Why I Switched to a Mechanical Keyboard

I made the switch to a mechanical keyboard recently and I could not be happier. I had heard so much about them, but I was hesitant to make the investment. After finally taking the plunge, I have realized that the mechanical keyboard is totally worth it.

A Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses individual switches underneath each key to register key presses. This creates a much more tactile and responsive feel than a traditional membrane keyboard. In this blog post, I will explain why I decided to switch to a mechanical keyboard and why I believe it is worth the investment.

Switching to a mechanical keyboard was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only is typing on a mechanical keyboard incredibly satisfying, but it also has a range of benefits that I never expected. From providing more accurate keystrokes, to having more customization options, there are so many reasons to switch to a mechanical keyboard. While they are initially more expensive than regular keyboards, the investment is definitely worth it in the long run. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, an avid typist, or simply someone looking for a better typing experience, switching to a mechanical keyboard will not disappoint!

The better typing experience

When it comes to typing, mechanical keyboards offer a much better experience than the standard rubber-dome keyboard. For starters, mechanical switches are designed to provide an even actuation force across the entire keystroke, which means that you don’t need to press down as hard to get your keys to register. This makes typing more comfortable and precise, and it reduces fatigue from typing for extended periods of time.

The tactile feedback from a Mechanical keyboard is also much better. When you press a key, the switch underneath will give off a distinct click or bump, which gives you confirmation that the key has been registered. This makes it easier to identify which key you pressed without having to look at the keyboard.

Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is that they’re much more durable than rubber-dome keyboards. This means they’ll last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often. In addition, they’re also better able to handle heavy use and gaming sessions. So if you’re a frequent typist or gamer, you can rest assured that your mechanical keyboard will hold up to the rigors of your daily life.


One of the great things about mechanical keyboards is their customizability. Most models come with a variety of switches and keycaps that you can choose from to create the perfect keyboard for your needs. With a few tools, you can also replace or change the switches and keycaps yourself if you want to experiment or upgrade.

You can also find different keyboard layouts and shapes to fit your specific needs. The customizability of mechanical keyboards allows you to create a truly unique setup that fits your personal style and preferences. This way, no two mechanical keyboards will ever be alike.

Additionally, you can customize your typing experience by adjusting the actuation force, actuation point, switch type, and other settings on your keyboard. This makes it easier to type accurately at high speeds without having to re-adjust every time you switch tasks or games. With the increased customization options, you can also tweak your typing experience and adjust the settings to match your own unique typing style.

Some people prefer a lighter actuation force for better speed and accuracy, while others prefer more resistance for added control. It all depends on what feels best for you. With a mechanical keyboard, you can find the perfect combination of features and settings that will help you get the most out of your typing experience.

The sound

One of the best features of a mechanical keyboard is the sound. If you’ve ever used a mechanical keyboard, you know that it can produce a satisfyingly loud and satisfying “clicky” sound when typing.

This sound isn’t just pleasing to the ears; it can also help you type faster and more accurately. When typing on a mechanical keyboard, the tactile feedback from each keystroke helps you quickly identify mistakes, giving you time to correct them before they become a problem.

The sound of a mechanical keyboard also has a distinct feel that some people prefer over traditional keyboards. For instance, some people find it easier to type with a mechanical keyboard because the audible feedback makes it easier to keep track of the flow of their typing. Additionally, hearing the clicks and clacks of your mechanical keyboard can be quite calming and therapeutic.

Finally, if you are working in an environment with many people, a mechanical keyboard may be the best choice. Since the sound of a mechanical keyboard is significantly louder than other keyboards, it will be heard less by those around you, allowing everyone to stay focused on their work.

The look

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the aesthetics are just as important as the performance. There are a wide variety of mechanical keyboard designs on the market ranging from sleek and modern to retro and vintage. Some people prefer a minimalist approach with simple black frames and white keycaps, while others enjoy the unique style that can be achieved with custom keycap sets. No matter what your style preference is, there’s sure to be a mechanical keyboard that suits your needs.

Additionally, many mechanical keyboards come with RGB lighting options that allow you to customize the look of your keyboard with various color schemes or patterns. This can add an extra touch of personality and style to your setup, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Finally, mechanical keyboards are designed to last. Unlike membrane keyboards, which often suffer from wear-and-tear over time, mechanical keyboards are built with durability in mind. With proper maintenance, your mechanical keyboard can last for years and retain its original look and feel.

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