net worth stands at $300,000. She lives with her adopted parents in Las Vegas.

Age at the time of death

Rae Lil Black was only eight when her parents were murdered in Japan and witnessed it first-hand, leaving her traumatized by what happened. For several years after this traumatic incident she kept quiet but eventually began posting sex tapes online and became famous social media personalities with over 1 Million Instagram Followers, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers and YouTube Subscribers.

At eight years old, her biological parents were murdered by the Yakuza, a Japanese organized-crime group. As a result, she was left to raise herself on her own. After this tragic event took place she moved from Osaka Japan to Las Vegas Nevada and eventually attended Pepperdine University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree. Now popular on YouTube and TikTok she even featured in one of Fine Brothers React videos to react to an Attack on Titan episode!

Cause of death

Rae Lil black, an acclaimed Twitch streamer and social media personality, experienced immense trauma following her parents’ murder at eight years old by Japanese organized-crime group Yakuza. Although initially unreachable for months afterward, eventually Rae eventually moved on from this loss to study law at university.

Daichi Tama Matsuzawa and Ai Den Matsuzawa were her biological parents; after both died unexpectedly she was adopted and moved with foster parents to Las Vegas, receiving top-of-the-line medical treatment and ultimately graduating from Pepperdine University with her Bachelors.

Now, she has established herself in the entertainment industry with an established career and YouTube channel full of gaming and simulation videos. Additionally, she writes articles for adult blogs as well as doing photoshoots. Currently dating Michael who she finds very fulfilling; they plan on getting married soon.

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