Why Men Give Flowers to Women and Some Historical Facts About Flowers

In ancient times, Greeks considered flowers a divine offering. Flower have their history since ages. It remains as a source of communication for humans at all times. According to researchers, gifting flowers is an age-old tradition and has been considered an important part of our culture since the middle ages. Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians have used flowers as a way of communication in their stories. 

The importance of flowers increased to three fold during the mid-1700s at the time when English and French people visited turkey. They learned a new language of communication which was called floriography. According to this language, every flower has its meaning and symbolises something. Victorian culture has created the meaning of each flower which is still prevailing. 

During Victorian times people were very less expressive about their emotions and feelings, thus they used this floral language to express their sentiments and emotions. Every flower received or given had a separate meaning. So the choice of a flower for each occasion was done very carefully and according to its meaning. 

So this culture of offering flowers to all those whom we love has been transcending since the Victorian era, and it still has importance. 

Flowers are enough to brighten someone’s day and make them smile. Happiness is totally synonymous with flowers. Having a bad day at work can really make a person restless, but receiving flowers after that can be really therapeutic and can make them smile even in adversity. Flowers have a secret language that doesn’t need words, yet it connects directly with the heart. 

Flowers are the language of love. Not just love but all the other feelings associated with it. So when it comes to the expression of love, flowers come to the rescue. 

We have encountered many times that men give flowers to women. But we never thought why. Let me tell you the reasons why men choose flowers for women. 

To appear decent-

Creating a decent impression on a woman is not and was never easier for men. To create an impression of a decent guy and not appear rude, flowers become the best friend of a man. Whether it’s a first date or meeting someone for marriage, a decent guy always carries flowers for the lady. 

To show love-

Men are very expressive. They find it harder to express what they feel for the women they want in their life. Because flowers speak the language of love better than words, so choosing flowers on their date or when it comes to proposing to their lady love, they never forget to bring flowers. It’s a great feeling for the lady to also receive fresh flowers from the man she loves. When it comes to celebrating a love milestone, anniversary flowers are the centre of attraction. 

To make her smile-

When a man truly loves a woman, he always wants her to be happy and smiling. But life is unpredictable, and there are days when it sucks. On such bad days when it is hard for anyone to smile, getting flowers for her lady love just to make her smile is an amazing gesture. You can even send flowers to Mumbai via online delivery service to your lady to brighten up her day. 

To make her feel special-

Every man tries to make his lady love feel special about herself. Giving her flowers on her birthday, anniversary, success, valentine’s day or maybe just random days can really make the woman feel elated. Fresh and colourful flowers enlighten the mood and spread positivity around. The best part is to receive flowers from him who loves her the most. It is more special for a woman, even if it is just a single flower. 

So choosing flowers to woo the lady love of his life is the least a man can do. To show interest, express gratitude, appreciate and all other feelings that are often left unsaid can be best expressed through flowers. I hope you liked and found the article helpful. 

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