Best Pizza In Arizona

It is justifiable if the words “Arizona” and “pizza” don’t normally join together. The Grand Canyon state is known for some things — transcending saguaro desert plant, 110-degree mid year days, and Mexican food top picks like chimichangas and margaritas, to give some examples.

However, extraordinary pizza? Shockingly, yes. With downtown Phoenix’s well known Pizzeria Bianco driving the way, Arizona’s pizza scene is sizzling hot.

Throughout the course of recent many years, Pizzeria Bianco has been commended by VIPs going from Oprah Winfrey to Rachael Ray. What’s more, in 2003, its pioneer Chris Bianco procured a James Beard Best Chef in the Southwest Award. Right up ’til now, long queues of coffee shops structure beyond Pizzeria Bianco for an opportunity to look at the culinary peculiarity.

In spite of the fact that Pizzeria Bianco is the most unmistakable, it is a long way from the main well known pizza objective in Arizona. On my movements around the state, I have additionally run over superb pizza shops in more modest towns like Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Prescott, Globe, and Williams.

Supposedly, there is definitely not an assigned pizza trail in Arizona, yet I’m here to say, there ought to be! The following are seven of my number one spots to attempt extraordinary pizza in Arizona.

1. Pizza joint Bianco, Phoenix

A visit to Phoenix’s most popular pizza shop had been on my rundown for a really long time, yet a blend of variables (generally lengthy lines) had held me back from visiting. This year, I concluded that Pizzeria Bianco would be an ideal birthday treat, and on a bright evening in February, my sister and I went to, still up in the air to stand by as long as it took.

It worked out that mid-evening on a work day was an ideal chance to visit, and we scored an inside table with only a short stand by. The pizza satisfied everyone’s expectations, including a light and fresh hull that was burned a piece around the edges and finished off with magnificently tasty cheddar, meat, and veggie blends.

I requested Bianco’s well known Rosa pizza, which comes finished off with hacked Arizona pistachios, new rosemary, and red onions. It could seem like an improbable combo, however trust me, it makes for a superb explosion of flavors. My sister likewise went on and on about her decision of the Wise Guy pizza, finished off with wood-cooked onion, house-smoked mozzarella, and fennel hotdog. (Plan to have a lot of pizza to bring back home; the pies are tremendous.)

Supplementing the eminent menu is Pizzeria Bianco’s natural environment set off by uncovered block facades and an enormous wood-terminated broiler behind the counter. The eatery is situated in Phoenix’s memorable Heritage Square and has a lovely deck lined by verdant trees and string lights.

Star Tip: There are different choices in the Valley of the Sun for attempting the popular pizza in the event that you can’t get to the midtown area. I have likewise feasted at the Pizzeria Bianco Town and Country, situated at twentieth and Camelback, not a long way from Scottsdale. It is a beautiful spot, and the menu is comparative. Or on the other hand, for focaccia sandwiches and mixed greens in a relaxed environment, look at Pane Bianco. A more upscale choice is accessible simply a mile from the midtown pizza joint at Tratto.

2. Pizza joint Bocce, Cottonwood

For one more cool setting with a tomfoolery buzz, go to Pizzeria Bocce, situated in the humble community of Cottonwood, around 100 miles north of Phoenix.

Sitting in the core of the local area’s energetic Old Town, Pizzeria Bocce is known for its superb pizza and mixed greens, yet additionally for its indoor/open air bar and snazzy porch highlighting a huge fire pit lined by happy with seating. It is an ideal spot to while away a warm summer evening or a cool winter evening.

Bocce’s menu is broad, and all that I’ve attempted has been new and delectable. For a starter, attempt the Guaca Bocce, an Italian curve on guacamole presented with pizza chips; or the Fork and Knife Caesar salad made with romaine, crostini, and parmigiana, all prepared in a lemon Caesar dressing. Pizzas range from the exemplary margherita with pureed tomatoes, hand-extended mozzarella, and olive oil to the meat pie that highlights Italian frankfurter, pepperoni, prosciutto, sopressata (salami), and mozzarella.

Ace Tip: Normally, I would have included Grapes — a close by café that is under a similar proprietorship as Pizzeria Bocce — on my rundown of top picks. However, the curious restaurant in the noteworthy mountainside mining town of Jerome was shut for redesigns in mid 2022. At the point when it returns, Grapes is certainly worth a visit — both for its wood-terminated pizza and wanton pasta dishes.

3. Rosa’s Pizzeria, Prescott

Red-and white-checkered tables, an energetic environment, and valid Sicilian-style pizza anticipate at Rosa’s Pizzeria, a long-lasting #1 in Prescott’s notable midtown.

Rosa has its beginning over 10 years prior with New Yorkers Domenic and Rosa Anzelmo, who visited Arizona, went gaga for the state, and chose to move their family to Phoenix. They wound up in Prescott, situated about 90 minutes northwest of Phoenix, and opened the Sicilian-style pizza shop in light of their 25 years of involvement with the New York café business. The eatery has since changed hands, however the recipes continue as before.

There are numerous pizza, pasta, and fish dishes to cherish at Rosa’s, however one of my top picks is the Grandma’s pizza, a rectangular creation finished off with mozzarella, simmered garlic, stout pomodoro sauce, and basil. Other famous decisions incorporate the Godfather pizza with pepperoni, hotdog, meatballs, ham, mushrooms, cooked peppers, and onions; and the eggplant pizza presented with ricotta, mozzarella, cuts of breaded eggplant, and new basil.

4. Pizzicletta, Flagstaff

Another objective commendable pizza shop can be tracked down in memorable midtown Flagstaff, not a long way from the mountain town’s popular stretch of Route 66.

There, in a white-washed block fabricating that once filled in as a business clothing, Pizzicletta turns out a constant flow of scrumptious pizzas, with fresh coverings rankled by the steaming hot wood-terminated broiler.

In the event that you’re particularly ravenous, begin with a request for delicate rosemary focaccia and warm olives, and afterward continue on toward Pizzicletta’s imaginative pizza decisions, for example, the Rucola presented with arugula, olive oil, and parmigiano reggiano; or the Amore oi Mari finished off with mascarpone, pecorino, prosciutto, arugula, and lemon olive oil. I cherished the straightforwardness of the margherita pizza with pureed tomatoes, house mozzarella, basil, and olive oil.

Genius Tip: Pizzicletta’s name is a play off pizza and bicicletta, Italian for bike. The pizza joint offers a structure with the Flag Bike Revolution shop, where you can look for a scope of trail blazing bicycles, street bicycles, and e-bicycles.

5. Bill’s Pizza, Prescott

Arranged right on Prescott’s beautiful Courthouse Plaza, Bill’s Pizza has for some time been a staple in the notable midtown.

With an easygoing climate that incorporates a counter for to-go requests, alongside tables for plunk down help, Bill’s is similarly famous with the supper swarm searching for a formal dinner with wine, and with the lunch swarm out for a speedy cut and salad. As far as I might be concerned, a can’t-miss combo comprises of a cut of Bill’s Elton John pizza (garlic-mixed olive oil, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, spinach, red onions, feta, and a four-cheddar mix), and a little feta, cranberry, and almond salad.

Bill’s likewise includes a scope of substantial specialty pizzas, similar to the Charlie Sheen (red sauce, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, chorizo, meatballs, and asiago cheddar), and the Whiskey Row (red sauce, pepperoni, Sicilian wiener, mushrooms, extra-simmered garlic, red onions, and new basil).

Star Tip: One of the charms of Bill’s is that its enormous customer facing facade windows gaze straight out onto the Yavapai County Courthouse, where various celebrations and get-togethers happen consistently, including Prescott’s renowned Christmas City Courthouse Lighting.

6. Bravo Americano Moderno, Globe

Fully intent on accomplishing “American dream food,” Bravo Americano Moderno in the southeast Arizona town of Globe joins an assortment of exemplary cooking procedures to put a cutting edge turn on its dishes.

The menu incorporates all that from fried fish and French fries to chicken fettuccine alfredo to hoagie sandwiches. However, as far as I might be concerned, the champion was the wood-terminated pizza, which comes presented with a well burned covering bested liberally with quality fixings. For something imaginative, attempt the Artichoke Wow, a pie finished off with garlic cream sauce, prosciutto cotto, artichoke hearts, new tomatoes, and new mozzarella.

Ace Tip: Bordering Globe’s Broad Street, Bravo’s open air deck is a superb spot to absorb the perspectives on the notable mining town.

7. Station 66 Italian Bistro, Williams

For an opportunity to watch out onto maybe Arizona’s most famous street, the Station 66 Italian Bistro in Williams is difficult to beat. The beguiling bistro sits along Historic Route 66 and is solidly in the center of the exemplary Americana that is downtown Williams.

Station 66 has an in-house bar, where clients put in their requests from the wide choice of exemplary pasta dishes, messy bread, and wood-terminated pizza. Attempt the Funghi pizza finished off with wild mushroom ragu, thyme-injected olive oil, and goat cheddar, or The Hog with mozzarella, pepperoni, Italian wiener, and ham.

Alongside its area along Route 66, Williams is otherwise called a door town to the Grand Canyon National Park, and the bistro makes an ideal stop previously or in the wake of investigating Arizona’s normal marvel of the world.

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