Selection of Weight in Weightlifting Program

To some this question is complex, to others it is simple. The fact of the matter is that this question is not only subjective (to some extent), but also needs to be frequently revised based on every person’s regiment. This is where fitness gyms with Weight lifting Programs and centers play a vital role.

Like any approach to any and every method of training, you need to start with basic structures. Three basic structures are the Bulgarian StyleVarying Maximalplanned progressmix

  1. Bulgarian Style: Many have a fairly rough idea as to what this exactly is, in this fundamental approach a person simply aims to lift maximal singles in lifts and squats, daily. Occasionally some doubles in the squat sets, the second set can be a back-off set (BOS) after the single one. All you need is to figure out the correct volume and frequency as per goals and max ability.
  1. Varying Maximal: this approach is simply like the Bulgarian in terms of ‘maxing it out, but unlike the Bulgarian style as it incorporates necessary BOS, planned BOS, and/or surprise BOS. It uses multiple exercises with varying repetitions whereas the Bulgarian only uses the singles in squats and lifts.
  1. Planned Progress: Otherwise known as the traditional approach to weightlifting, the athlete prescribes intensities, repetitions, and sets that set on producing the desired results. This can also be done by way of not assigning weights beforehand, rather select the weight according to the ‘feel’ of the athlete or as per the coach Personal training coach in the USA. Both sub-approaches have the same outcome: progression over a specified period of time. This is usually done as the lifter is not familiar with his or her maxes.
  1. Mix: However since aforementioned, these approaches are subjective to every individual based on their goal(s), physique, time allocated for the gym, you can choose an amalgamation of pieces of these above approaches to create something that suits you!


Which approach to adopt in where many find difficulties.

  1. Bulgarian:
  • Experienced Lifter with consistency in their technique and,
  • Reliable judgment as to pushing or stopping
  • If you have a very reliable coach on-site Certified coach in the USA
  1.  Varying Maximal:
  • Weightlifters who can handle high volume and intensity
  • Reliable Judgement as to pushing or stopping
  • Lifters that respond better to repetitions rather than singles with max weight
  • If you have a very reliable coach on-site Certified coach in the USA
  1. Planned Progression:
  • Weightlifters with competitions scheduled
  • Advanced judgment as to pushing or stopping
  • Cannot handle Varying Maximal approach
  • Lifters who do not have a coach to monitor the weight for respective exercises and the technique of the lifter

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By Michael Caine

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