Zoomee – The FinTech Trailblazer

Saman Kazmi, an intern marketing in FinTech industry, has an expansive knowledge of FinTech. As part of Generation Z – which follows in the footsteps of Millennials but predates Generation Alpha – her knowledge continues to expand day by day.

Zoomers tend to be laid-back and community-minded; yet, they possess an active, fast-paced personality with an authentic uniqueness.


Zoomee is an innovator in the world of digital communication, revolutionizing personal relationships with its cutting-edge features. Zoomee brings together video chatting, status updates and group messaging into one intuitive app with multifaceted functionality for both personal and professional collaborations.

Zoomee’s versatility enables users to remain connected regardless of which device they prefer, with cross-device compatibility enabling seamless conversations from starting on one device and continuing seamlessly on another device. Furthermore, Zoomee offers real-time feedback during workouts by adapting them specifically to each user’s abilities and fitness levels.

Zoomee app also contains productivity and collaboration tools such as screen sharing and document management that are especially helpful in virtual meetings and online education, increasing productivity and efficiency. Users can record conversations for later review and ensure no vital details are missed out. In addition, its government notice update feature automatically uploads receipt files from cloud storage into INSZoom to update foreign national data as well as case statuses.


Zoomee is an advanced fitness and communication platform, employing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), motion tracking (MT), and highly flexible support for multiple devices – perfect for busy users on the move! Zoomee provides a holistic experience suitable for fitness training as well as communication among participants in group classes or workouts.

This platform transforms how people connect, offering high-definition video and audio for an engaging experience. With productivity tools and file sharing capabilities that enhance collaboration and productivity, making it ideal for professional meetings or online education courses. Users also have access to record their meetings or sessions for later viewing if they cannot attend in person.

Requires a compatible mobile device and stable internet connectivity; must be capable of uploading files using SFTp to customer cloud drives; must perform daily upload checks according to customer-agreed schedule; daily summary/transaction report delivery to customers as well as knowing when Zoomee will check for documents/notices to upload via SFTp; daily report delivery via Zoomee to customers with summary and transactions reports available as well as understanding when Zoomee will check for new files/notices to upload through SFTP/SFTP; delivers daily summaries/transaction reports as well as daily transaction reports that summarize/notices arrive for upload via SFTTP/SFTP to be uploaded by Zoomee and ensures reliability on its part, while providing reports as per agreed agreed schedule, along with an understanding as to when Zoomee will check for documents/notices that need uploads will provide daily summary/transaction reports delivery as well as general understanding as to when Zoomee will check for new documents/notices to upload via SFTTP/SFTP etc.


Zoom offers one of the most cost-effective alternatives to traditional landline phone systems, thanks to its cloud servers which deliver reliable connections with high call quality, compatible across PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices and offering the Bring Your Own Carrier option allowing businesses to use whichever provider works best for them.

Zoomee reads receipt notices and updates INSZoom with relevant data such as foreign national status and case status, while also uploading documents directly into INSZoom’s Documents menu at case level.

This feature helps reduce manual rework by updating foreign national and case status in INSZoom, eliminating duplicate records created within it and improving data integrity through reduced manual input re-work and improving processing times by eliminating the need to reread documents.

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