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What should I do to sell my house fast?



sell my house fast

Homeowners selling their house are often surprised at how long the process takes. With the average sale lasting over 6 months, many people ask the question, how can I speed things up and sell my house fast? We know how stressful it is, which is why we’ve put together some of the best ways to shorten your sale and get things moving.

  1. Pick the right agent

As a homeowner, having the wrong agent when you look to sell can be catastrophic and, in the worst cases, result in losing your sale. Make sure that before you sign any paperwork or progress with an agent, that you’ve done some research and spoken to more than one company to get the best deal for yourself. This will give you more control to be able to not only negotiate the percentage that the agent will take when you achieve your sale but also ensure that they’re the best person for the job.

Ask plenty of questions, and remember, in a lot of cases, the difference between a good sale and a bad one is the agent used. You want to move forward with someone who keeps you in the loop and is easy to contact if there are any problems; if you have to chase the agent for information before you’ve even signed to sell with them, this is an indicator that you should look elsewhere.

  1. Stage your home

Staging your home means making it look a certain way for your viewers to make it more attractive and desirable. You should stage the house before you have your advertising photos taken, as this is likely where you’ll see your potential buyers coming in from. If your property pictures aren’t very good, there’s a strong chance that your house will get dismissed in favour of others that have got better photos, delaying your sale.

Before you host any viewings, move through each room of your home and make sure that they look the best they can – open all the curtains to let in as much natural light as possible, and keep each room organised and tidy. Potential buyers tend to be very fickle and can be put off a property for the smallest reason, so spending some time staging will prevent them from losing interest in your house over something that you can quickly solve.

  1. Decorate before you put it on the market

A house that’s been recently redecorated will always look better than one that hasn’t, so it’s worth taking time before you advertise your home to redecorate and make sure it looks the very best it can. Repaint the interior, and any exterior fences or gates to make them look newer and think about the colours that you’re picking – light, neutral colours are the best option as they’re less likely to put off any potential buyer, as well as making rooms look more spacious.

You can redecorate on any budget, but if you’re looking to sell as quickly as you can, it’s often worth spending a little more and updating a room in the house to make it more desirable. Bathrooms and kitchens are the best rooms to renovate, as this will also increase your value – letting you sell for a higher price and on a faster timescale.

  1. Check your asking price

Sometimes, homeowners will put their house on the market and find that they’re getting little to no interest. If this happens, your sale could take a lot longer than average, with some houses taking years to sell. In these cases, the problem often lies with the asking price. Your estate agent will usually guide you when setting the asking price, but most of them will overestimate the value as they think that’s what you want to hear. In reality, your buyers will almost always come in under the asking price, which is closer to the actual value of the property. An asking price being too high will put off the majority of buyers, especially if other houses offer similar features to yours in the neighbourhood and are cheaper.

Setting your price too low can also result in issues, which is why it’s so important to research and confirm that you’re setting the best possible price for the house. If a buyer sees a house with a very low asking price, they will usually assume that there’s a fault with the property, and that it will cost them to rectify it. This will put the majority of buyers off and mean that you could be losing out on your sale due to bad pricing.

  1. Look at other ways to sell

Selling on the open market is the most traditional way for homeowners to sell their houses, but this is often a slow process, and for those who are looking for something faster, there are other options. Some sellers will look at taking their house to an auction; this is one of the fastest ways to sell, but it can also have a lot of risks involved as you don’t get to decide the final selling price. In an auction, the highest bidder wins, and while there can on occasion be a bidding war to drive the price up, this isn’t very common, and you’ll generally sell for a lower price.

A more popular option is to sell with a quick sale company. This allows you to sell your house much faster than the open market while having more control of the final sale price and is a great choice for those who are relying on selling in a shorter timeframe.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries.  

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Real Estate Trends

5 Best Advice For First Time Home Buyers In Faversham



First Time Home Buyers

Faversham is a town located in the Swale district of the county of Kent, south eastern England. So if you are looking for a home in Faversham as a first time home buyer, things can get daunting and overwhelming. For those who aren’t familiar with the jargon and are investing a huge sum of money for the first time, this blog is for you. From looking for estate agents in Faversham to moving in, here are five pieces of advice for first time home buyers in Faversham.

1.     Register yourself with an estate agent

Estate agents will quickly become your best friend when you are out to find a home for yourself. They are professionals who will guide you throughout the process of buying a house, answer all your questions and will act as a buffer between the sellers. Look for home estate agents in Faversham who are willing to listen to your requirements and will provide you with the best possible options.

Remember that local knowledge is key to finding the hidden jewels. So even if you are new to Faversham, they will guide you through the general feel of the town, transport, schools, etc.

2.     Search online for your new house

Currently, more than 95% of the search for different kinds of properties begin online. While we don’t recommend buying any property solely based on virtual tours, browsing through online listings will give you a fair idea of the current market. You can also begin shortlisting houses or flats you like.

Don’t forget to book some viewings so you can see your home in person. Try to do this as soon as you find properties you like as some of them can get sold instantly.

3.     Secure the mortgage

Right before you visit the property, secure your mortgage agreement in principle. By doing so, you will stay in an advantageous position with the sale, and the seller will consider you as a serious buyer who is truly interested in the property.

4.     Make the offer

Now that you have found the house of your choice, it is time to make an offer. Your estate agent will guide you through the process as they have a comprehensive idea of the prices of other properties in the area. Once you agree on a number, either your agent or you (depending on whether you hire one) will get in touch with the seller’s estate agent.

5.     Opening a file with a solicitor

After considering the offer, you would want to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer. It is their responsibility to handle the legal aspect of the sale- the searches, title deeds and exchanging of contracts. Some estate agencies have their conveyancing team that can be appointed at a fixed fee. The buyer is not required to pay until the process is completed.

Help to Buy Scheme

The Help to Buy scheme is an exclusive government scheme for first time home buyers where up to 20% can be lent with the help of an equity loan.

The new Help to Buy Scheme 2021-2023 has undergone a few changes owing to changes in government legislation. Regional caps are now applicable which state the spending on a home to be between £186,100 and £437,600 on your new house. Depending on its location, the cap is extended to £600,000 in London.

How does the Help to Buy scheme function?

The Help to Buy scheme is a government initiative to help first time home buyers to build their homes faster. With the help of this scheme, only a 5% deposit is required from first time home buyers. The government will provide an equity loan that goes up to 20% of the total value of the new house you are going to buy. It stretches to 40% in London.

In the next phase, you will be able to secure almost 75% of the mortgage and it will make your repayment easier and more affordable while opening opportunities for more competitive lending rates.

Under this scheme, you aren’t required to pay interest or fees on the government equity loan during the first five years of becoming a homeowner. You will have the choice of repaying the equity loan at your convenience without penalty or when you decide to sell the house.

Summing up,

Owning a home is a dream come true for many people. We hope this blog’s collection of pieces of advice for first time home buyers in Faversham makes your search for the perfect home a little easier.

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Real Estate Trends

How To Choose A Home In Portola Valley That You Will Be Satisfied With?



Home In Portola Valley

The relocating house might stand for a landmark in your life or the beginning of a new beginning. If you want to select a place that you will be happy with for many years ahead, you will certainly require giving the option procedure some initiative. You may get fortunate and find a home that you are very satisfied with on your initial watching. Nonetheless, it is usually the case that it takes several viewings and a substantial quantity of time to locate something that you can easily imagine on your own staying in.

Before you start searching for Portola valley homes, you need to do two points: first, use the solutions of a good quality Portola valley realty representative. They will look for the residential property that matches your specific desires and budget plan: this will save you a lot of time. Second, you should educate yourself on what to look out for when choosing a home to move into. While property representatives will have all the knowledge you can capitalize on, it is beneficial to know some fundamental points yourself. Keep reading for a couple of instances of what these are.

Stay with your spending plan.

It is needed to be realistic with your costs power to maintain yourself out of monetary trouble in life. Unless you want to negotiate the cost down to within your spending plan, the advantages that the residence might provide can quickly be overshadowed by the stress and anxiety of the monetary pressure that may subject you to due to reviewing the budget.

Residences that call for fixings are good value for cash.

If you are competent in your home repair and maintenance jobs, then consider relocating right into a home that needs a substantial amount of that. It will dramatically lower the price below what it is worth if fixed. It might just take you a few months to repair your home in your extra time, and at the same time, you save a lot of cash.

Questions are not unexpected.

When looking for Portola valley homes for sale, keep in mind that you will likely have some doubt despite which realty property you pick. It represents the truth that it is a bit of a shock to the system when you choose to vacate a house that you might have invested a decade living in to move right into a home that seems foreign to you despite just how great it looks on paper.

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Real Estate Trends

Real Estate Investing: The Five-Step Process



Real Estate Investing

You probably don’t want to be a landlord if you’ve ever had one: It doesn’t appear that taking calls about oversized bugs and overflowing toilets is the most glamorous job in the world. Today, many people desire to invest in real estate. The basic human need for shelter will always exist as the planet expands. Real estate investing can benefit both the aspiring entrepreneur and the seasoned investor. Indeed, millionaires recently interviewed indicated that real estate is still the best investment. The difficulty is that many new real estate investors have no idea where or how to begin.

Property Location

The formula “location, location, location” still holds and is the most crucial in real estate investing performance. Residential property assessments are heavily influenced by proximity to amenities, green space, appealing views, and the neighborhood’s prominence. Market proximity, warehouses, transportation hubs, freeways, and tax-free zones all play a part in successful property pricing. The mid-to-long-term vision of how the area will likely evolve over the investment period is critical when evaluating property placement. Today’s peaceful open ground at the back of a residential building, for example, could become a loud manufacturing site in the future, lowering its importance. Observe the ownership and projected employ of the immediate locations where you propose to spend thoroughly.

You may also like to learn about the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.


Accepting your cash flow situation will keep you from losing money month after month. Begin by estimating the predicted revenue, then all of the linked expenses such as council rates, water rates, and so on. This will indicate if your investment is negatively or positively geared, as well as any prospective financial shortage or excess. Purchasing an income-producing property with a consistent cash flow is the most common way to invest in real estate like Park View City. It is a property type with which most investors are already familiar. There are hundreds of single-family rental homes for sale right now that could provide a consistent cash flow for years to come.

House Flipping

House flipping is only for those with widespread knowledge in real estate evaluation, marketing, and restoration. House flipping necessitates capital and the ability to do or supervise repairs as needed. This is the uncharted territory of real estate investing. Property flippers hardly ever invest in restoring their properties. As a result, the investment must already have the essential worth required to earn an income without any changes, or the property will be eliminated from consideration.


Another important aspect of real estate investing is finding off-market transactions with motivated sellers. However, in many cases, sellers are motivated because they lack the funds to perform necessary repairs and updates. To make a profit, investors who use the fix-and-flip approach must buy low, precisely estimate repair expenditures, and then sell the property for more than they put into it. That’s easier said than done a lot of the occasion. Key infrastructure initiatives encourage job creation and serve as a beacon for recruiting long-term residents seeking a better quality of life. Apartments for rent in Campbell already become trending because of their reasonable rates and services offered.

Investing in Real Estate with a Specific Plan

At this point, you could write a 30-page business plan that would impress even an MBA. But keep in mind that the objective is pure to get started. So, let’s get started with something a little more quickly. If you want, you can develop a large, detailed plan afterwards. For the time being, merely pick one real estate approach that will assist you in moving from your present financial stage to the next—starting with one plan does not agree that you will not come across detours or even a complete change of course afterwards. Life throws curveballs at you, and you must be adaptable. However, starting with just one will assist you in establishing a focal point. This will give you the self-assurance you need to get started.


As you may be aware, having a lot of information can work against you as a rookie. So, I hope the action actions outlined in this article will help you get started quickly. You can avoid overload and move past other irritating starting obstacles like analysis paralysis if you get started and keep moving. Of course, as with any investment, some considerations, such as the ones described above, must be considered, but as you know, these are only the first stages. Real-life is fluid, and even your best plans will be tested and challenged in the furnace of reality. So, remain adaptable and continue to learn.

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