Why Wear Halloween Contact Lenses This Year?

Halloween is nothing new; it’s been happening for years now. The customs and traditions associated with it are pretty old as well. Aren’t you all fed up with the same old boring Halloween makeup and looks everywhere. Not sure about you, but I am definitely done with the standard looks. This year I invite you all to do something crazy and thrilling with me. But how are we gonna do it? Do you have any ideas? Suggest them to me, and we’ll see how many of them we can adopt. But, till then, let’s go with my idea, which as we all should wear Halloween contact lenses this Halloween.

What’s the big deal about Halloween contact lenses?

Are you wondering what Halloween contact lenses are or what’s the big deal about them? Well, let me make it simpler for you all. Halloween contact lenses are coloured contact lenses, just like any other cosmetic lenses. They come in many colours, for instance, red, blue, orange, purple, white and green. But that’s not where the list ends; you’ll also discover some other amazing shades, colours, and types, such as blood-red contact lenses, blackout contact lenses, vampire contact lenses, blind contact lenses, and so much more. And the best part of all these lenses is that they are super comfortable, soft and gentle. They will let you feel comfortable throughout the day, especially the eight important hours of Halloween eve.

Why wear Halloween contact lenses?

I recommend you to wear Halloween contact lenses this year because they are game-changers. They can literally turn upside down and make your Halloween eve so much more memorable. First of all, you’ll feel great about yourself, your confidence will increase, and of course, you will enjoy people praising you for your looks. But is that all? Is that the only purpose of wearing Halloween contact lenses? Well, that will be a waste of money if you are only wearing lenses to get a few compliments. There is so much more for you to do. For instance, having fun! Yes, fun, thrill, enjoyment and pranks should be the ultimate goal of wearing Halloween contact lenses and this specific occasion. But how can you do it all? Let us see that now.

What’s the fun part?

No doubt almost everyone here is looking for the fun angle of wearing Halloween contact lenses. And all we can see is pranking and scaring the sh*t out of people is the best part ever. How about you get all dressed up as a ghost and hide somewhere behind the door? What you have to do next is wait for your target! Jump on someone from the backside while they are least expecting it! Make sure your face is hidden, and you are wearing dark green, red or orange coloured Halloween contact lenses.


As fun as it may sound, it can be a little risky as well. After all, it’s the night of ghosts and wizards. So, people are going to think you are real, but only if you dress well and wear Halloween contact lenses. But is that safe? I’ll say no because the chances of a person freaking out are almost 60%, 2% might even faint. And the rest are going to slap you! So be prepared for any situation. But anyway, if you want to have fun and make some memories, these small things should not let you stop. However, you should do this prank on some friends because they might forget you and you can make fun of them all life-long. But if you do it on your parents, an older person or a child- the chances of forgiveness are almost zero%. They are literally going to make you regret your decision.

Which colour to wear- when and how?

Now comes the real question, which is what coloured contact lenses to wear when and how? The debate would get very long if we discussed each and every colour in detail. But let’s categorise and generalise the colours. Let one group be spooky colours, and the other be earthy tones.

The spooky shades

So, if you are the hyped-up individual who always likes to go overboard with everything, then the spooky colours are ideal for you. And by spooky colours, we mean red, orange, yellow, purple and so on. These are the shades that hardly anyone else is going to be wearing. So, whatever costume you decide to wear with them, you’ll undoubtedly rock it. But ensure that you get into a complete character with these coloured contact lenses- the makeup, dress, hair, nails; everything needs to be on point. Also, it’s best to take hints and inspirations from an already existing character to ace the look unless your brain works as an artist.

The earthy tones

For the group, two- earthy tones are ideas. It’s mostly for people who prefer strolling in the street or having dinners and barbecues at their home on Halloween eve. You all can wear brown, blue, black and even white lenses to enjoy Halloween’s spooky touch while staying in your comfort zone.

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