Your Portugal Golden Visa is a Few Procedural Steps Away

Portugal Remains a Favorite Among Investors

With an expansive selection of investment options in various projects in Portugal, the Portugal Golden Visa offers travel freedom, tax benefits, and family security for those seeking second citizenship and a home with a resort lifestyle.

Portugal is a glowing example of success due to its economic growth and declining crime rate. It makes an excellent real estate investment with competitive returns. People select this prosperous country to obtain citizenship by investment to enhance their lifestyles and possibilities or for retirement in the future in its Mediterranean climate and economic healthcare.

After around four months, the Golden Visa program provides EU Residency Cards, which allow visa-free travel within the Schengen area and to 185 countries upon acquiring citizenship after five years. It is the best alternative for non-European citizens seeking freedom, security, and investment in a politically and economically stable nation.

Step-by-step Breakdown of How to Apply for a Portugal Golden Visa

Huriya Private’s in-depth understanding of providing customized support in strategic management and private advisory services to international clients from global markets makes us Golden Visa application experts. Check out the steps below for an insight into the process.

Step one: consider all the investment options to find your ideal one. Investments in real estate remain a favored choice with investors. You sign a retainer agreement enabling Huriya Private to proceed as your advisor in the application, due diligence, and legal processes.

Step two: you arrange all required documents with our advisors’ help. These are documents for the primary applicant and dependents, if any. Then, visit the Portuguese embassy to attest the necessary list of documents.

Step three: since you have settled on an investment option, you can transfer the investment amount and fees to an authorized Escrow account.

Step four: on being notified of your appointment date, you and your family or dependents applying with you must travel to Portugal to undertake the required biometrics. Submitting the permanent residence application and supporting documentation will make your application official.

Temporary residency is issued roughly within four months of your property purchase. The Golden Visa residence card you will receive is valid for two years. So you must send applications for renewal every two years, and you will be able to apply for full Portuguese citizenship after the fifth year. Once this application is approved, you will become a Portuguese citizen within three to six months.

Costs In Addition to Your Primary Qualifying Investment

Apart from your investments in Portugal, there are certain additional costs in government fees you are required to bear in a completely transparent payment process.

  • A €533 processing fee for each family member included in the application
  • A €5,325 Golden Visa issue fee for each family member
  • A €2,663 residence permit annual renewal fee per family member for each renewal
  • Variable translation fee, legalization fee (Apostille Stamp), or payment for the issuance of documents

About Huriya Private

Huriya Private is an independent, international, award-winning private equity, immigration, multi-family office, and corporate structuring firm headquartered in Dubai. We have a global network of contacts and offices in UAE, Switzerland, Qatar, Cyprus, and Albania. Our specialists have experience spreading over decades in delivering professional financial services and appreciate the needs of high-net-worth individuals and families.

In this intricate and variable world of business, finance, and investment, we assist high-net-worth people to protect, maintain and enhance their private wealth, having advised some of the most affluent people of GCC.

We stand committed to streamlining the process and helping you throughout your Portugal Golden Visa application journey. Reach us here for a confidential conversation to discuss your requirements.

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